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Find the Right Place (Instrumentals)
Find the Right Place
Life Is Everywhere (Instrumentals) [Instrumental]
Swim Team Remixed
Life Is Everywhere
Swim Team
Nostalgia for the Absolute
The Organ Hearts
Matador Remixed
Arms and Sleepers
Matador Alternate Versions/B-Sides
Lautlos EP
Black Paris 86
Bliss Was It in That Dawn to Be Alive (Expanded Edition)
bliss Was It In That Dawn to Be Alive
Arms and Sleepers at Greene Space (Jerome L. Greene Performance Space) (June 20, 2019)
Venue: Greene Space (Jerome L. Greene Performance Space) (New York, NY, US) Find tickets
Balloon Pop Balloon Pop 2019
Venue: 1015 Folsom (San Francisco, CA, US) Find tickets
Balloon Pop Balloon Pop 2019
Venue: Cervantes' Masterpiece Ballroom (Denver, CO, US) Find tickets
arms and sleepers Jun 17, 2019
Mirza's solo project SAIGON WOULD BE SEOUL - debut album out this Friday.
arms and sleepers Jun 14, 2019
Mirza spoke with WNYC / NPR yesterday. Take a listen: _____________
arms and sleepers Jun 09, 2019
Playing at Konnexion Music Festival in Idaho tonight with Little People. --> Konnexion Music Festival 2019 #Boise #Idaho _______________
arms and sleepers Jun 08, 2019
• VANCOUVER • playing tonight at The Biltmore Cabaret w/ Little People **please note** early show --> 7 pm doors info: Little People - June 7 - Biltmore Cabaret #vancouver #biltmorecabaret _______________
arms and sleepers Jun 07, 2019
Thanks LA, that was really fun last night.
arms and sleepers Jun 06, 2019
• LOS ANGELES • playing tonight at The Echo w/ Little People 8:30 pm doors _______________
arms and sleepers Jun 06, 2019
I’m very happy to announce that I’ll be taking part in this year’s #WorldRefugeeDay on June 20th in #NewYorkCity as part of a special event hosted by The Greene Space at WNYC/WQXR and WNYC. I’ll be performing a short live set with new visuals and giving a bit of background about the music that has helped me deal with my past as a refugee. There will also be a Q&A. Joining me will be Ahmed Badr and guests from New American Economy, RDJ Refugee Shelter and UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency. I am grateful to take part in this event, especially as I’m about to release my solo piano album as SAIGON WOULD BE SEOUL a day later (and a documentary film this summer). The album and the film are both very much centered around my Bosnian background and my attempt to process personal loss while finding healing through music. I hope you can attend this event if you’re in the #NYC area. More info available at __________________________ 'World Refugee Day: A Night of Music and Storytelling' THURSDAY, JUNE 20TH 7:00 - 8:15 pm THE GREENE SPACE 44 Charlton Street, NYC __________________________
arms and sleepers Jun 03, 2019
I’ll be playing 3 shows out west this weekend, supporting Little People. Hope to see you there! Thu 6/6 • LOS ANGELES • The Echo Fri 6/7 • VANCOUVER • The Biltmore Cabaret Sat 6/8 • IDAHO • Konnexion Music Festival ______________________
arms and sleepers May 31, 2019
Tickets on-sale now for the Balloon Pop Events inaugural weekend in September 2019! This is a new live concert series curated by Future Archive Recordings - we hope you can join us in SF, Denver & Austin! Sept. 19 _ San Francisco, CA _ 1015 Folsom Sept. 20 _ Denver, CO _ Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom Sept. 21 _ Austin, TX _ Empire Control Room & Garage feat. Wax Tailor (DJ Set), The Real Blockhead, Little People, Yppah, Natasha Kmeto, CNJR & Arms and Sleepers. INFO + TICKETS: __________________
arms and sleepers May 31, 2019
Last chance to get our 2017 album ‘Life is Everywhere’ on vinyl. 18 copies left, available on our Bandcamp page until June 10. After that, only available at select shows. 🤘🏼
arms and sleepers May 28, 2019
So here we go, happy to announce the inaugural Balloon Pop Events weekend in September (a concert series curated by Future Archive Recordings) featuring Wax Tailor (DJ Set), The Real Blockhead, Little People, Yppah, Natasha Kmeto, CNJR, and yours truly. ** SEPT. 19-21 --> SAN FRANCISCO, DENVER & AUSTIN! ** 9/19: SF at 1015 Folsom 9/20: DEN at Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom 9/21: AUS at Empire Control Room & Garage RSVP: Tickets on sale this Friday! ____________________________
arms and sleepers May 23, 2019
A quick tour of DXFXWXU MAG01, the free online magazine I curate with Victor from Sun Glitters. Check it out for yourself + explore more issues at _______________
arms and sleepers May 21, 2019
this is gonna be something special... a new Future Archive Recordings venture. Follow Balloon Pop Events and like/share this video. Stay tuned for a **big** announcement soon. [Future Archive Recordings is a new electronic music label that we co-founded with Sun Glitters, Little People & CNJR - more at] __________________
arms and sleepers May 14, 2019
