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II: The Sword
Andy Mineo Jun 19, 2019
Essential item for a successful summer. 🔥🔥
Andy Mineo Jun 14, 2019
In LA tonight for our show at the Palladium and stopped by the marathon store. Got me thinking about legacy, impact & the story we leave behind. #ripnipsey See y’all tonight LA 🙏🏼
Andy Mineo Jun 10, 2019
‪Yooo 😂😂😂 We need to do an animated short!! Song & podcast for “Anything But Country” out at‬
Andy Mineo Jun 10, 2019
's cover photo
Andy Mineo Jun 07, 2019
Shout out @pastordham for taking me under his wing as a young man. His guidance was instrumental in shaping the man I am today. Growing up in hip hop, I didn’t have many positive or responsible men to look up to - teaching me how to honor God, honor women, move with integrity. Thank you again! Tag a mentor or father figure that has been instrumental in your growth n tell them thank you.
Andy Mineo Jun 05, 2019 for the new single and podcast 🚧 #AnythingButCountry Shout out to Enigmatic for this crazy animation!
Andy Mineo Jun 05, 2019
‪🚧 Check out episode 2 of the #WIP podcast now‬
Andy Mineo Jun 01, 2019
Why don’t you give it a try?? 😂
Andy Mineo May 30, 2019
Andy Mineo May 30, 2019
Andy Mineo May 29, 2019
‪Always with the ILL plot twist ON DECK!‬
Andy Mineo May 28, 2019
Only took a light 5 years...nothing crazy 😂 go to and pre-add/save now!! #AndysWIP #AnythingButCountry
Andy Mineo May 24, 2019
‪My first gold record was recorded on a USB mic in a green room and a hotel as a last minute replacement song for my album “Neverland.” Get busy with whatever tools you have! Shout Ace Harris for reminding me and dropping this gem!!!!‬
Andy Mineo May 24, 2019
‪Shouts to Pete Wall for shooting this! Have ya’ll peeped? Hit me with a 🚧 if ya’ll digging it!‬
Andy Mineo May 22, 2019
It was only a matter of time before one of you lunatics did this to my last post 😂
Andy Mineo May 22, 2019
‪Dang they got me! All my musicians out there gots to feel me! 😂 #AndysWIP‬
Andy Mineo May 21, 2019
Almost a year later but it’s finally here 😂 -
Andy Mineo May 18, 2019
‪“Comparison is the thief of joy.” And that’s true in every level of success. Even the filthy rich compare their yacht to their friends yacht. It doesn’t end!! 😂😂 My man Delgis Mustafa dropping gems, per usual!‬
Andy Mineo May 17, 2019
‪KEEPIN IT MOVIN MUSIC VIDEO OUT NOW! Me and Guvna B we’re all over Europe for this one. Link:‬
Andy Mineo May 16, 2019
‪Improvisation either makes you look like a genius or a complete moron. Do it with enough confidence and you’ll usually get away with it. #KeepinItMovin music video premieres tonight at 8pm 🚧 Link:
Andy Mineo May 14, 2019
“Innovation is the child of failure.” In this business, “failure” or a song/project that doesn’t connect with fans can often mean serious damage to your livelihood and business. It is this fear that keeps people from innovating and trying something new. It is why you hear the same iterations of hit songs over and over again, because people want to make what’s safe and works, not what’s “risky” or most interesting. It’s why new artists, who have nothing to lose, often bring the freshest ideas. They aren’t afraid. I have to fight regularly to not see “failure” as an end, but a means to discover more - and be willing to risk everything to keep creating something new. Thats why we’re doing this project! #AndysWIP 🚧 Pre-add #WorkInProgress and check out the #KeepinItMovin single and podcast now!
Andy Mineo May 14, 2019
's cover photo
Andy Mineo May 14, 2019
Music video premier for Keeping It Moving ft. Guvna B happening this Thursday at 8pm EST -
Andy Mineo May 13, 2019
Idk how many of y’all struggle with this but I’ll keep it a buck, it’s been a wrestle for me. This whole ‘Works In Progress’ project is one way I’m combating this. Always reminding myself that creativity is like a faucet. Gotta let it flow.
Andy Mineo May 10, 2019
ON THE ANDYMINEO.WORK SITE NOW! Keeping it moving song and podcast! Please experience this website on desktop and not mobile. And yes this is definitely my wallpaper 😂 Site creative directed by instagram.comdelgismustafa