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As Above, So Below
Angel Witch (30th Anniversary Edition)
'82 Revisited
Angel Witch Nov 15, 2018
"I know that I'm not of your kind..."
Angel Witch Nov 13, 2018
@shintaro696 is stocked up. Silver wax still on sale over at our store. 👊 👊
Angel Witch Nov 05, 2018
Baphomet is back in time for fall1 Gildan Soft style shirts with a choice of Silver or Autumn Rust print 🎃 🎃
Angel Witch Oct 24, 2018
Angel Witch Oct 24, 2018
Back to Spain for Rock The Coast Festival next June!
Angel Witch Oct 23, 2018
Angel Witch Oct 20, 2018
Click link to be a Loser, just like @decibel_rebel_87
Angel Witch Oct 01, 2018
Well, that was it the last gig of 2018. We're going to keep our heads down for a while... riffs to write. See you in 2019
Angel Witch Sep 28, 2018
The never ending glamour...
Angel Witch Sep 14, 2018
Angel Witch Sep 13, 2018
Throwback Thursday to that wild night in Italy! #tbt #angelwitch
Angel Witch Sep 12, 2018
"It's the witching hour...." (10.56 am)
Angel Witch Sep 09, 2018
Behold the Martin in full flight. Regram from Foto Pixey
Angel Witch Sep 08, 2018
Finally! The banana requirements on our rider are fully met! Prepare for full power tonight Lodz!!!!
Angel Witch Sep 08, 2018
We are doing a signing session at Summer Dying Loud 18:30 this evening at the merchandise stand.
Angel Witch Sep 03, 2018
Throwback, err.... Monday to when we did some dates with Candlemass and Trouble way back when.... Prompted by the news that Johan Landquist is back in the fold. Good move lads!
Angel Witch Sep 01, 2018
In seven days time Summer Dying Loud
Angel Witch Aug 31, 2018
As the old saying goes "rehearsals won't pay for themselves" ⚡️ ⚡️
Angel Witch Aug 30, 2018
Classic Album shirt back in stock. Limited numbers for now.
Angel Witch Aug 26, 2018
Playing Baphomet at midnight under a full moon, thunder storms and unexpected pyro - Last night in Bergamo was ripping! Next stop: Summer Dying Loud with BEHEMOTH!, Orange Goblin and more!
Angel Witch Aug 26, 2018
This is the surprised look of a man who did not know we had pyro at the show. NONE of us knew we had pyro at the show! However, the glitter-ball is the most essential part of our technical rider... #angelwitch #discoinferno #festabikers
Angel Witch Aug 25, 2018
"At least we got a bigger dressing then the sexy show"
Angel Witch Aug 17, 2018
We'll be jumping on a plane this time next week
Angel Witch Aug 09, 2018
Tonight's the night! (or was... in 1980)