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The False Foundation
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With Us Until You're Dead
Controlling Crowds (Parts I-III)
Controlling Crowds, Pts. I-III (Limited Edition)
Controlling Crowds, Pt. 4
Live At the Zenith
Live at the Zénith
Michel Vaillant (Bande originale du film)
You All Look the Same to Me
You All Look the Same to Me (Limited Edition)
You All Look The Same To Me
Take My Head
Supertramp Archive Dec 06, 2018
Supertramp Archive Dec 04, 2018
Another date has been added for Rick Davies Band “Ricky and the Rockets. June 1st, 2019. This is the only upcoming gig, do NOT be confused with the other band in Ohio with the same name.
Supertramp Archive Nov 24, 2018
Here’s hoping some one takes video or pictures of tonight’s show of Ricky & The Rockets. Until then, here is a short segment of a live clip from the previous show. You can’t see Rick, but you can certainly hear him. Video is from Marty Walsh, and was filmed by his wife Libby.
Supertramp Archive Nov 21, 2018
The most recent picture of John Anthony Helliwell. England ~ November 21st, 2018.
Supertramp Archive Nov 16, 2018
It’s snowing here in Montreal, so I have been going though my photos. Here is one of Kate Murtagh with some of her paintings which completely covered her wall’s. #missyoukate
Supertramp Archive Nov 09, 2018
“Rudy” performed on OGWT October 22nd, 1974.
Supertramp Archive Nov 05, 2018
Just two of the pages out of a scrapbook shown to Roger during his tour in Montreal.
Supertramp Archive Nov 02, 2018
VINYL ENTHUSIASTS! Have you purchased Roger Hodgson’s Classics Live 1 on limited edition BLUE vinyl? Only 500 albums were mastered at London’s Abbey Road Studios. The first 100 off the presses will be hand numbered and signed by Roger. Gift yourself or a loved one for the upcoming holiday season. Pre-orders are being accepted now at All orders placed before November 6 will receive a free Classics Live CD. This purchase qualifies for free shipping worldwide. Enjoy this incredible collection of live performances from Roger’s acoustic, band, and orchestra shows from around the world on his 2010 tour. Track List Take The Long Way Home (Band) Belo Horizonte, Brazil Give A Little Bit (Band) Norwegian Wood, Norway Hide In Your Shell (Band) Valencia, Venezuela Breakfast In America (Band) Belo Horizonte, Brazil Only Because Of You/ Lord Is It Mine? (Acoustic) Paris, France/Biberach, Germany The Logical Song (Band) Belo Horizonte, Brazil School (Orchestra) Babelsberg, Germany Dreamer (Band) Valencia, Venezuela Two Of Us (Acoustic) Bremen, Germany It's Raining Again (Band) Belo Horizonte, Brazil #RogerHodgson #Supertramp #ClassicsLive
Supertramp Archive Oct 31, 2018
Happy 69th Birthday to Bob Sienbenberg!
Supertramp Archive Oct 29, 2018
Kate Murtagh who graced the cover of Supertramp’s “Breakfast In America” would have been 98 today. She died on September 10, 2017 at the age of 96. I had a chance to meet Kate shortly before she passed away, she was a grand lady who was also an artist, In fact her room was filled with paintings including some that were of sad clowns. Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus had just announced that they were no longer featuring elephants and she was quite happy about that. She told me the few times that she got to travel to Japan to promote “Breakfast In America” and how some girls there had spotted her and were pointing at her because they had recognized her. She also had some nice things to say about the band. Let’s raise a glass to a great lady today. Kate, I really miss you!
Supertramp Archive Oct 03, 2018
Producer Geoff Emerick who was supposed to produce Supertramp’s “Even In The Quietest Moments” in 1977 suffered a fatal heart attack today. Incidentally, in 1975 Geoff and Paul McCartney won album of the year for “Band On The Run” over Producer Ken Scott and Supertramp’s “Crime Of The Century.” Both Geoff and Ken had previously worked with the Beatles.
Supertramp Archive Sep 30, 2018
I just met Chris DeBurgh who opened for Supertramp the most out of any act. Also with him is his Tour Manager Ian Lloyd-Bisley (Biggles) who used to work for Supertramp holding down many positions.
Supertramp Archive Sep 24, 2018
Another one of those Toto and Roger Hodgson photo’s.
Supertramp Archive Sep 20, 2018
"A Rick Davies exclusive interview made in New York on 28th August before his live comeback with Ricky and the Rockets, with the kind permission and courtesy of Giammarco Rocco di Torrepadula of Supertramp & Roger Hodgson Italia"
Supertramp Archive Sep 20, 2018
On June 12th, 2017 before a Toto Show, I showed this picture to Steve Lukather, and he replied “I Love This Guy!”
Supertramp Archive Sep 19, 2018
The Book “The Gospel according to Luke by Toto’s Steve Lukather is out which includes this picture that was on this page in August of last year.
Supertramp Archive Sep 19, 2018
From Carl Verheyen’s Page.
Supertramp Archive Sep 16, 2018
Photos from Supertramp Archive's post
Supertramp Archive Sep 06, 2018
Finally a picture and a article on the “Ricky and the Rockets” concert last week. Note: “Don’t you Lie To Me” is a Song by “Tampa Red” that has been performed by many blues musicians, and has been played by Supertramp during many of their encores. A good live version of it can be found on their hard to find CD “Live 88.”
Supertramp Archive Sep 04, 2018
Well folks, here I am being interviewed by John Beaudin over last week’s performance by Rick Davies and his band, the Rockets.
Supertramp Archive Aug 31, 2018
Supertramp Archive Aug 30, 2018
Last night RIck Davies played a gig on Long Island, NY as “Ricky and the Rockets” and he even had some company in the band. Pictured From left to right is Carl Verheyen, RIck Davies himself, Mark Hart, and Marty Walsh. Let’s hope that there are more shows and pictures coming soon!
Supertramp Archive Aug 19, 2018
Rick Davies - Still doing well!
Supertramp Archive Aug 09, 2018
Actress Ana Fernández posing with Supertramp’s second album “Indelibly Stamped.” (Found on Instagram by Ana Lopez)
Supertramp Archive Jul 23, 2018
Sherbrooke, QC, Canada ~ July 21, 2018 After a spectacular fireworks show on the water in the picturesque city of Sherbrooke, Roger took the stage at 10:30 PM. To say that the grounds at the festival were crowded would be a gross understatement! People were all over the hill and around the sides of the stage. In fact it was impossible to get any type of head count because you couldn’t see everyone! I have always said to myself that if Roger just wanted to tour Quebec, he would still do well because of the demand and appreciation of his songs and talents. I have to say that it was a bit jarring to not see both Aaron and Kevin up there on the stage, but the two new band members did a excellent job. In case you didn’t know, Aaron and Kevin have decided to take a break from the rigors of the road to spend time with their families. The two new band members are Michael Ghegan from New Jersey on Sax and keyboards, and Ray Coburn from Toronto on keyboards, and they were both more than up to the task, each providing backing vocals. The California duo of David J. Carpenter, and Bryan Head on bass and drums are still holding down the bottom end as they along with the new members and Roger tackled Roger’s biggest hits from 5 of Supertramp’s biggest albums, and several of Roger’s solo albums. After the show I spoke to some of the fans, with one saying that his bucket list was now completed. What a great way to complete one on such a perfect night! #Supertramp #LaFêteduLacdesNationsFestival #BreakfastinAmerica