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Animal Collective Feb 12, 2019
Geologist plays at Bowery Ballroom tonight, supporting Gang Gang Dance
Animal Collective Feb 08, 2019
Panda Bear
Animal Collective Jan 29, 2019
Avey Tare
Animal Collective Jan 07, 2019
all photos by Avey Tare featuring the band + danny perez + ben allen
Animal Collective Jan 06, 2019
Happy 10th Birthday MPP. We’re overwhelmed about how many of you have tapped into our world through this music. Every Record is special to us but this one seems to have flown the farthest. We hope to release some other MPP related sounds and sights over the next couple months in celebration of this moment. Keep tuning in. Its 2019. We’re finding our way into some new sounds. photos by Avey Tare, featuring the band + danny perez + ben allen
Animal Collective Dec 13, 2018
O’Brien System No.21 is archived for streaming over on NTS ( Some end of Fall listening from Fusetron Sound boxes. Take Me Back has ended up my no brainer favorite from the Buried Country comp. Track 2 is Abdou El Omari. Little bit of Geologist stuff in here is more I found from the Doug Aitken SONG 1 event at The Hirschhorn in 2012. Not sure about how NTS is crediting the Axolotl jam on here. Pleasure revisiting that one. We had a fun tour together through the Balkans back in 2008. Don’t say Macedonia in northern Greece. Last trip through the system for 2018. See you in the next orbit!
Animal Collective Dec 06, 2018
Avey Tare
Animal Collective Nov 26, 2018
Across the globe, seawater chemistry is changing faster than at any time in earth's history. We have teamed up with The Ocean Foundation and are releasing a new song (Written by Geologist & Deakin, featuring sitar by Ami Dang, melody and lyrics by Deakin). Visit their website to hear it and consider their foundation this #GivingTuesday
Animal Collective Nov 23, 2018
All Animal Collective merch is now 30% off through Monday.
Animal Collective Nov 15, 2018
Because of the many inquiries and because we like them very much, we have printed one last batch of sung tongs 2018 tour posters and shirts. We had a blast on tour and mostly because of the sweet support and response from all of you out there. Thanks for being with us! More to come next year. art by Michael Fuchs
Animal Collective Nov 15, 2018
O’Brien System No.20 is archived for streaming now over on NTS2. Swipe to see full tracklisting. Avey Tare guest hosts with me this month for a mix of songs featuring piano parts we’re fond of. AC jam included here is Deakin/Geo playing live after the Tony Conrad documentary screening in Baltimore last year. Hope you dig and see you in the system next month! NTS Radio #obriensystem
Animal Collective Nov 13, 2018
Animal Collective are bringing the Tangerine Reef visual album to the West Coast. 12/8 - San Francisco, CA - Balboa Theatre 12/9 - San Francisco, CA - Balboa Theatre 12/10 - Los Angeles, CA - Vista Theatre
Animal Collective Nov 13, 2018
Avey Tare joins Geologist this month on the newest O’Brien System episode airing today on NTS Radio from 12-1 PM PST. We’ve been talking about making a piano-centric mix together for a while now and figured the November weather would be the perfect setting. Will post the track listing when the episode is archived for streaming later this week. Listening back to this made me miss New York in the Fall. 🎨 : Pierre Henry 📷:Geir Egil Bergjord NTS Radio #obriensystem
Animal Collective Nov 12, 2018
Panda Bear
Animal Collective Nov 08, 2018
Panda Bear
Animal Collective Nov 05, 2018
An Oral History of Animal Collective, courtesy of Red Bull Music Academy
Animal Collective Oct 24, 2018
O’Brien System No.19 is archived for streaming now over on NTS. Recently pulled out Ralph Lundsten’s “Nattmara” and thought it’d be seasonally appropriate to keep mixing in and out of it. Got that record in 96 or 97 at the Baltimore record fair they held a couple times a year at the Arbutus Fire Dept Hall and the Pikesville Armory. There was an old biker looking guy who had a good selection of psych/garage as well as 70’s synth and musique concrete records. Don’t know if he took a liking to us or was just a patient guy but he indulged our questions. The “Nattmara/Gustav III” LP is one of the more memorable things he threw our way. Thanks Heavy Psych. Also included a clip of music I made for Doug Aitken’s “SONG 1” closing event at the Hirshhorn in 2012 where I was asked to do a short dj set of edits I made from various versions of “I Only Have Eyes For You”. Until we meet in the system again next month - enjoy, and have a Happy Halloween!
