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Grid Stripper / Ape Machine
Vom Urknall zur Maschine
62 Minutes On Mars
The Machine Room
Popkiller 2
My Name Is Beuys von Telekraft
Super Space Model
This Is Electro
Magic Diner
Elixir Of Life
Anthony Rother Aug 26, 2019
John Carpenter is my mentor next to Karl Bartos and Kraftwerk...
Anthony Rother Aug 26, 2019
after BraveFactory Kiev at home...
Anthony Rother Aug 22, 2019
I'm excited to travel to Ukraine, Kiev this weekend to play another ELECTRO LIVE SET at Brave! Factory Festival. And if you plan accordingly you can hear me alongside with great authorities such as MODEL 500 live, MARCEL DETTMANN and more...
Anthony Rother Aug 18, 2019
High friends, I am doctor Rother and I am high on Soma pipe...
Anthony Rother Aug 13, 2019
The electro enthusiasts probably already know about DVS NME. The US producer runs the blog Dark Science Electro and also has a radio show on Intergalactic FM. Nice to see that my track THIS IS 3L3C7RO from the PSI49NET 103 release topped his monthly chart in July.
Anthony Rother Aug 13, 2019
What is love!
Anthony Rother Aug 05, 2019
Last week my new 12-inch PSI49NET 103 temporarily hit #1 in the electro charts on and is currently still in the top 3. Overall, the feedback's been quite overwhelming! That's why I want say THANK YOU to all my fans, supporters and also new listeners, who ordered the release...especially through Bandcamp. We've barely been able to keep up with all incoming requests –– it's quite overwhelming. But most packages are already on its way, and the rest gets shipped in the next days...
Anthony Rother Aug 04, 2019
Real Live is Life... (Space Premiere)
Anthony Rother Jul 30, 2019
Long-time coming and finally here: I'm so proud PSI49NET 103 is coming out today. Some of you might know that this is the first EP release on my label since 2003. And doesn't it look beautiful? The 12-inch is hitting some fine record shops right now, and also available on my Bandcamp...all tracks are public now!!!
Anthony Rother Jul 29, 2019
I'm honored to be featured by Laurent Garnier on his 100% ELECTRO MIX on the latest CD for French TSUGI Mag!
Anthony Rother Jul 23, 2019
My upcoming 12-inch PSI49NET 103 will hit stores in less than two weeks. I can't wait to share this one with you. In the meantime you should listen to Dave Clarke's Whitenoise mix #701. In there you can find INTERCEPTION...A1 from the new EP!
Anthony Rother Jul 19, 2019
Always fun to meet old friends on tour...
Anthony Rother Jul 09, 2019
I'm so thrilled to finally play at that place in early September !!! More info soon...
Anthony Rother Jul 08, 2019
This man doesn't need any introduction. I've always respected Laurent Garnier as a true music lover! Check out the upcoming documentary film about him and support the Kickstarter campaign!
Anthony Rother Jun 29, 2019
The second half of 2019 will hold a lot of surprises and great music for you…starting today: In the next two months, I will release two colored EPs: The four-tracker PSI49NET 103 will be out on July 30, and it will be the first 12-inch EP on my label PSI49NET since 2003. This week the test presses came and sound great. Snippets: Bandcamp:
Anthony Rother Jun 19, 2019
Online-Interview mit dem Goethe-Institut China – auf Deutsch und Chinesisch – über mein Album 3L3C7RO COMMANDO, Jam-Sessions sowie den Verlust und das Wiedergewinnen von Kreativität.
Anthony Rother Jun 11, 2019
Next month I will perform my ELECTRO LIVE SET at Expedition Festival 2019 in Rotterdam. Excited to share the stage with artists like Ellen Allien, Luke Slater, MARCEL DETTMANN and many more...
Anthony Rother Jun 04, 2019
As many people sometimes asked or comment that I should play in a specific city or club, I thought I share the following with you: I’m now part of the Berlin-based booking agency QUIETLOUD. For someone like me, who is handling most his bookings and gigs himself in the last years, it feels good to be among such a remarkable group of talented and diverse artists such as Monolake, KiNK, Todd Terje and many more…
Anthony Rother May 24, 2019
Here's the digital bonus from MISTRESS 12.5: "DVS1 Bassline Edit" of THE WORLD NEEDS YOU.
Anthony Rother May 17, 2019
Mistress Recordings
Anthony Rother May 15, 2019
Composing tracks or jamming in the studio is a necessity for me; it’s my life energy. Music speaks to and for me. I think this I share with DVS1 as we both dedicated our lives to this music and scene. For us, the music captures a moment in time as we convert emotions through sound...
Anthony Rother May 08, 2019
In case you haven't noticed: Both of my Mistress EP's will have digital bonus tracks. On the first record MISTRESS 12 it's the 10-minute original and longer version of "Heaven To Heaven" and another one called "Metro Tech006".
Anthony Rother May 03, 2019
After its release in 2003, I played "Back Home" for more than a decade. But during all those years both my productions as well as my DJ gigs have shifted into a sonically different direction. That's why, three years ago, I started to remix the original so that it would fit into my DJ set. I was looking for a more dark and hypnotic techno vibe with a stripped-down arrangement that converts the musical idea: While in "Back Home" it was the melody, in the new version the vocoder line "The World Needs You" became the hook line, hence the renamed track title...
Anthony Rother Apr 25, 2019
Great to see my EPs on Mistress Recordings have hit all fine all fine record stores. I'm thrilled to share these new tunes with you, and the vinyl looking really good...
Anthony Rother Apr 18, 2019
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