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Puncture Marks
Hello My Name Is
Larva Pupa Tank Coffin
Krankhaus: Surgically Atoned
Black Dog Bite
Hideous and Perfect
Cult of Fake
Black Kingdom Red Kingdom
Hardcore Pong
The Recall (Remix Album)
The Product
Carbon Beauty
Blood Death Ivory
Nurse Grenade (Remastered)
Angelspit Jun 15, 2019
Add PUNCTURE MARKS to your iTunes playlist. 20 remixes from BLACK DOG BITE. April 2018
Angelspit Jun 13, 2019
We did a remix for Curse of Cassandraassandra, which is appearing on their new MEOW MIX release. BACK IT NOW!!
Angelspit Jun 12, 2019
Binge watch all videos from Angelspit's 2016 album BLACK DOG BITE:
Angelspit Jun 11, 2019
Add Miss Ballistic to Spotify playlist!
Angelspit Jun 09, 2019
Add BLOOD DEATH IVORY to your iTunes playlist. 11 tracks. June, 2008 "This is electro-industrial music at its best: this is probably what the new EBM is or should be now." - Chain DLK (Marc Urselli-Schaerer)
Angelspit Jun 06, 2019
SPIT MERCH PACK! Packed with MAYHEM! T, Lanyard, Dog Tag, Wristies, CD, Patches
Angelspit Jun 06, 2019
Playing with Hexinverter Électronique ‘s BD9 kickdrum. It is wonderfully wicked! #mutantbd9 #modularsynth
Angelspit Jun 03, 2019
This month ANGELSPIT's patreon looks at despair. Includes a new bangin' ANGELSPIT track. Visit our patreon for details. GET A NEW TRACK EACH MONTH GET A NEW TRACK + VIDEO EACH MONTH
Angelspit Jun 01, 2019
Add BLACK KINGDOM RED KINGDOM to your iTunes playlist. 13 tracks. May, 2009 Features 13 tracks from leading Electro/Industrial artists.
Angelspit May 29, 2019
MIXING - THE ANGELSPIT WAY 35 minutes of Zoog ranting! ...and swearing! ...about mixing!!
Angelspit May 29, 2019
Album #8 has been mixed and goes to mastering today. It’s dark ominous synthwave with a driving cyberpunk edge. Details coming.
Angelspit May 26, 2019
SUMMER CLEARANCE - Black "Penti-Skull" Lady's T : $10 GIRL STYLE 4.2 oz., 100% combed ringspun cotton, Longer length body and shoulder taping
Angelspit May 26, 2019
I finally found the perfect Earth Shattering Kick Drum...this thing DESTROYS! Hexinverter Électronique Stacy Gaudreau
Angelspit May 25, 2019
Mixing Angelspit's 8th album NOW! This one is dark and heavy. 13 tracks. Synthwave inspired. I am VERY happy with it! More details coming in June....
Angelspit May 23, 2019
REFIBRILLATOR REMIX ALBUM Remix album turns into all-out-war, when eight of the dirtiest wizards in electro jumped on-board and turned it into a battle ground.
Angelspit May 20, 2019
SUMMER CLEARANCE - Black Dog Bite LP : $10 Angelspit's 2017 album BLACK DOG BITE pressed on 150gram vinyl. The record has a Heavy Splattered B+W pattern.
Angelspit May 18, 2019
TURNING AN IDEA INTO A SONG [PART#2] - ANGELSPIT PATREON APRIL 2018 The dissection continues on the song "INVADE" (which was included in the March 2018 Patreon Drop).
Angelspit May 15, 2019
Add NURSE GRENADE to your iTunes playlist. 6 tracks + 4 remixes. October 2004. "Energetic, stylised and seething with analogue texture and heat, the web release of cyberpunk duo Angelspit’s EP promises to tear a cruel hole in the face of Sydney gothic/industrial music." - Sydney Gothic
Angelspit May 15, 2019
I'm being interviewed on The INCINERATOR TONIGHT! - this should be fun!
Angelspit May 12, 2019
Black Spike Collar - Angelspit Vs Dark Star Fusion. Back in stock!
Angelspit May 09, 2019
MAKE YOUR MUSIC MORE EVIL Need more EVIL in your music? This month I give tips for how to MAKE YOUR MUSIC MORE EVIL!
Angelspit May 06, 2019
This month's video will be view-able to ALL on Patreon. It deals with the emotional injuries of failure, loneliness and rejection. I am making this video freely viewable to EVERYONE subscribed to Angelspit's Patreon. Watch it here:
Angelspit May 04, 2019
NEW TRACK: "DON'T SAY" Fast. Pounding. Guitars. Insane Synths. Dirty samples. This is a FxCK YOU to all who tell you what to think and say.
Angelspit May 01, 2019
MAKE YOUR MUSIC MORE EVIL Need more EVIL in your music? This month I give tips for how to MAKE YOUR MUSIC MORE EVIL!
Angelspit Apr 28, 2019