Mirza's debut solo album as SAIGON WOULD BE SEOUL will be released next month via interpret null. Pre-order LP/CD/Cassette/Digital at _______________________
arms and sleepers May 09, 2019
I recently did an interview with Full Moon Magazine, along with a couple of other pals from Future Archive Recordings, about our new music label and the live showcase we're doing this weekend. It's in Czech but google translate works too. Check it out! If you're in Brno or Praha, don't miss these events! Future Archive presents: Little People + Sun Glitters + Rome In Reverse ________________________________ BRNO _ Fri 10.5 _ Kabinet MÚZ Future Archive pres. Little People/Sun Glitters/Rome in Reverse _________________________________ PRAHA _ Sat 11.5 _ MeetFactory Little People (UK) + Sun Glitters (LU) + Rome in Reverse (DK) ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
arms and sleepers May 07, 2019
As some of you may know, I helped start the electronic music label Future Archive Recordings last year. We’ve been releasing tons of new music as of late, which I would encourage you to check out ( We’ll also be presenting our first label showcase this weekend in Czech Republic, featuring live performances by Little People, Sun Glitters and Rome In Reverse. If you’re in or around Brno and Prague, please consider attending and supporting these artists (and the label). Thank you. • BRN _ Fri 10 May _ Kabinet MÚZ PRG _ Sat 11 May _ MeetFactory ________________
arms and sleepers May 06, 2019
1 bundle left for my debut solo album under the project name SAIGON WOULD BE SEOUL. Includes 180g clear/transparent vinyl, cassette, and CD. Pre-orders available now via the interpret null Bandcamp page. { } ____________________
arms and sleepers May 03, 2019
'Life is Everywhere' lathe cut vinyl. Created in California by Richard Houghten.
arms and sleepers May 01, 2019
Social media platforms seem to slowly be dying (you know this already). I remember spending so much time on Myspace back in the day as a way of promoting our music and connecting with other artists, concert organizers, music labels, etc. It was definitely helpful. Then Myspace died. I remember being fairly active on too, and then that died. We used to be quite active here, on Facebook, as well. Over a thousand shows and 30 or whatever releases got us a certain number of "Likes" on Facebook that was considered good. 20,000 people decided to "Like" this page (actively or passively). The idea was that a small artist like us could reach those people that we came across over the years and let them know about new music, new performances, new stuff. Often, it's not even about getting people to spend money on something - god forbid that an artist should ask people to spend money on their music (some of you do - we are grateful for you). Often, it's just about using a platform like FB to let you know about stuff that's free - free music, free art. But even then, we have to pay to reach folks, which is silly. Over the years, we (and other artists) became dependent on platforms like Facebook. It made sense that we would - it did help a lot back in the day. But now, it's really just a waste of time. Lots of people have moved to Instagram anyway, but the same thing will happen there. Finding a balance between working on music and art vs. reaching people to let them know about that music and art is difficult, and it's increasingly discouraging. Spending 30, 50, whatever bucks on a FB boost just seems so stupid when we'd rather spend that money on creating more stuff. Some bigger artists have decided to say no to social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, but they have the privilege in being able to make that decision. We have a bit of that privilege too (a very small bit), but we haven't made the decision yet. All I know is that it's increasingly tempting to just get off and focus on music, and email you directly if we want to communicate something. And if nobody cares about stuff even when contacted directly, then so be it. Tell us your thoughts. What are you fed up with? Too many artists? Too much crap? Too many ads? Too many people trying to push something down your throat? Too many posts like this one? Just too much of everything? We'll never stop making music and art, but would you rather just not hear from us about stuff? If you're not curious about new music and art, that's ok. I often am not either. Of course I'd love for everyone to check out anything new I work on because, well, people have egos and that's how it is. And I need money to survive, and this is the only way I make a living. But I'm not into spending lots of energy on convincing someone to listen to something I make. What's the solution here? Back to the days of just creating something, making it available wherever possible (streaming platforms, record stores), and hoping for the best?
