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Life Is Everywhere
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bliss Was It In That Dawn to Be Alive
arms and sleepers Feb 22, 2019
Future Archive Recordings
arms and sleepers Feb 21, 2019
Max's new solo project NOTME has a new tune premiering right now courtesy of River Beats. Officially releases tomorrow via Future Archive Recordings but you can take a listen now! _________________
arms and sleepers Feb 20, 2019
Back in 2016, I went on 3-month Arms and Sleepers tour which started in Central America and ended in Belarus. I remember flying from Guatemala City to Amsterdam, arriving there in the morning of the Brussels airport bombings, and then driving overnight from Amsterdam to Paris after the show in order to avoid long cues at security checkpoints. On that overnight drive with Sun Glitters and Rome In Reverse, I remember feeling utterly exhausted, far away from home, and uneasy. I just wanted to be in the comforts of home. During that long drive, I listened to AAMAR's album ‘Drips’, and one song in particular, appropriately titled ‘Home’, really hit a nerve. I’ve listened to this song many, many times since then, as it’s become kind of a coping anthem while on tour for long stretches of time. Last Friday, the record label I’m involved with, Future Archive Recordings, officially released this album. You should check it out, esp. the first track ‘Home’. There’s something magical about it, and it's worth a listen. _____________________
arms and sleepers Feb 01, 2019
Playing in Paris tonight at Petit Bain, minus some equipment thanks to Norwegian's failure to put a suitcase on a plane (not the first time they have failed with this fairly standard airline task). Will do my best to entertain anyway! AAS on at around 01:00, this will be a late one. More info here --> Noble Silence Paris: Blockhead & Friends ________
arms and sleepers Jan 30, 2019
ce Vendredi Noble Silence Paris: Blockhead & Friends ________
arms and sleepers Jan 18, 2019
Playing with The Real Blockhead in Paris, France in two weeks. Low ticket alert, grab one now! FRI 01 FEB | Petit Bain ++ tix ++ info Noble Silence Paris: Blockhead & Friends ________ cc DLoaw & Co. Noble Silence
arms and sleepers Jan 14, 2019
last chance this week for our winter sale merch bundles: 'Life is Everywhere' lathe cut vinyl + test press, 'Matador' Japan + Europe CD editions, snapback hats, tote bags, and more! Check it out:
arms and sleepers Jan 11, 2019
The new Little People album was released today via Future Archive Recordings, the artist-run label we co-founded with Sun Glitters, CNJR, and Little People. Check it out at
arms and sleepers Jan 06, 2019
arms and sleepers Jan 04, 2019
'Life Is Everywhere' lathe cut vinyl is back - we've made available only 8 copies as part of our current winter sale via Bandcamp. Each copy is signed, 6 remaining at the moment! _____________
arms and sleepers Jan 03, 2019
Winter sale on our Bandcamp page happening now. Lots of merch bundle options, limited edition vinyl, out of print collector's items, etc. Limited supply. Take a look:
arms and sleepers Jan 02, 2019
DXFXWXU online magazine is a free, quarterly publication curated by Victor Ferreira of Sun Glitters and Mirza Ramic of Arms and Sleepers. The latest issue MAG03/FALL2018 is out now, take a look: ____________________
arms and sleepers Dec 31, 2018
H ? N _ Y
arms and sleepers Dec 27, 2018
arms and sleepers
arms and sleepers Dec 21, 2018
have you checked out DXFXWXU MAG03 yet?
arms and sleepers Dec 18, 2018
The split EP with The Real Blockhead & Yppah titled HERMIT KINGDOM: REMIXES was available on vinyl exclusively on our 2-month North American tour, and now we got some leftover copies available for purchase online! Get em while they last, only 60 left! These are opaque, bone color vinyl copies, and there are also 5 sets of test presses. Check it out at the link below via the Future Archive Recordings Bandcamp page. ________________
arms and sleepers Dec 18, 2018
enter for a chance to win a free vinyl copy of our most recent release 'Hermit Kingdom: Remixes', a new split EP with The Real Blockhead & Yppah. check out the latest issue of the DXFXWXU online mag for details:
arms and sleepers Dec 17, 2018
30 of these left.
arms and sleepers Dec 17, 2018
happy to announce a show in Paris, France on **Friday 01 February** with The Real Blockhead. info below. Noble Silence Paris: Blockhead & Friends cc Noble Silence DLoaw & Co.
arms and sleepers Dec 14, 2018
_ VINYL CONTEST check out the latest edition of the DXFXWXU online mag [MAG03 / FALL2018] for a chance to win a free copy of the 'Hermit Kingdom: Remixes' color vinyl, our split release with The Real Blockhead & Yppah. Go to for more info.
arms and sleepers Dec 12, 2018
DXFXWXU MAG03 [FALL2018] ** out now ** _____________
arms and sleepers Dec 10, 2018
tour is over. I've been doing this for 12 years and it doesn't get easier being on the road for 2 months straight. the state of exhaustion while on tour is hard to put into words. but we do it cause that's what we do. there were many wonderful shows on this run, and of course a few shows that I'll throw straight into my internal trash can. if you came out to one of the tour dates, thank you. if you helped organize and promote a show, thank you. if you are Achillea Music, thank you. if you are The Real Blockhead and Yppah, thank you. that's a wrap for 2018, I'm sure I'll be back at it in 2019 cause that's what we do. thanks for supporting what we do.
arms and sleepers Dec 09, 2018
arms and sleepers Dec 09, 2018
#EUGENE tonight at HiFi Music Hall w/ The Real Blockhead + Yppah last show of the tour! ______________________
arms and sleepers Dec 08, 2018
PORTLAND, OR tonight at Star Theater Portland w/ The Real Blockhead & Yppah.