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An Cuan Open Mic Apr 18, 2019
Celebrate spring by sharing a song, poem, or performance two weeks from tonight!
An Cuan Open Mic Apr 05, 2019
An evening of great fun and superb music and spoken word performances Thursday at An Cuan Open Mic, including Alex Atwell's wonderful rendition of Bob Dylan's "Stuck Inside of Mobile With the Memphis Blues Again". Next open mic is Thursday, 2 May. Performers in all genres and of all skill levels are welcome. Refreshments are free.
An Cuan Open Mic Apr 04, 2019
TONIGHT! Free, free, free ... food, fun and fantastic entertainment!
An Cuan Open Mic Apr 03, 2019
We hold no auditions and book no performers, so we have no idea who will show up for any given Open Mic. If you come along tomorrow night, you will be as surprised as we are to see who sings, recites, dances, juggles or does whatever. Maybe even you could be one of the surprises! Hope to see you there!
An Cuan Open Mic Apr 02, 2019
Two more sleeps before the fun unfolds on Thursday night!
An Cuan Open Mic Apr 01, 2019
It's a new season -- spring! Celebrate the longer days and the greening of the trees and plants by sharing a song or poem or dance or performance at open mic three nights from tonight. Refreshments are free, and the craic flows freely.
An Cuan Open Mic Mar 29, 2019
Caim were simply brilliant in concert Friday night at An Cuan! Thanks to those who attended and those who helped make it happen.
An Cuan Open Mic Mar 29, 2019
Caim and An Cuan are ready for you! Doors open at 7. Come early and enjoy a coffee, tea, or fresh-baked treat, then settle in for some sublime music!
An Cuan Open Mic Mar 29, 2019
Showtime! TONIGHT! Come along and enjoy the music and the craic! “No one is quite like this group. Their recorded music is blissful, but their live performances are even more compelling, filled with a delightful array of Irish and Scottish music and charming repartee with a dose of humor. They give you the sense that they are sharing their gifts with you personally, not just performing for an audience."
An Cuan Open Mic Mar 28, 2019
One week from tonight!
An Cuan Open Mic Mar 28, 2019
Tomorrow night! "Caim music touches the heart, bringing a sense of calm, uplift and peace."
An Cuan Open Mic Mar 27, 2019
Two nights from tonight! "A Caim concert combines Scottish and Irish traditional and contemporary songs, story and dance. We share songs that are important to us and we invite our audiences to join us in singing and dancing. You’ll find music that goes straight to the heart, songs and stories to make you laugh, tunes to set your feet a-tapping and haunting harmonies that will uplift your spirit."
An Cuan Open Mic Mar 26, 2019
Let the countdown continue ... three nights from tonight! "The three members of Caim harmony trio may be separated by the Irish Sea but they are not divided musically. Pauline Vallance’s roots in Scotland, Jacynth Hamill’s in Northern Ireland and Heather Innes’s in Zimbabwe, Scotland, Northern Ireland, England and Australia all contribute to Caim’s strong and varied traditional repertoire."
An Cuan Open Mic Mar 25, 2019
Chase those Monday blues away! Look ahead to the weekend, and plan to come to the Caim concert Friday night.
An Cuan Open Mic Mar 22, 2019
One week from tonight! Caim live in concert! Odds are high that in the days after you see them perform you will be humming, singing or whistling the song "Red Winged Blackbird", from the CD of the same name.
An Cuan Open Mic Mar 21, 2019
Two weeks from tonight!
An Cuan Open Mic Mar 19, 2019
10 days away! Good music, good craic!
An Cuan Open Mic Mar 15, 2019
Heather and Jacynth of the group Caim set the bar high as the opening act at An Cuan Open Mic on Thursday night. A record 25 people performed, sharing songs from a variety of genres such as pop, folk, and blues; poems in German, Romanian, and even English; dramatic presentations; Irish dancing; and even some comedy. Good craic reigned! The next open mic is Thursday, 4 April, at 7:30 pm. But before that, Heather and Jacynth return to An Cuan, joined by the third member of the band Caim, Pauline, for a concert two weeks from tonight on Friday, 29 March, at 7:30. Doors open at 7, and coffee, tea, and homemade baked good will be on sale as well as Caim's superb selection of CDs. Tickets cost £10, and proceeds will go to help support the community outreach works of An Cuan. If you have not seen Caim in concert, prepare yourself for a treat. Hope to see you there.
An Cuan Open Mic Mar 14, 2019
TONIGHT is the night! Many and varied performers are expected. Hope you can make it!
An Cuan Open Mic Mar 13, 2019
One of the joys of open mic is you don't have to have a polished, professional act. Some do, but it's not necessary. One of last month's performers is planning something new and experimental for tomorrow night. Perfect! Open mic is a welcoming, accepting venue for stepping out and trying something different or offering up a song or poem for the first time if you're not used to performing. It's all good because it's all about the sharing. Come along and take part or just watch the evening unfold. It's always entertaining, and refreshments are free.
An Cuan Open Mic Mar 12, 2019
Thursday at open mic, you can get a wee taste of the Caim concert set for 29 March at An Cuan. Heather Innes, left in the poster below, will be singing a duo at open mic with bandmate Jacynth Hamill, center. Pauline Vallance will join them on the 29th. Don't miss that concert or open mic, which will feature a wide variety of performances, many by An Cuan's talented group of trainees. Among those expected are the indescribable band Chillbroney, fantastic fiddler David, singer-songwriter and Bob Dylan interpreter and local recording artist Alex Atwell, Na Leanai's Fra Sands, and many more. Feel free to come along and share a song, poem, or dance of your own. Newcomers are warmly welcomed. See you Thursday and on 29 March!
An Cuan Open Mic Mar 11, 2019
It's happenin' Thursday night! We're moving from the cozy cafe to the big music hall to accommodate all of our performers. Still plenty of room for you!
An Cuan Open Mic Mar 08, 2019
Heather Innis, right in the photo, has been a good friend of An Cuan Open Mic in recent months, performing solo a number of times and also as a duet with Jacynth Hamill, left. Three weeks from tonight those two will be joined by Pauline Vallance, the third member of their band, Caim, for a concert at An Cuan. We could go on and on about how delightful they are in concert, but if you come along on Friday, 29 March, you will see for yourself. Coffee, tea, and homemade baked good will be on sale as will the entire catalog of Caim CDs. Tickets are £10 and are available at the door. Proceeds will help support the work of YWAM Rostrevor at An Cuan.
An Cuan Open Mic Mar 07, 2019
Tonight is NOT the night! An Cuan Open Mic is one week from tonight, Thursday 14 March. Some of our performers will be making their grand finale appearance at open mic, and we're expecting them to go out in grand style! Maybe this will be your night to make your open mic debut.
An Cuan Open Mic Mar 06, 2019
Just a reminder that An Cuan Open Mic, originally scheduled for tomorrow night, Thursday, 7 March, has been pushed back a week to Thursday, 14 March. Thanks for your patience and understanding as this will allow us to have many more performers on that night. As always refreshments are free, and a fun evening is guaranteed!