arms and sleepers Apr 25, 2019
In conjunction with the debut album from SAIGON WOULD BE SEOUL (Mirza’s, aka my, new solo project), there will be a short documentary film directed by Chris Piotrowicz & Stefan Ehrhardt. Titled TO TELL A GHOST, it’s my personal story of growing up in Bosnia & Herzegovina, fleeing the country as a refugee, and returning as an adult to process loss and attempt to find healing through music. The film and my debut album are closely connected and make more sense together. I hope that you’ll check out both this summer. Watch film trailer: Listen to the 1st single: Thank you. ______________
arms and sleepers Apr 24, 2019
arms and sleepers Apr 19, 2019
Hi everyone - I (Mirza) am happy to announce that I'll be releasing my debut solo album this June under the moniker SAIGON WOULD BE SEOUL. This is mostly a solo piano album, with compositions that I've been working on for the past few years (although some date back 10 years). Titled 'Everywhere Else Left Behind', the album will be released on 21 June 2019 via interpret null and available on limited edition 180g clear/transparent vinyl, hand-assembled CD + chrome cassette tape, and as a digital download. You can pre-order the album now via Bandcamp at and hear the 1st single there as well. I would be grateful if you check this out. You can read more about the project and the album on Bandcamp, but a few words here about the name. SAIGON WOULD BE SEOUL is taken from Viet Thanh Nguyen’s collection of short stories titled 'The Refugees'. In it, a Vietnamese woman exclaims how Saigon today would be as modern, prosperous and progressive as Seoul in South Korea had the Vietnam War never taken place. Similar sentiments exist amongst Bosnian people when discussing the Bosnian War and its aftermath (I was born in Bosnia). These powerful feelings of “what if” and “what could have been” cut deep through every refugee’s heart, regardless of nationality, ethnicity or geographical location. The nostalgic and painful recollection of the past is an important aspect of my music and I wanted to capture that sentiment in the project name itself. Thanks for reading. ___________________ MORE INFO & PRE-ORDER ALBUM: ___________________
arms and sleepers Apr 18, 2019
Our live drummer Andrew Nault has a new solo project called drab and he'll be releasing his debut EP on May 10 via Future Archive Recordings. Check out the music video for his new single 'loveliness' (dir. by Sun Glitters) which premiered today via Comeherefloyd. It's pretty... cooooooooool. ________________
arms and sleepers Apr 13, 2019
Happy Record Store Day! ‘Life is Everywhere’ lathe cut vinyl, 2nd edition of 10. Two copies are available for European customers from our Bandcamp page in celebration of #RecordStoreDay2019. _____________
arms and sleepers Apr 12, 2019
Tomorrow is Record Store Day and I’ll be running a little pop-up booth at Kabinet MÚZ in Brno, Czech Republic representing Future Archive Recordings, interpret null, and Dxfxwxu collective (and AAS, yes). There will be a bunch of vinyl and other goodies available, including some nice color vinyl and rare lathe-cut vinyl from Arms and Sleepers. If you fancy wax, merch, and my opinion about post-rock music, then stop by tomorrow (April 13) starting at 13:00. Sukova 49/4, Brno. Also, my new solo project SAIGON WOULD BE SEOUL will be represented tomorrow as well with some super early, pre-announcement stuff. 👀 __________________