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All the Way to Rio
For the Young
Live in Stockholm
Leaving On a Mayday (Bonus Track Version)
Leaving On a Mayday
What Have I Done (feat. Anna Ternheim)
Halfway to Fivepoints (Bonus Track Version)

Anna Ternheim Nov 26, 2018
Just a few days left now... Malmö see you very soon Such a long process getting this concert together, so many great people involved. Hope to see you there Ola Winkler Fd HultgrenMartin HederosAndreas HourdakisMalmö SymfoniOrkesterMalmö Live#hansek
Anna Ternheim Nov 13, 2018
When I'm in the mood What song is this? Such a good moment, bringing this concert to Malmö very soon. Still some tickets left, see you there I hope #malmölive Malmö Live Malmö SymfoniOrkester#hansek Martin HederosOla Winkler Fd HultgrenAndreas Hourdakis
Anna Ternheim Nov 07, 2018
Getting on a plane today, can't wait to bring my songs to Malmö Live and the amazing Malmö symphony orchestra. Still on a high from the Stockholm shows back in September, sure this will just as epic.
Anna Ternheim Oct 21, 2018
's cover photo
Anna Ternheim Sep 20, 2018
Last rehearsals—everything is in place for you, see you tonight Stockholm #Berwaldhallen #sverigesradiosymfoniker
Anna Ternheim Sep 10, 2018
Preparation is key... Shining my shoes, mending my jacket & trying out my moves. Starting to get nervous and excited. Hope to see you in Stockholm September 20th, 21st or 22nd.
Anna Ternheim Sep 08, 2018
's cover photo
Anna Ternheim Sep 06, 2018
Hey everyone! Only two weeks left until my shows with Hans Ek & the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra. The pieces are falling into place just as I had imagined. There will be darkness and plenty of drama and beauty. Still tickets left for the Friday and Saturday shows, really hope to see you there:
Anna Ternheim Aug 18, 2018
on Swedish radio... Ikväll möter jag Jill Johnson i Framåt Midnatt P4 kl 22.05. Vi delar minnen från Nashville, pratar om mod och förförelse och spelar musik som varit viktig för oss
Anna Ternheim Aug 10, 2018
ON SWEDISH RADIO... Imorgon möter jag Oskar Linnros i Framåt Midnatt P4. Blev golvad av hans senaste skiva, ville absolut ha med honom i mitt program. Det blev nära och ärligt, sätt på P4 kl 22.05 eller lyssna på poden Framåt Midnatt
Anna Ternheim Aug 03, 2018
ON SWEDISH RADIO... Imorgon kväll möter jag Molly Sandén i Framåt Midnatt. Det blev ett nära och personligt samtal om kärlek, vänskap och om att hitta sin egen väg i musik världen.
Anna Ternheim Jul 28, 2018
ON SWEDISH RADIO TONIGHT Ikväll Framåt midnatt med Markus Krunegård P4 kl 22.05
Anna Ternheim Jul 27, 2018
ON SWEDISH RADIO Imorgon möter jag och Markus Krunegård i Framåt midnatt. Vi pratar om kärlek och förälskelse revanch och svartsjuka, och spelar grym musik. P4 kl 22.05 eller lyssna senare på poden
Anna Ternheim Jul 26, 2018
I'm very happy to announce that I'll be playing Way Out West in Gothenburg with Martin Hederos August 10th. It will be a very special show, more soon...
Anna Ternheim Jul 24, 2018
FRIENDS IN LUZERN ...and all of you traveling through Luzern on Thursday. I'm playing a soloshow at the Blue Balls Festival , starting at 8 pm in the Konsertzaal. Im very excited about coming back to Switzerland, hope to see some of you there!
Anna Ternheim Jul 21, 2018
On Swedish radio tonight... Ikväll träffar jag Kikki Danielsson i Musikspecial P4. Det blev ett nära och personligt samtal. Sätt på radion kl 22.05 eller lyssna på min pod Framåt midnatt
Anna Ternheim Jul 17, 2018
KARLSKOGA, GÖTEBORG, YSTAD & TROLLHÄTTAN Really looking forward to this! 18/7 Karlskoga, På Flotten 19/7 Göteborg, Liseberg 21/7 Ystad, Öja 22/7 Trollhättan, Fallen dagar Tickets:
Anna Ternheim Jul 15, 2018
Want more of this. More silence and stillness. skinny dipping in cold water. The world is on fire but right here right now is complete peace.
Anna Ternheim Jul 10, 2018
TONIGHT Alma Löv Museum of Unexp. Art I've only hears about this magical place, first time playing. Its one of the most intimate venues this summer, can't wait!! Photo: Ola Hultgren
Anna Ternheim Jul 09, 2018
The 9th of July A first last goodbye Your face in the wind being 5 maybe 6 Without wings you fly
Anna Ternheim Jul 07, 2018
TOMORROW; SPECIAL GUEST OF LARS WINNERBÄCK I supported Lars Winnerbäck back in 2004 following the release of Somebody Outside, since then our paths have crossed more than once. Its always a great honor to play with him, one of my favourite swedish artists. I'm very excited to be a guest on his tour. Tomorrow is the first of two shows, next time is Ystad July 21st.
Anna Ternheim Jun 29, 2018
In the depth of Sweden there are places that awake dark fantasies. We’re drivning south, playing @torsjolive tonight with @hederosros. Cant wait!
Anna Ternheim Jun 08, 2018
Keep Me In The Dark (Rig 45 Remix), another remix from the #AllTheWayToRio album is out now. It's also the theme song for the new Nordic tv serie RIG45 that releases its first episode today at Viaplay.
Anna Ternheim Jun 01, 2018
All The Way To Rio in a totally new shape. I can feel the sky tumbling down into the Atlantic shore...
Anna Ternheim May 30, 2018
4 In the Morning. On my way home one night in very high heels. Live video recorded with Martin Hederos in Stockholm a beautiful summer evening. Also available on ‘The Winter Tapes’ digital edition. Watch full video: Listen here: