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Behind the Glass (With Anika)
Come Back (feat. Anika) [International Edition]
Come Back (feat. Anika)
Anika EP
Peace of Mind
Tanzen, Baby
like a Drug
Wheels 2002
Wheels 2002
Nisem Premlada
Anika at Velvet Underground (January 23, 2019)
Venue: Velvet Underground (Toronto, ON, Canada) Find tickets
Anika with Faten Kanaan at Zone One, Elsewhere (January 24, 2019)
Venue: Zone One, Elsewhere (Brooklyn, NY, US) Find tickets
Anika with Chasms at El Cid (January 26, 2019)
Venue: El Cid (Los Angeles, CA, US) Find tickets
Anika with SPELLLING and Chasms at Rickshaw Stop (January 27, 2019)
Venue: Rickshaw Stop (San Francisco, CA, US) Find tickets
Anika with Cool Flowers at Mississippi Studios (January 29, 2019)
Venue: Mississippi Studios (Portland, OR, US) Find tickets
Anika at The Vera Project (January 30, 2019)
Venue: The Vera Project (Seattle, WA, US) Find tickets
Anika Dec 12, 2018
I am happy to announce that i will be returning to the US for a short solo tour this coming January! Hello Chicago, Toronto, Brooklyn NYC, Fort Worth, LA, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle and Atlanta! There’ll be voice, confusing, disturbing sounds, Berlin beats, mausoleum guitar - check it. Support from Chasms in LA and Where Are We in Atlanta. For the first time, the multi-faceted poet, singer and musician takes to the stage alone, boldly reinterpreting the original tracks from the LP and EP (recorded together with Geoff Barrow of Portishead and his band Beak>) as solo works, as well as songs from her slowly building repertoire, giving the political, trashy, dub, punk, funk an edge of sinister dance. Triggering tracks and layers, manipulating live, with a focus on the voice, diverted through varying reverbs and echoes, some sung, some spoken word, with reinterpretations of the first record, mixed in with Exploded View and some tracks completely new. „A haunting performance that plays with different sound textures as well as stretching the capabilities of the voice for a truly dramatic and theatrical effect.“ 01.22.19: Solo Live Set @ The Empty Bottle (Chicago, IL) Tickets 01.23.19: Solo Live Set @ Velvet Underground (Toronto, Canada) Tickets 01.24.19: Solo Live Set @ Zone One @ Elsewhere (Brooklyn, NY) Tickets 01.25.19: Solo Live Set @ Museum of Modern Art Fort Worth (Fort Worth, TX) Tickets 01.26.19: Solo Live Set @ El Cid w/Chasms (Los Angeles, CA) Tickets 01.27.19: Solo Live Set @ Rickshaw Stop (San Francisco, CA) Tickets 01.29.19: Solo Live Set @ Mississippi Studios (Portland, OR) Tickets 01.30.19: Solo Live Set @ The Vera Project (Seattle, WA) Tickets 02.01.19: Solo Live Set @ 529 w/ Where Are We, Nightcleaner + Twins (Atlanta, GA) Tickets
Anika Nov 19, 2018
Thanks to everyone for coming out to the recent Exploded View show at Rough Trade NYC! Anika will be returning to Brooklyn, NY to play Zone One at Elsewhere on 01.24.19! Here's a ticket link:
Anika Oct 10, 2018
At long last, Anika will be returning to North America in January for a handful of intimate Solo Live sets! The dates are as follows: 01.22.19: The Empty Bottle (Chicago, IL) 01.23.19: Velvet Underground (Toronto, Canada) 01.24.19: Elsewhere (Brooklyn, NY) 01.25.19: Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth (Fort Worth, TX) 01.26.19: El Cid (Los Angeles, CA) 01.27.19: Rickshaw Stop (San Francisco, CA)
Anika Sep 28, 2018
Exploded View's new album, 'Obey,' is out now on Sacred Bones Records! You can view the new video for 'Obey' here:
Anika Sep 25, 2018
'Obey,' the new Exploded View album, is now available for streaming via 'Hype Machine!' The official release date is 09.28.18, and you can preorder a limited edition LP via Sacred Bones Records now; here's a link:
Anika Sep 13, 2018
Another new song! Dark Stains on The FADER - from the soon to be released Exploded View album, 'Obey', out on Sacred Bones Records 28th Sept
Anika Sep 06, 2018
Anika Jul 31, 2018
New track from Exploded View - "Sleepers' + nasty video xxx Sacred Bones Records
Anika Jul 11, 2018
Fotografia - Rafael Farias Anika (UK) Adro da Igreja da Misericórdia JARDINS EFÉMEROS 7th July 2018
Anika Jun 30, 2018
new tune Exploded View
Anika Jun 13, 2018
Pictures by Félicie Novy Photography from Exploded View's show at BRASS - Centre Culturel de Forest last week!
Anika May 25, 2018
Big up to Shinya Kato
Anika May 25, 2018
Anika May 25, 2018
Tonight live in Frankfurt with Exploded View at Tanzhaus West ! Full band Martin Thulin on drums, Hugo Quezada on guitar and bass, and Paulina Lasa on synth and bass. Tickets here: See you there!! Presented by Tanzhaus and Dora Brilliant
Anika May 24, 2018
After years of will they won’t they, finally off to play Villette Sonique on Saturday !! Or maybe I played already.. I forget.. the point is, Exploded View play in Paris this coming Saturday !! Somehow we managed to align the stars and get everyone over, rent a van, some instruments, tie our shoe laces and now we’re on the way! Check it. If you’re not that sure of what you want, don’t be scared of trying anyway. Sacred Bones Records Hugo Quezada Martin Thulin
Anika May 21, 2018
Exploded View tour starts tomorrow! First stop Köln at the Britney Schauspiel, DE. Hope to see you! Full dates:
Anika Apr 10, 2018
Signed to Heavy Trip Touring in the US! First things first, let's get Exploded View over there! Can't wait for this <3
Anika Mar 26, 2018
Anika: Improvised live performance at Tresor, Berlin this Thurs 29. March with Lady Starlight. Doors 19:30 ENDS 22:00 AMBIENT ENSEMBLE an improvised live performance presented by HeadRush x Akai Professional x GROOVE-Magazin @ +4bar @ Tresor.Berlin (OFFICIAL) // Doors open: 19:30 // 18+ They call it ambient.. we shall see. Not normally the ambient sort but always up for a challenge. Alongside Lady Starlight, who’ll be with some analogue gear, old comrade Obi Blanche (Boiler Room) on guitar with lots of effects, Lyra on vocals and i’m with the MPC and will try hijack the mic. It’s free, you just have to register on the Resident Advisor site here: featuring: Anika (Stones Throw Records / Invada Records UK) Lady Starlight Lyra Obi Blanche (RAAR / Tigerbeat6) Sky Deep (Reclaim the Beats Festival / Reveller Records) +4bar @ Tresor.Berlin (OFFICIAL) Doors open: 19:30 Event starts: 20:30 End 22:00 18+ Free Entry: must register on Resident Advisor
Anika Mar 13, 2018
Exploded View (Sacred Bones Records) Feat. Anika Tour Europe in Spring 2018! Somehow we managed to get everyone together in the same place, all the way over from Mexico + all that vintage gear and will be taking to the road this coming Spring 2018. Full live band including Anika, Hugo Quezada, Martin Thulin and this time we will be joined by Paulina Lasa on Synth and guitar. Greets to Amon, who’s taking some time out in Mex City right now. Full ticket links here: Dates below: 22.5.18 Exploded View (Full Live Band) @ BRITNEY powered by Schauspiel Köln DE 23.5.18 Exploded View (Full Live Band) @ Kampnagel - Internationales Zentrum für schönere Künste, Hamburg DE 24.5.18 Exploded View (Full Live Band) @ Roter Salon / Volksbühne, Berlin DE 25.5.18 Exploded View (Full Live Band) @ Tanzhaus West, Frankfurt / Main 26.5.18 Exploded View (Full Live Band) @ Villette Sonique, Paris FR 27.5.18 Exploded View (Full Live Band) @ MOTH CLUB, London UK 28.5.18 Exploded View (Full Live Band) @ La Cave aux Poètes, Roubaix FR 29.5.18 Exploded View (Full Live Band) @ Hall Des Chars, Strasbourg FR 30.5.18 Exploded View (Full Live Band) @ Le Brass, Brussels BE // 31.5.18 Exploded View (Full Live Band) @ Bad Bonn, Switzerland // Tickets SOLD OUT 01.6.18 Exploded View (Full Live Band) @ Marché Gare, Lyon FR 02.6.18 Exploded View (Full Live Band) @ Club Manufaktur, Schorndorf DE 03.6.18 Exploded View (Full Live Band) @ Münchner Kammerspiele, München DE 04.6.18 Exploded View (Full Live Band) @ K4, Nürnberg DE // 05.6.18 Exploded View (Full Live Band) @ Musik Loppen, Copenhagen DK 06.6.18 Exploded View (Full Live Band) @ Fasching, Stockholm SE 08.6.18 Exploded View (Full Live Band) @ OCEANEN, Gothenburg SE 09.6.18 Exploded View (Full Live Band) @ Plan B - malmö, Malmö SE
Anika Nov 17, 2017
Times for Saturday. Save the best for first xx @coronacapital
Anika Nov 08, 2017
so the truth is, all my lyrics are from the depth of my unconsciousness and music is like a therapy that weasels them out and during the trance, someone presses record. Sometimes the lyrics get a bit personal but by the end of the song, i've worked through the issues that sometimes i was carrying around for years. I am lucky enough to work with extremely talented artists and musicians, that somehow set the perfect environment of trust and letting go, for the mind to open and for the bile to flow. I hope that through sharing this experience, it can help other people shed this stuff that we unnecessarily carry around for years and that eats us up inside. It's better to talk about things then to let things get bitter and for these emotions to turn our hands in different ways. Music has many uses. Don't forget it. And don't forget to talk about things instead of keeping it inside, bottled up and brewing. It turns into viscousness and resentment, which make us do strange things.
Anika Nov 06, 2017
Summer AND Christmas came early this year... Stream the new Exploded View EP on AV now! Out on Sacred Bones Records: "These are songs to daydream, freak out, or paint protest posters to." AV
Anika Oct 27, 2017
Dave Clarke's album comes out today and i'm happy to have recorded a weird and honest track with him for it about the times we live in. How we should not be AFRAID, or stand for the oppression that we get used to, or discriminate against others for being different from ourselves, which we sometimes find scary or don't understand and therefore reject, or believe people who insist that to discriminate will increase our own wealth, or that by cutting off resources and reserving for the few 'truly deserving', we will save ourselves. It is no use stepping on the face of another to reach for air. There is enough for all. This world and its resources belong to everyone. Those that pretend to hold the keys to its wealth or ownership there-over are merely temporary gatekeepers. Wealth is not only determined by gold. Wealth comes in other forms too. Question the norms and speak up when you think something is wrong. It's easy to live just for yourself but it gets a bit lonely and things will run out quickly. All this shall pass, whether it be wealth, happiness, sadness, conflict or misfortune. No one is invincible. Live true. Live as one.