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Brilliant! Tragic!
Brilliant! Tragic!
Art Brut Live At Schubas 11/15/2005
Art Brut Jun 15, 2019
Off to Italy to play at Nosilenz. Great lineup. Even better poster. Ready Brescia?
Art Brut Jun 13, 2019
Eddie Argos. Supervillain.
Art Brut Jun 02, 2019
10 years ago today we went on this amazing adventure around the DC Comics offices. Thanks Pitchfork for filming it. Hooray!
Art Brut May 28, 2019
Bedford!!! Esquires is happening THIS Friday and it will be a glorious rock and roll occasion. See you there.
Art Brut May 27, 2019
This guy came out just over 14 years ago ♡ Bang Bang Rock & Roll!
Art Brut May 24, 2019
We have limited merch supplies left in stock....get them while they last!
Art Brut May 18, 2019
Hooray! Thanks London! Photo: Rhi Lee
Art Brut May 15, 2019
Last chance to get tickets for London THIS Friday.... Ready Art Brut!!!
Art Brut May 11, 2019
Next Friday. London. Top of the Pops!!! Last few tickets available now ♡
Art Brut May 06, 2019
That's the new press shot sorted then...
Art Brut May 04, 2019
"Did I ever tell you about that time I formed a band" 📸 @rhileedesign
Art Brut May 01, 2019
Coming to see us in London on 17th May with The Lovely Eggs and more​ but not got your ticket yet? Pick it up now with this silver glitter shirt included... Already got a ticket? Get said shirt in a pay what you want deal anyway.
Art Brut Apr 30, 2019
Europe. We miss you ♡ That was Top of the Pops!!
Art Brut Apr 26, 2019
Happy to announce we're playing SuperUho Festival this August!
Art Brut Apr 25, 2019
Very last few copies of that RSD split with We Are Scientists can be found here. Beat those eBayers...
Art Brut Apr 24, 2019
Ready for Art Brut, Paris ? Tickets are available here:
Art Brut Apr 19, 2019
Day 7 of the Art Brut tour. Nearly halfway, three more days till the day off. #HavingABrilliantTime #LetsRockOut.
Art Brut Apr 18, 2019
HOW AWESOME are these posters that Mynameisbri has made for tonight's show... <3 A terrifying premonition of the zombie free-for-all set in Milan a-coming *gulp*
Art Brut Apr 16, 2019
Hello Bedford! We'll be playing Esquires on May 31st and you can get tickets below, huzzah!
Art Brut Apr 16, 2019
Ready Art Brut? We're playing The Dome in London on 17th May with The Lovely Eggs, Gaffa Tape Sandy and loads more. Get your tickets now! Tickets:
Art Brut Apr 14, 2019
Paste Magazine have rated Formed A Band the greatest self-referential song of all time. We'll take it, but what about 'Yeah Yeah, We're Helen Love?'
Art Brut Apr 13, 2019
As part of our special WASABI 12" with We Are Scientists, Art Brut present our ode to Record Store Day. Go out and buy some wax (but don't eBay it <3)
Art Brut Apr 12, 2019
Record Store Day UK ltd split w/ We Are Scientists... WASABI is out Saturday at all your favourite stores ♡ 9 tracks, including an ode to RSD and a joint cover of Handle with Care by Travelling Wilburys. 'Art Brut do not make limited edition singles/ we make too many/ there's a surplus'. :D
Art Brut Apr 11, 2019
Good Morning Berlin.... Also Cologne, Munich, Vienna, Dornbirn, Milan, Rosa, Laufen, Will, Lyon, Orleans, Paris & Villeneuve D'Ascq. Art Brut European tour begins on Saturday!!!
Art Brut Apr 10, 2019
Top of the Pops! WE'RE PLAYING IN LONDON with The Lovely Eggs, Gaffa Tape Sandy and loads more on 17th May - and tickets are going really rather swiftly!!! Get on it while you still can...