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Covered in Black
Anubis Gate
The Detached
Andromeda Unchained
A Perfect Forever
Anubis Gate (official) Aug 14, 2019
The final recordings (bass guitar) for the forthcoming album have finally commenced.
Anubis Gate (official) Jul 20, 2019
In honor of the moonlanding here is a cool anecdote. The quiet middle of our song Options - Going Nowhere (from the album The Detached) was a piece called “Ghost On The Moon” written by Jesper Møller Jensen.
Anubis Gate (official) Jul 16, 2019
An update from Kim regarding the TWO albums that we are working on simulteanously: Ok so i think i finished this wierd contraption. To make up such a strange peice of music and then finish it within days....something must be off in my head 😂 My plan is for it to appear on the Anubis Gate album with the imaginative provisional title of “AG 9”. Which is not our next album (which is all but finished) but the one after that.
Anubis Gate (official) Apr 01, 2019
On this date, ANUBIS GATE announces that, as a protest against the business practises of streamingservices, we are converting to a gigging cover band, in order to make real money. We will be playing classics such as Back In Black (AC/DC), Strawberry Fields Forever (The Beatles) and the groundbreaking 1984 hit Aggressive Perfector (Slayer) and so forth, thus being the perfect band for wedding receptions and suchlike. All the best, Anubis Gate.
Anubis Gate (official) Mar 30, 2019
ANNIVERSARY: 10 years ago today the album "The Detached" was released. Has it really been 10 years! It is our only real concept album (meaning a concept album from the onset) to date and it was a big task to complete. It was also the last album to feature Jacob Hansen's vocals. If you don't know it already, today might be a good time to give it a try. Happy anniversary, guys.
Anubis Gate (official) Feb 13, 2019
YEAH. Recording drums for the new Anubis Gate album. In the picture: Morten Gade Sørensen and Jacob Hansen finetuning the snare. Do i need to say that they are doing an awesome job? No i don’t, cause you already know it.
Anubis Gate (official) Jan 18, 2019
‪While we are recording the last stuff for the 8th ANUBIS GATE studio album (out later this year) we have already begun writing for the 9th. ‬
Anubis Gate (official) Jan 16, 2019
😳 We’ve just witnessed a troubling new marketing practise in the world of metal. A record label put a commercial of a full 7 minute track from another band in front of one of Anubis Gates songs on youtube. Talk about aggresive marketing 😡 Taking this into the bigger perspective. If this becomes common practise, every time someone chooses a playlist by a band (perhaps to learn more about it) 50% of the music they hear will not be by the band they wanted to hear, since every song will be preceeded by a paid commercial for another bands song. And before you say why don’t you skip the commercial; no-one goes to the app to skip every commercial in a playlist since commercials are often 10 second car commercials etc. Here we are talking full tracks aggresively pushed in front of fellow artists tracks. Fortunately the band understood that this practise is unsymphatetic and contacted their label, so thanks to them for acting. But really this is a VERY dangerous road to go down. It will hurt everybody in the business of metal.
Anubis Gate (official) Dec 04, 2018
Don’t forget: We’ve got a new ANUBIS GATE album coming out next year.
Anubis Gate (official) Nov 23, 2018
Cover yourself in black with this promo code: BLACK15
Anubis Gate (official) Oct 26, 2018
😱Now that it's getting colder, you should GEAR UP with AG HOODIES and BEANIES!!! 🤩
Anubis Gate (official) Oct 19, 2018
Yeah. More new ANUBIS GATE album progress. Michael has been tracking his guitar parts the last three days 🤘
Anubis Gate (official) Aug 28, 2018
The last vocals for the new ANUBIS GATE album is done 🤘
Anubis Gate (official) Jun 25, 2018
You can now read a great review from our gig in Odense on April 28. By Lacy Mucklow from, one of 6 Americans that attended.
Anubis Gate (official) Jun 15, 2018
#NewAnubisGateAlbum 14 songs at the moment.
Anubis Gate (official) Jun 13, 2018
Anubis Gate (official) Jun 08, 2018
This is crazy and a bit funny as well. It IS a rarity and you will have to pay some to get the original issue, but we suggest that you go buy the Orbits boxset instead. You get all 4 of our first CDs and a double bonus CD for a fraction of this price.
Anubis Gate (official) Jun 08, 2018
Kickass vocals from Henrik are pouring in 🤘 #newalbum #AnubisGate
Anubis Gate (official) Jun 07, 2018
Anubis Gate (official)'s cover photo
Anubis Gate (official) Jun 05, 2018
Next ANUBIS GATE album. Just shy of 75 minutes of music.
Anubis Gate (official) May 29, 2018
Recently our track "Horizons" made it passed the 1 mio. listenings mark on Spotify. Quite amazing, as it never had a video made for it or has that many views on Youtube. But nevertheless. Thank you to all who listens out there.
Anubis Gate (official) May 27, 2018
The next ANUBIS GATE album has a code name. It’s ....... .. ......
Anubis Gate (official) May 17, 2018
Almost all demos done by now.....
Anubis Gate (official) May 12, 2018
The 128th episode of Progtopia has a gig report from ANUBIS GATEs last gig on the "shortest tour ever tour". Lacy Mucklow and Dave Perrussel, two of the (obviously crazy) people who crossed the Atlantic ocean to see us gives us their stories about going to Denmark from the USA to see Anubis Gate.
Anubis Gate (official) May 07, 2018
In case some of you haven’t seen our latest video yet, here is “Black” again. Please share.