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Bootleg Live in Charlottesville 5.12.18
Allergic to Water
Which Side Are You On?
Live At 2012 New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival
iTunes Original Session
Red Letter Year
Carnegie Hall 4.6.02
Knuckle Down
Educated Guess
Trust EP
So Much Shouting So Much Laughing
Swing Set
Fellow Workers
Up Up Up Up Up Up
To the Teeth
Little Plastic Castle
Living In Clip
The Past Didn't Go Anywhere
Not a Pretty Girl
Out of Range
Like I Said
Puddle Dive
Not So Soft
Ani DiFranco
Ani DiFranco Feb 14, 2019
I'm so proud to join Valarie Kaur, America Ferrera, William J. Barber, II & a dazzling coalition of activists, artists, faith leaders rising up to #ReclaimLove as a force for justice on #ValentinesDay. Sign the declaration to join us! Love Army Revolutionary Love
Ani DiFranco Feb 12, 2019
friends, do yourself a favor and go watch the doc Won't You Be My Neighbor? about fred rogers. mr. rogers is, was, and will always be the best ever. and can somebody please explain to me how i never realized what a badass piano player he was?? -ani
Ani DiFranco Feb 07, 2019
Join Wear Your Music as they follow the profits generated by the sales of Ani's guitar string bracelets all the way to New Orleans. Learn about The Roots of Music, the charity Ani has chosen to support, and find your own bracelet here:
Ani DiFranco Feb 06, 2019
i subscribe to DelanceyPlace and get a different book excerpt from them every day. they are often fascinating and horizon-broadening. i love delanceyplace. here is today’s excerpt. -ani
Ani DiFranco Jan 21, 2019
Check out this exhibit if you're in New Orleans!
Ani DiFranco Jan 18, 2019
thank you mary oliver. so, so many thanks to you. -ani
Ani DiFranco Jan 16, 2019
i met ian in new york and loved them instantly. wanted to share this article about their commitment to artful agitation. go team! -ani Monopoly Man
Ani DiFranco Jan 15, 2019
these portraits are inspirational. -ani
Ani DiFranco Jan 15, 2019
Just announced! Ani DiFranco playing May 3 at New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival. Celebrating 50 years, Jazz Fest takes place April 25-May 5 and features 600+ bands on 13 stages. Visit for full lineup & ticket info. #jazzfest50
Ani DiFranco Jan 08, 2019
To express our gratitude toward the 116th Congress, we are sharing this new performance of "Joyful Girl" featuring the Resistance Revival Chorus from Babefest 2018, a benefit for EMILY's List.
Ani DiFranco Jan 06, 2019
amen! some words from one of my favorite radicals. -ani
Ani DiFranco Jan 05, 2019
check out this amazing woman! may she rest in the deepest peace. african-american women made to stand in the back of the 1913 suffragette march! may Rosalyn Terborg-Penn help us to know our herstory so that we may never relive it! ...and may feminism in the 21st century lead the charge. -ani
Ani DiFranco Jan 04, 2019
Hear Ani talk about her love of theater and why performers are her kind of people on The Theatre Podcast! #TTP
Ani DiFranco Jan 03, 2019
check out these badass women risking their lives for the cause of women’s equality! i saw some footage of a big march the progressive women staged amidst a flurry of conservative counter protests. it was so powerful, all these women standing stoically shoulder to shoulder, fists in the air. -ani
Ani DiFranco Dec 31, 2018
Righteous Babe Records
Ani DiFranco Dec 16, 2018
Catch Ani at the 29th Rocky Mountain Folks Festival in Lyons, CO from August 16-18, 2019! Tickets: Planet Bluegrass #rockymtnfolksfest
Ani DiFranco Dec 14, 2018
Happy Friday Folks! We are so excited about the upcoming release of Peter Mulvey's new album, announced this week with a new track "The Fox" available to stream today (check out the Righteous Babe Records feed for more info and tour dates). In celebration, we wanted to share Peter's beautiful cover of "Joyful Girl" that he posted earlier this year before joining her on tour. Enjoy! RBR
Ani DiFranco Dec 12, 2018
here’s a story (originated in the new york times) that’s getting reprinted all over the country, thanks to the work of my friend susan and the shift7 research team. to which i say: yay! let the stories and voices of women enter our culture and propel the kind of deeper awareness necessary for our ultimate escape from patriarchy! -ani
Ani DiFranco Dec 10, 2018
Righteous Babe Records
Ani DiFranco Dec 07, 2018
Happy Friday Folks! We are getting excited for the release of Ani's memoir "No Walls and The Recurring Dream" coming in May (now available for preorder here: If you are waiting in anticipation as we are, here's a look back at a recent interview with PBS Articulate to hold you over. Enjoy! RBR
Ani DiFranco Nov 30, 2018
Happy Friday Folks! We are so excited for Anais Mitchell, whose musical masterpiece Hadestown is heading to Broadway next year!! (Get more information on the stage production here: Enjoy a flashback to Ani as Persephone singing "Our Lady of the Underground" from the Hadestown Album. Enjoy! RBR
Ani DiFranco Nov 29, 2018
We may soon have an amendment to give civil rights to women.
Ani DiFranco Nov 27, 2018
i had a blast participating in Guitar Mash last week. i especially enjoyed the opportunity to talk with the young people who attended the afternoon workshop. i wish each of them them well in their journey through music and i feel blessed to have spent the day with them at the urban campfire! -ani #guitarmash
Ani DiFranco Nov 24, 2018
this song foreign girls is cool. i had fun working on it. -ani
Ani DiFranco Nov 23, 2018
Happy Friday Folks! It's a good morning for a quiet song, enjoy a look back at "The Pacifist's Lament" live for The Strombo Show / House of Strombo. We hope you have a relaxing weekend! Enjoy - RBR