Animal Collective Sep 21, 2018
Excited to say that Feels has been re-pressed on vinyl and is available now! Head to to order, or pick up a copy at your local record store. To mark the occasion, we’re also releasing a live recording from August 22, 2004 at Neumo’s in Seattle, WA. Head over to to download or stream the show. The show was the first time Scott Colburn heard any of the Feels songs. We had already asked him to record the album but we didn’t have demos and he wanted to hear the material first. He was playing in Climax Golden Twins at the time, who were also on the bill with us and Black Dice that night, so this was the test. Luckily, our set sealed the deal and we all moved into his house six months later to start tracking. A small part of us never left. If we’ve seemed a bit rushed after Seattle shows in the years since, it’s because we were in a hurry to get back there for another late night VHS horror movie screening.
Animal Collective Sep 21, 2018
Animal Collective Sep 04, 2018
DEAKIN's tour with our good friends Gang Gang Dance starts this Thursday! Check out the full list of dates below, more info and tickets at 9/6 - Philadelphia, PA (Boot & Saddle) 9/7 - Baltimore, MD (Metro Gallery) 9/8 - Raleigh, NC (Hopscotch Festival) 9/10 - Chicago, IL (The Empty Bottle) 9/11 - Detroit, MI (El Club) 9/12 - Toronto, ON (Velvet Underground) 9/13 - Montreal, QC (Theatre Fairmount) 9/14 - Portsmouth, NH (3S Artspace) 9/15 - Alston, MA (Great Scott)
Animal Collective Aug 23, 2018
O’Brien System No.17 is archived for streaming now on NTS ( While all these songs fit into a loosely themed ocean/water mix to mark the release of “Tangerine Reef” by Coral Morphologic and AC (, some are directly from film soundtracks that pair sound and ocean imagery in ways that have inspired us over the years. Highly recommend you check them all out. The opener by Olivia Wyatt and Bitchin Bajas is from Olivia’s amazing film “Sailing A Sinking Sea” about the Moken people in Thailand and Burma. The Tully track is from the “Sea Of Joy” OST and Peter Howe is from the “Morning Of The Earth” OST. Both soundtracks and films were in heavy van rotation and post-studio night viewing during the SJ/MPP years. The Farm and Floyd tracks are from the George Greenough films “Innermost Limits of Pure Fun” and “Crystal Voyager”. On our first tour in 2001, a friend of Black Dice let us crash at his house in LA and he showed us “Crystal Voyager” in the afternoon before we headed over to play at The Smell. One of my favorite tour memories ever. Also big thanks to fellow NTS DJ Tim Koh (check out his show Kokonut Trip!) for turning me on to “Cottage By The Seaside” and @_dropofsun_ for a memorable listen to VU’s “Ocean” in Florida a few NYE’s ago. Until we meet in the system next month…enjoy! NTS Radio #obriensystem #tangerinereef Coral Morphologic Olivia Owens Wyatt #bitchinbajas #sailingasinkingsea #tully #seaofjoy #innermostlimitsofpurefun #georgegreenough #crystalvoyager Tony, Caro & John #josephspence #aveytare #carolkleyn #technicolorparadise #nameleakahaku Pink Floyd #davidbehrman #thevelvetunderground #alicecoltrane #joehenderson Carole King Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith Linda Perhacs #toddockstader #mariaanderson #thesetrails #peterhowe #morningoftheearth oliviao💗🙏🌊
Animal Collective Aug 22, 2018
The South American leg of our Sung Tongs tour kicks off tomorrow night in São Paulo, Brazil. Join us, we can't wait 📸: Jacob Romero Aug 23: São Paulo, BR Aug 25: Rio de Janeiro, BR Aug 26: Belo Horizonte, BR Aug 28: Porto Alegre, BR Aug 30: Buenos Aires, AR Sep 01: Santiago, CH
Animal Collective Aug 21, 2018
Latest episode of The O’Brien System airs today on NTS2 from 12-1PM PDT: Got an ocean/water themed show for you today to celebrate the release of AC and Coral Morphologic’s “Tangerine Reef”. I’ll play Avey’s “Blooming Coral” demo, some songs from my favorite surf film soundtracks, and a handful of others from artists similarly inspired by our oceans. As always I’ll post the tracklist when the episode is archived for streaming. Remember to check out the full TR video if you haven’t already: These stunning creatures live right here with us! And when you’re watching the video, or listening to this mix, remember that 95% of the ocean is still unexplored. We know more about the surface of the moon than the depths of our own home. Imagine what we’re missing! Let’s give ourselves a chance to find out before it disappears without us even knowing. Tune IN/OUT! 📸: Hurricane Irene aftermath on T&C 2011 dive trip with geo, DEAKIN and Coral Morphologic NTS Radio #tangerinereef #internationalyearofthereef2018
Animal Collective Aug 17, 2018
Tangerine Reef, our audiovisual collaboration with Coral Morphologic, is out today. Watch the entire film at The audio for Tangerine Reef is also available online. Listen at
Animal Collective Aug 16, 2018
We're counting down the hours until the release of Tangerine Reef! Watch the full film on starting at 12am PST.