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An Cuan Open Mic Jun 07, 2019
What an extraordinary night Thursday at An Cuan Open Mic. Special guest Wade Fernandez of the Menominee Nation in Wisconsin led an all-star cast of local musicians and poets, some of whom are pictured here. Wade not only sang, and played guitar and flute, offering up a sampling of a number of musical styles, but he shared poignant stories of the Menominee people. He'll be playing Saturday night at 8 at the Seaview Guest House, 49 Killowen Old Road in Rostrevor. Phone 028 4173 9143 for tickets. We highly recommend seeing Wade in person during this tour of Ireland. Open mic continues on Thursday, 4 July, at 7:30 pm at 44 Shore Road in Rostrevor, and then comes the big one on Wednesday, 24 July, as part of the Fiddler's Green Festival. Performers of all skill levels in all genres are welcome. June marks the halfway point of the monthly open mics, and thus far we have had 88 separate performances by 55 different people from 16 countries. Looking forward to the second half of 2019. You're welcome to join us!
An Cuan Open Mic Jun 06, 2019
Tonight! Your chance to sing, play, recite, dance, perform in the friendly confines of the An Cuan cafe, where refreshments will be free. Special appearance by Native American musician Wade Fernandez, who will give a sneak preview of his concert at The Seaview Guest House in Rostrevor at 8 on Saturday night.
An Cuan Open Mic Jun 05, 2019
Tomorrow night! Several newcomers are planning to come, and word has it that they are keyboardists. Also, Wade Fernandez has graciously agreed to give us a wee sample of his unique Native American music ahead of his concert on 8 June at the Seaview Guest House in Rostrevor. Those of you who saw Caim perform there in February know it's the most comfortable and intimate place for a concert that you can imagine. Caim's Heather Innes will also be at open mic tomorrow. Great fun! Please consider coming along and joining in.
An Cuan Open Mic Jun 04, 2019
Two nights from tonight! It's shaping up as another fun evening with award-winning young pianist Ridley Clark, Heather Innes of the band Caim, and Wade Fernandez of the Menominee Nation in Wisconsin gracing us with a few songs on his tour of Ireland (which continues Friday at the Seaview Guesthouse in Rostrevor.) No need to be a touring musician to take part; you just need a willingness to share your performing arts talent no matter what level it is. It's all good at An Cuan Open Mic! Newcomers warmly received.
An Cuan Open Mic Jun 03, 2019
Three nights from tonight! Special guest Wade Fernandez will do a few songs ahead of his 8 pm house concert on 8 June at the Seaview Guesthouse in Rostrevor. Wade is a multi-award winning international touring artist from the Menominee Nation Reservation in Wisconsin. And there will be plenty of performance slots for YOU to share a song or poem or whatever entertains!
An Cuan Open Mic May 30, 2019
One week from tonight! Don't be shy. Bring your instrument or poetry book or dancing shoes and share. You'll be glad you did, and so will we!
An Cuan Open Mic May 23, 2019
Two weeks from tonight! Start practicing your song, poem, or performance. We want to hear and see what you have to share!
An Cuan Open Mic May 02, 2019
TONIGHT! Definitely some surprise performances planned in addition to some of our regulars. Free refreshments, including our delicious home-baked chocolate caramel squares, pictured below.
An Cuan Open Mic May 01, 2019
Tomorrow night! It's different every month. So why not come along and be a part of the fun as it spontaneously unfolds?
An Cuan Open Mic Apr 30, 2019
Two nights from tonight! Members of the Rostrevor Light Orchestra, you are invited to share some of your beautiful classical music with us ahead of your big 19 May concert.
An Cuan Open Mic Apr 29, 2019
Three nights from tonight! Negotiations are on going to bring some brand new performers to open mic. Hopefully, they will come, and hopefully you will, too.
An Cuan Open Mic Apr 25, 2019
One week from tonight! Let's make this month's An Cuan Open Mic a night of surprises, a night when people do something we don't usually see, maybe even something totally off the wall! How about some of you jazz musicians or beat poets out there? Or some of you actors could do a dramatic reading. Give it some thought.
An Cuan Open Mic Apr 18, 2019
Celebrate spring by sharing a song, poem, or performance two weeks from tonight!
An Cuan Open Mic Apr 05, 2019
An evening of great fun and superb music and spoken word performances Thursday at An Cuan Open Mic, including Alex Atwell's wonderful rendition of Bob Dylan's "Stuck Inside of Mobile With the Memphis Blues Again". Next open mic is Thursday, 2 May. Performers in all genres and of all skill levels are welcome. Refreshments are free.
An Cuan Open Mic Apr 04, 2019
TONIGHT! Free, free, free ... food, fun and fantastic entertainment!
An Cuan Open Mic Apr 03, 2019
We hold no auditions and book no performers, so we have no idea who will show up for any given Open Mic. If you come along tomorrow night, you will be as surprised as we are to see who sings, recites, dances, juggles or does whatever. Maybe even you could be one of the surprises! Hope to see you there!
An Cuan Open Mic Apr 02, 2019
Two more sleeps before the fun unfolds on Thursday night!
An Cuan Open Mic Apr 01, 2019
It's a new season -- spring! Celebrate the longer days and the greening of the trees and plants by sharing a song or poem or dance or performance at open mic three nights from tonight. Refreshments are free, and the craic flows freely.
An Cuan Open Mic Mar 29, 2019
Caim were simply brilliant in concert Friday night at An Cuan! Thanks to those who attended and those who helped make it happen.
An Cuan Open Mic Mar 29, 2019
Caim and An Cuan are ready for you! Doors open at 7. Come early and enjoy a coffee, tea, or fresh-baked treat, then settle in for some sublime music!
An Cuan Open Mic Mar 29, 2019
Showtime! TONIGHT! Come along and enjoy the music and the craic! “No one is quite like this group. Their recorded music is blissful, but their live performances are even more compelling, filled with a delightful array of Irish and Scottish music and charming repartee with a dose of humor. They give you the sense that they are sharing their gifts with you personally, not just performing for an audience."
An Cuan Open Mic Mar 28, 2019
One week from tonight!
An Cuan Open Mic Mar 28, 2019
Tomorrow night! "Caim music touches the heart, bringing a sense of calm, uplift and peace."
An Cuan Open Mic Mar 27, 2019
Two nights from tonight! "A Caim concert combines Scottish and Irish traditional and contemporary songs, story and dance. We share songs that are important to us and we invite our audiences to join us in singing and dancing. You’ll find music that goes straight to the heart, songs and stories to make you laugh, tunes to set your feet a-tapping and haunting harmonies that will uplift your spirit."
An Cuan Open Mic Mar 26, 2019
Let the countdown continue ... three nights from tonight! "The three members of Caim harmony trio may be separated by the Irish Sea but they are not divided musically. Pauline Vallance’s roots in Scotland, Jacynth Hamill’s in Northern Ireland and Heather Innes’s in Zimbabwe, Scotland, Northern Ireland, England and Australia all contribute to Caim’s strong and varied traditional repertoire."