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Black Market Enlightenment
Live Between the Earth & Clouds
Welcome to the Machine / Too Late
Timeline - An Introduction to Antimatter
The Judas Table
Live @ an Club
Fear of a Unique Identity
Leaving Eden
Planetary Confinement
Planetary Confinement
Lights Out
Lights Out
ANTI-MATTER Dec 10, 2018
Pre show meal in Hawaii with Since We Were Kids.
ANTI-MATTER Dec 10, 2018
Volcom house a while back. Good fun.
ANTI-MATTER Dec 01, 2018
Tonight! 10 bands $5.
ANTI-MATTER Nov 30, 2018
Tomorrow night you beautiful people. Our slot is about midnight. Great line up for Oceans Deep cd release!
ANTI-MATTER Nov 03, 2018
Closing out the year with a killer show.
ANTI-MATTER Nov 03, 2018
ANTI-MATTER Oct 20, 2018
>>> 18 yrs + Halloween Night <<<
ANTI-MATTER Oct 12, 2018
Don’t be scared. We have some new songs... 18 Yrs + !!!!
ANTI-MATTER Sep 25, 2018
We are hard at work on this...
ANTI-MATTER Aug 19, 2018
>>>>>Tomorrow at noon. FREE... Bring the youngsters too<<<<<
ANTI-MATTER Aug 07, 2018
Cycle City Hawaii
ANTI-MATTER Aug 06, 2018
ANTI-MATTER from hawaii
ANTI-MATTER Jul 24, 2018
Put in some ear buds or something for proper sound and blast this shit and tell you’re boss to fuck off!
ANTI-MATTER Jul 20, 2018
!!!! TONIGHT !!!!! !!!! FREE !!!!! !!!!! ANNA’S !!!!!
ANTI-MATTER Jul 18, 2018
A little clip from sat agent orange show. Thanks Dave
ANTI-MATTER Jul 15, 2018
Next Friday July 20th
ANTI-MATTER Jul 14, 2018
It’s the weekend. Let it fucking loose. 9pm sharp!
ANTI-MATTER Jul 06, 2018
***NEXT SAT JULY 14th*** Anna O’ Briens
ANTI-MATTER Jul 05, 2018
Released today. Stoked to be a part of this.
ANTI-MATTER Jun 20, 2018
ANTI-MATTER Jun 16, 2018
Good fun. Been a while.
ANTI-MATTER Jun 02, 2018
1st amendment! Fat Mike can say what he wants! That's what punks are here for!
ANTI-MATTER May 19, 2018
New record in the works. For now, keep up yo....
ANTI-MATTER May 17, 2018
Great punk show. Check it out. Was honored to be guests on the show, and be in the rotation! Download the yo app and enjoy
ANTI-MATTER May 07, 2018
Valfox records starting up a YouTube page. Subscribe to and check out the bands on the label. Beowulf OG Venice band, Loss For Concern, Anti-Matter and many more vids to come