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ARCHIS Dec 07, 2017
In case you need another Christmas song to add to your cookie making playlist, check out our tune "Winter Time" here: : Happy Holidays.
ARCHIS Jun 27, 2017
See Dia Frampton new music video here:
ARCHIS Feb 22, 2017
Los Angeles
ARCHIS Nov 18, 2016
Dia Frampton new album, "Bruises" is up for pre-order today along with a new single, "Gold & Siver!" Come stop by at the Facebook live chat today at 1 pm PST.
ARCHIS Oct 27, 2016
Only a few t's left in our limited edition store. They're super soft and only a few left. Get 'em while they're hot.
ARCHIS Oct 07, 2016
I'm so happy to finally share some new music with you all. It's been five years since my last solo release, but it feels like a decade. "Golden Years," is about experiencing the highs and lows even during what you would consider the best time of your life. It's about what you give up, in order to gain something else. For me, it was touring with my best friends, but missing family back home, watching relationships slowly dissolve after nights of long phone calls, trying to have privacy in a packed 15 passenger van. "Golden Years," is about being unapologetic about where you come from. Thank you for listening and I can't wait to share the full album with you on March 3rd. Xxx Dia Frampton Buy: Stream:
ARCHIS Sep 01, 2016
I’d Get to the Top of the Mountain if It Would Just Stop Fucking Growing – Cuepoint
ARCHIS Feb 12, 2016
For a limited time, pick up the ARCHIS EP at @amazonmusic for $3.99 [US only]
ARCHIS Feb 10, 2016
Live strings for "Golden Years."
ARCHIS Feb 10, 2016
ARCHIS Dec 09, 2015
Joel Shearer everybody! New music soon!
ARCHIS Dec 07, 2015
We will be wrapping the record in December and recording the orchestra live early next year!
ARCHIS Nov 20, 2015
Happy holidays. Hear our new song “Winter Time” only on Amazon Music's exclusive new playlist, #IndiefortheHolidays:
ARCHIS Nov 20, 2015
Live in Los Angeles.
ARCHIS Nov 20, 2015
New record out early 2016.
ARCHIS Nov 19, 2015
Cutting vocals today.
ARCHIS Nov 18, 2015
Live in LA
ARCHIS Nov 17, 2015
Thanks for having us last night, LA!
ARCHIS Nov 15, 2015
Music for a rainy day
ARCHIS Nov 14, 2015
Playing a show tonight in Little Tokyo, LA. It would be nice to see your lovely faces.
ARCHIS Nov 01, 2015
Come support, drink wine, and watch some live music.
ARCHIS Oct 27, 2015
You'll find me, American Dream...
ARCHIS Oct 22, 2015
Studio dogs are doing all the hard work while Dan Heath is being lazy. New album soon....
ARCHIS Sep 20, 2015
It's officially began! We are now beginning the journey of recording and completing our full length album. It will be finished in November and to you early 2016. Thank you for your support and messages.
ARCHIS Aug 27, 2015
Long after we are gone. . .