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10 Futures
Surrounded (Remixes)
Little Angel (feat. Aqualung)
Magnetic North (Bonus Track Version)
Memory Man
Words and Music (Bonus Track Version)
Strange & Beautiful
Aqualung Dec 14, 2018
Hello You. Again. It's Me. Again. It's been a while... There's nothing that quite compares with writing MeSongs for Me to sing from My heart. To yours. SO I'm doing some more of it. Next year will be positively crammed with it. So brace yourselves. By way of a warm up and stretch i'm putting out an EP. It's called 'Additional Futures' and no one can stop me. ha. Here's a snippet... 'Use Me' -
Aqualung Dec 11, 2018
Watch this space for important Aqualung news later this week
Aqualung Dec 21, 2017
Ho ho ho. it’s the season to be jolly. i do like a bit of jollity. it’s my favourite. i realised the other day that, though i like to imagine my children looking to me for a constant supply of quiet but stunning insight and soul-saving wisdom, they mostly rely on me to be Foolish. Hey Ho. (Nb. i secretly believe this to be at least as important....!) One of the many funny things about the early months of Being The Aqualung Guy was everyone expecting me to be So Serious and Sad. It was fun going into interviews and pretending to be Saddest Boy Alive and then shocking whichever furrowed brow i was talking to by Being Foolish. (Ha! That’ll teach them). To be clear, i do take my work seriously. i truly want to make music i’m proud of and care about. Nevertheless I also really enjoying dicking about. So there we are. I think this combo has been invaluable in my work as a producer and co-writer. Artists generally come to work with me because they like some records i’ve made or songs i’ve written. Perhaps they too are expecting Serious Matt but I like to think it’s Foolish Matt that keeps them coming back.... Anyhooo, speaking of the old days, we are re-releasing an EP from 2003 featuring some lovely remixes and a live set recorded at The Scala in London. It will be available on streaming for the first time so you young ‘uns can have a listen. I haven’t heard it for ages. i hope it’s still good... So there you go. A sort of festive gift. (if it’s still a gift when the person doing the giving gets paid for it?) And whilst you’re enjoying the music in it’s somber glory, spare a though for the fool who made it! Ho Ho Ho. matt x
Aqualung Dec 06, 2017
The new Aqualung shop is now open! Buy an album and get a random CD single thrown in for free. Check it out here
Aqualung Nov 07, 2017
Aqualung Oct 24, 2017
Ask Matt... Matt has kindly agreed to answer some questions and we will be posting his answers in a future newsletter, so if you have something you would love to ask him, just send an email with the subject title ASK MATT to [email protected] and we will pass them onto him. He will answer the ones he finds most interesting or amusing and we will post them on here soon. Aqualung HQ
Aqualung Oct 24, 2017
Aqualung Oct 23, 2017
's cover photo
Aqualung Aug 30, 2017
Hello one and all! We’ve got some exciting new bits on the horizon for you. For those of you who may have missed the last Facebook post, we’ve re-released the first two albums (which weren’t stream-able for a little while outside of US and Canada) back onto the internet, for your listening pleasure. You can now find Aqualung on all the streaming and downloading sites – Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, Amazon etc. Speaking of which, we’ve teamed up with the lovely people over at Spotify and AWAL to bring you a useful little feature – by following the instructions in the link below, you can pre-save any new Aqualung and Aqualung-related music. This means that as soon as the material is released, it’ll automatically be added to your Spotify library. You’ll also get a notification to tell you when it’s arrived. In other news, Matt has unearthed various unreleased tracks from the last few years that he’s happy to share with you, so we’re going to be making these available over the coming weeks, as well as older Aqualung material and the bands that Matt fronted pre-Aqualung. We’re also putting together a collection of the best instrumental versions of Aqualung songs. So, click on the link below, and keep an eye on your inbox! Aqualung HQ
Aqualung Jun 19, 2017
Hello friends. I seem to be in England. It's sunny. I hope you are well and finding the scraps of happiness that are scattered all around us, if you have the energy to look... (current energy level: QUITE LOW). "What gives you energy?" asked a wise friend of mine the other day. It's an interesting question. What's your answer? (Mine was 'stuff to look forward to', so I'm working on having some of that.) ANYWAY I'm here to tell you that I recently got back the rights to my first three albums called "Aqualung" (squiggly drawing of me), "Still Life" (photo of my eye/ a bit of Scotland) and "Memory Man" (me sitting in some kind of monochrome space library). These will shortly be re-released. You may well not notice. All it really means is that in a few days, any streaming or downloading or buying of those albums will be sending tiny bits of money to me and not to the record companies with whom I originally made the albums. SO now would be a great time to revisit those old faves, perhaps leaving them on permanent repeat in a corner of the room. You don't even need to turn the volume up... HoHo. It also means that I'll be able to go back and release some other bits and pieces that may be of interest, and, who knows, even use the tiny bits of money to make some more music. But that's probably just crazy talk.... So that's something to look forward to. Good! Love to you, from me, Matt x P.S, We’re going to start a brand new mailing list, so if you want to continue to receive these irregular missives, do please go here Thanks!
