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An Cuan Open Mic Feb 07, 2019
Tonight! We are ready!
An Cuan Open Mic Feb 06, 2019
Tomorrow night! An Cuan Open Mic veteran Heather Innis, pictured below, of the group Caim will be performing solo as we welcome several new performers as well (possibly even YOU!) Free homemade treats by An Cuan's own baker, Alicia. Don't miss out!
An Cuan Open Mic Feb 05, 2019
Two nights from tonight! Here's your chance to sing that song, recite that poem, do that dance, perform that dramatic reading in a relaxed, no-pressure, fun environment, all the while enjoying free and fresh baked goodies, coffee and tea. Hope to see you there!
An Cuan Open Mic Feb 04, 2019
Three nights from tonight! We would love to have some of you classical musicians come along and perform as a solo, duet or ensemble. And how about some jugglers? Anything that entertains!
An Cuan Open Mic Jan 31, 2019
Who knows what surprises await one week from tonight! Last month's An Cuan Open Mic drew some delightful newcomers as well as some valued regulars. Why don't you be one of the newcomers this month? Performers of all genres and all abilities are welcome. Free baked goodies by our own baking whiz Alicia as well as free coffee and tea. Come along and join the fun.
An Cuan Open Mic Jan 24, 2019
Two weeks from tonight! We had some entertaining newcomers last time, so hopefully we'll be able to do it again this time, along with our faithful regulars. It's always a blast no matter who shows up, so plan to come and share your talent!
An Cuan Open Mic Jan 10, 2019
These ladies are awesome. Well worth checking out their concerts. Heather and Jacynth (left and middle) sang at our last open mic on 6 January.
An Cuan Open Mic Jan 04, 2019
An Cuan Open Mic got off to a rousing start in 2019 on Thursday night with many fine and fun performances, including newcomer Joe, age 91, reciting a Yeats poem, then sliding into a medley of vaudeville-era songs, accompanied by his friend Paul on keyboard. Heather and Jacynth of the group Caim shared some beautiful harmonies, just to mention two of the performances. So much amazing talent in the Rostrevor area! We'll do it again on Thursday, 7 February, at 7:30 pm at 44 Shore Road in Rostrevor. All musicians, poets, actors, and dancers are welcome. Refreshments are always free.
An Cuan Open Mic Jan 03, 2019
We are ready for YOU! 7:30 tonight.
An Cuan Open Mic Jan 02, 2019
Tomorrow night! You know you've been wanting to come along and sing, play or recite, so why not start off the new year by doing it!
An Cuan Open Mic Jan 01, 2019
Happy New Year, everyone! The celebration continues two nights from tonight as An Cuan Open Mic gets underway for 2019. New folks have been invited, and hopefully they will come and share their talents. Be among them!
An Cuan Open Mic Dec 27, 2018
One week from tonight! Come along and help start the New Year off with a fun evening of song, dance, spoken word, and whatever other performance might amuse, edify, or entertain. Classical musicians welcome to join the folkies and purveyors of pop. It's all good at An Cuan Open Mic. First-time performers are especially welcome. This is a warm and accepting environment, so go for it! Free refreshments.
An Cuan Open Mic Dec 20, 2018
Christmas is just five days away, New Year's Day just seven days after that, and the first open mic of 2019 is just two days after that -- two weeks from tonight! What a great way to slough off the post-holiday blues by coming along to open mic. It's the perfect opportunity to try out that new guitar you got for Christmas, or that new violin, or those new juggling balls. Or you can read some poems from that new book of poetry. Open mic is also the perfect venue for music students to showcase their skills. In the new year we're looking for more classical music performances, and we're always looking for dancers. No auditions required; just show up! And refreshments are always free.
An Cuan Open Mic Dec 14, 2018
Fra plays, sings (and puns!) regularly at An Cuan Open Mic, in addition to serving as sound engineer, thus making everyone else sound good. He's assembled a strong group of local singers and musicians to back him on this recently released Christmas CD. You can pick up a copy at Belinda's shop, Good Craic Gifts and Souvenirs, 13 Church Street in Rostrevor, which has the most comprehensive selection of local artists' CDs in the area, including many musicians who have performed at An Cuan Open Mic. Merry Christmas, everyone!
An Cuan Open Mic Dec 08, 2018
Merry Christmas to all from An Cuan Open Mic! Our gathering on 6 December, the last of 2018, was a rousing good time, featuring an eclectic mixture of music, dance, and spoken word with plenty of laughter and joy. Pictured below are the Kilbroney Handbell Ringers, "Chill Bhronai" and Hannah Sproule. They were among the 13 separate performances involving 25 different people. For the year 2018 we had 12 open mics, 159 separate performances, involving 89 different people, playing a variety of musical instruments, doing a variety of dances -- from Irish to contemporary --, reciting original poetry and poetry from books, telling jokes, and performing skits. Performers ranged in age from 7 to 79, and we had professionals, first-timers and every skill level in between. We had performers from Europe, Africa, Australia, and North and South America. We begin our 2019 season on Thursday, 3 January, at 7:30 pm at 44 Shore Road in Rostrevor. Open mics are the first Thursday of every month with an extra one in July for Fiddler's Green but none in August. Like us on Facebook for all the latest info. If you have not participated, please feel free to share your musical, literary or dramatic gifts. There are no auditions. You don't even have to be good; you just need to have a heart to share something with others in the community. Or just come along for a fun, entertaining evening. Refreshments are always free. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Ron Somers Producer and host An Cuan Open Mic
An Cuan Open Mic Dec 06, 2018
Tonight! Music, poetry and the lively arts are always in season, but especially at Christmas. Come along and enjoy the joy!
An Cuan Open Mic Dec 06, 2018
Tonight! Music, poetry and the lively arts are always in season, but especially at Christmas. Come along and enjoy the joy!
An Cuan Open Mic Dec 05, 2018
Tomorrow night! Give the gift of your talent for singing, reciting, dancing, performing.
An Cuan Open Mic Dec 04, 2018
Two nights from tonight! Hoping to see some newcomers -- perhaps you -- among the regular cast of characters.
An Cuan Open Mic Dec 03, 2018
Three nights from tonight! Holiday cheer and good craic will abound!
An Cuan Open Mic Nov 29, 2018
One week from tonight! Good craic and Christmas joy.
An Cuan Open Mic Nov 22, 2018
Christmas is coming, and so is An Cuan Open Mic, two weeks from tonight!
An Cuan Open Mic Nov 15, 2018
Three weeks from tonight! A great way to celebrate Christmas!
An Cuan Open Mic Nov 02, 2018
A fantastic night at An Cuan Open Mic on Thursday. Seventeen separate performances, including songs and poetry. Great craic! Tonight at 7:30, An Cuan hosts Broken Walls, who will be sharing songs, dances and stories of indigenous people of North America. The cafe will be open. Admission is £10. Tickets available at the door. Don't miss it!
An Cuan Open Mic Nov 01, 2018
TONIGHT is the night! Always exciting to see who turns up to perform. Perhaps even YOU!