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Animals As Leaders Live 2017
The Madness of Many
The Joy of Motion
Animals as Leaders
Animals as Leaders - Encore Edition
Animals As Leaders Dec 10, 2018
Animals As Leaders Dec 07, 2018
Surreal... #notallheroeswearcapes🤟🏿@stevevaihimself @nunobettencourtofficial @zakkwyldebls @yngwiemalmsteen_official #generationaxe
Animals As Leaders Dec 07, 2018
Timeline Photos
Animals As Leaders Dec 03, 2018
Feedback from the new "Mastering Time" course has been incredible. If you or your drumming friend haven't gotten it yet you should!
Animals As Leaders Dec 02, 2018
3 years ago☺️ #heroes @guitarworldmagazine @joesatriani @guthrie.govan
Animals As Leaders Nov 30, 2018
Animals As Leaders will be returning to Europe, Summer 2019. Pleased to announce we will be supporting Dream Threater in Sweden! More news coming soon...
Animals As Leaders Nov 28, 2018
Steve Vai
Animals As Leaders Nov 28, 2018
Animals As Leaders Nov 24, 2018
Exciting news regarding Abasi Concepts :
Animals As Leaders Nov 22, 2018
Current pedal board for the @generationaxe tour with @stevevaihimself @nunobettencourtofficial @yngwiemalmsteen_official and @zakkwyldebls. Using the new @abasiconcepts PATHOS distortion for leads and a clean boost.
Animals As Leaders Nov 17, 2018
Animals As Leaders Nov 17, 2018
Attention Drummers! Matt Garstka has a new lesson series out now! Kudos to Ivan Chopik for crushing the video production and to Francesco Cameli for slaying these drum sounds/mix!!!
Animals As Leaders Nov 14, 2018
Here’s an example of using the PATHOS to thicken up a slightly driven tone. Really sweet emphasis on the pick attack and a nice mid bump☺️👍🏿 @abasiconcepts @sweetwatersound @andertonsmusicco #pathosdistortion
Animals As Leaders Nov 13, 2018
Abasi Concepts PATHOS available now!
Animals As Leaders Nov 10, 2018
Quintuplets, Septuplets, 3355 in 4/4 and some attention to detail is all a man needs:)
Animals As Leaders Nov 04, 2018
Here's a nice little throwback from a year ago in Detroit. Matthew Garstka #PhysicalEducation Audio : Ronnie Young Video : Randy Edwards Tag a friend!
Animals As Leaders Oct 21, 2018
Writing new music. WYD? 📸 Randy Edwards
Animals As Leaders Oct 20, 2018
Hasta mañana, Mexico🇲🇽
Animals As Leaders Oct 19, 2018
Also, this☺️Having more than six strings ( while rooting most of your chords on the sixth string) Allows you to voice intervals below the root of the chord to create some cool movement #thejoyofmotion #tabs
Animals As Leaders Oct 19, 2018
This song started as an exercise in applying six string rooted major and dominate chord inversions, as well as open right hand technique. Came out pretty catchy☺️🤷🏿‍♂️ 🕺🏿Head to to download the official tab book for “The Joy of Motion” #anotheryear #thejoyofmotion #tabs #linkinthebio @morganamps @fishmanmusic @abasiguitars
Animals As Leaders Oct 17, 2018
🙂👍🏿 @fishmanmusic @abasiguitars @fractalaudio
Animals As Leaders Oct 17, 2018
I'm honored to be part of the Generation Axe tour once again, along side Steve Vai, Official Yngwie Malmsteen, Zakk Wylde and Nuno Bettencourt! It's going to be epic!
Animals As Leaders Oct 14, 2018
Animals As Leaders Oct 10, 2018
I’ll be in Mexico on the 21st. See you soon!
Animals As Leaders Oct 02, 2018
Fresh strings sounding all sparkly ✨👌🏿 One of my favorite sections from “Crescent”! Works really well as a classical style arpeggio study 🤓•Holler at for the official “The Joy of Motion” tab book for the transcription! #linkinthebio #tabs #eventide #h9 #bognerharlow @morganamps @strymonengineering @daddarioandco #nyxl