Aqualung Oct 18, 2016
Hello now. That's right. SO. Earlier this year I was asked to produce an album with Tom Chaplin (you'll know him as the singer from beloved UK band Keane). It was an excellent prospect - Tom is a great vocalist and gifted songwriter and I figured it would be a chance to make a handsome and luxurious pop record. It turned out to be all that and so much more... courageous, thoughtful, deeply deeply felt, raw, refined and sensationally sung. Also there is a saxophone solo. It's called "The Wave". Out now in Most of the world. Get it here: It will be released in USA Jan14th, but US listeners can already hear some songs on Spotify; That's it. That's all. Matt
Aqualung Aug 19, 2016
More news! Matt co-produced the track "In your Bed" from the Mercury Music Prize nominated album "The Bride", by Bat For Lashes
Aqualung Aug 19, 2016
Here is Tom Chaplin talking to BBC Radio 2 DJ Jo Whiley about his forthcoming debut solo album, produced by Matt;
Aqualung Jun 29, 2016
In case you missed it...
Aqualung Jun 13, 2016
Hello again. It's been a Long Time since I went on tour. I stopped touring because it was making me and mine sad and mad and I haven't missed the nonsense and tedium and toxic oddness of touring life at all. But I have sometimes missed the unique pleasure of singing these songs that I care about into a room full of mostly strangers and it turning out that we have so many things in common: music, communion, big questions, bathos, pathos, baths, paths, falling over, growing up. So. It seems to be time to do that again. a bit. Tickets here:
Aqualung Jun 04, 2016
Tickets for my performance at Rockwood Music Hall on June 27th are on sale now! Click here
Aqualung Jun 04, 2016
Tickets for my performance at the Masonic Lodge at Hollywood Forever Cemetery on June 23rd are on sale now! Click here
Aqualung Jun 01, 2016
"Clean" featuring Sweet Billy Pilgrim performed live at Dean Street Studios. From '10 Futures' now available around the world
Aqualung May 30, 2016
To The Wonder featuring Kina Grannis
Aqualung May 29, 2016
Aqualung May 28, 2016
Memories from last year's Fuji Rock Festival. Thanks Kazumi Davies!
Aqualung May 27, 2016
A lovely video from Moriah Peters & for KING & COUNTRY to the soundtrack of "To The Wonder"
Aqualung May 27, 2016
All song lyrics from '10 Futures' are now up on Genius
Aqualung May 25, 2016
Kate Moross #10Futures
Aqualung May 24, 2016
I listened to Disclosure's 'Latch' endlessly while making '10 Futures' trying to pick it apart and work out how it was made, but I couldn't. So good, so sophisticated. When Guy and Howard got in touch about working together I saw it as a sign to push myself as hard as I push the artists I work with as a songwriter and producer