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As Above, So Below
Angel Witch (30th Anniversary Edition)
'82 Revisited
Rock the Coast Rock the Coast 2019
Venue: Marenostrum Music Castle Park (Fuengirola, Spain) Find tickets
Chaos Descends Festival Chaos Descends Festival 2019
Venue: Chaos Descends (Thuringia, Germany) Find tickets
Angel Witch Apr 02, 2019
Day sixteen
Angel Witch Mar 24, 2019
Angel Witch Mar 22, 2019
Timeline Photos
Angel Witch Mar 18, 2019
Recording day one. Sign up for the mailing list at to be the first to know
Angel Witch Mar 13, 2019
‘As Above, So Below’ released 12th March 2012
Angel Witch Mar 10, 2019
@peterlo favors the purple pressing which is exclusive to High Roller Records
Angel Witch Mar 09, 2019
Loser ringers and Autumn Rust Baphomet T Shirts are back in stock! ⚡️ ⚡️
Angel Witch Mar 02, 2019
Repost from @heavymetalactionnight last week. Nice to be back on stage after a while
Angel Witch Feb 24, 2019
First gig of 2019: Sweden Rock Magazine seemed to dig it
Angel Witch Feb 22, 2019
In heavy company here. Cheers Leif!
Angel Witch Feb 21, 2019
Timeline Photos
Angel Witch Feb 18, 2019
Sverige we're here! Join us on Thursday in Stockholm:
Angel Witch Feb 17, 2019
The "Loser" era L-R Dave Dufort, Kevin Heybourne, Kevin Riddles #angelwitch
Angel Witch Feb 14, 2019
En vecka kvar idag! 💣 Tickets;
Angel Witch Feb 13, 2019
A couple of great demoing days at The Stationhouse Studios in Leeds drawing to a close. Back soon for the real thing!
Angel Witch Feb 12, 2019
Hole in the Sky Festival, Bergen 2012 Repost from @herphotographynorway
Angel Witch Feb 11, 2019
Studio diary. Pre-production day one: "You've never had a cup of beans, man?"
Angel Witch Feb 08, 2019
Six years ago "Angel Bitch" check into a hotel in Hamburg. Fucking freezing tour with @grandmagusband & @enforcerofficial #angelwitch #grandmagus #enforcer
Angel Witch Feb 05, 2019
Bootleg merch hitting a new low here. Or a new high? Can't decide!
Angel Witch Feb 02, 2019
Black Sabbath have really got under Fredrik's skin recently #blacksabbath #angelwitch #neversaydie #nib
Angel Witch Feb 01, 2019
When we have to draft Bella in to help pack shirts, it means there are rehearsals to pay for! You can help us out... 👊 👊
Angel Witch Jan 28, 2019
Angel Witch Jan 27, 2019
Behold: a Martin in full flight. Captured by @flashbangwallop_ at Frost & Fire London, May 2018 - a heavy night #angelwitch #cirithungol #nightdemon #wytchhazel #amulet
Angel Witch Jan 26, 2019
Sound Pollution Store
Angel Witch Jan 17, 2019
Here we see @theheroandthemadman spinning The Seventies Tapes. It's heavy shit you know! 👊 👊