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Lost Where I Belong
Mladí Ladí Jazz Mladí Ladí Jazz 2019
Venue: Unknown venue (Prague, Czech Republic) Find tickets
Cheltenham Jazz Festival Cheltenham Jazz Festival 2019
Venue: Unknown venue (Cheltenham, UK) Find tickets
Andreya Triana Apr 19, 2019
This is little me. At the age of 2 I was secretly hiding chicken bones around the house, eating cat food & wearing lipstick. Basically living my best life! Anyways in an unrelated note go follow my ‘All My Music...Ever’ playlist. It’s all my music. Ever. Tell them little me sent you. Everyone welcome. Okay byeeeee 🍗🍗🍗👉🏽
Andreya Triana Apr 18, 2019
Life update. Saw James Blake - top notch. Stayed up too late last night watching the Beyoncé Netflix doc - seriously how does she do it? Been meditating like a mofo. Miss my granddad. Considering surgery for a fibroid. Doing my second DJ set at Cactus Hound Bar this Sunday! Oh and album dropping END OF NXT MOOOONTH! WHAAAAT! ✌🏽Howaboutyoooou??
Andreya Triana Apr 13, 2019
MASSIVE shout out and love to all the indie labels and record shops on #RecordStoreDay! Thank you for supporting us musicians and keeping music alive. And LONG LIVE VINYL!!! Andreya 👊🏽❤️🎶 PS. Anyone buy any good music today?? If so please share! 😘
Andreya Triana Apr 08, 2019
SURPRISE! My new single #Freedom is out everywhere now! Listen here --> As always this song is super personal to me and is an ode to the older generations who endured all kindsa craziness to enable us to live the lives we live today. It’s a thank you to my mum, to my grandma, to my ancestors. I’m out here trying my very bestest every day to spread love and good energy all thanks to YOU! Please stream, buy, or share with yo mamas, papas, baby daddy’s, auntie’s sisters dog and whoever else you think may dig it! Here’s to ‘Freedom’ for us all being our best selves and being open and accepting of each other. Love you incredible lot and as always THANK YOU for the love and supporting the music and message 👊🏽❤️🌈🏆🔥❤️🧡💛💚💙💜💥
Andreya Triana Mar 25, 2019
Did my first ever DJ set last night. The concentration was REAL! 😂 Check out my @spotify playlist here 👉🏽 😘✌🏽
Andreya Triana Mar 20, 2019
Hey people, just incase you missed the last announcement my show tomorrow at @EartHackney is postponed! More info here 👉🏽 Andreya 💋
Andreya Triana Mar 18, 2019
PRAGUE!! 30th of March Mladí ladí jazz I'm coming for ya... and so is this guy!! Cant wait!
Andreya Triana Mar 12, 2019
Hey folks, I'm looking forward to my first ever DJ gig at Cactus Hound. Be sure to come through... and don’t judge my mixing skills!! 😂 The main event is the amazing jazz trio #BlackSitter from Vienna! Gonna be a great one... DONT MISS IT PEOPLE!! 💎💎💎
Andreya Triana Mar 08, 2019
Hello you beauties, my new video for Broke is here, dedicated to my mum and all the everyday superheroes... however the real star of the show is 5 year old Oria-Sola! Haha! Enjoy and feel free to share the love. Andreya x
Andreya Triana Mar 08, 2019
Happy #InternationalWomensDay to all the strong amazing Women out there. Keep shining and changing the world for the better. Infinite love Andreya xx ❤️🌎💪🏽
Andreya Triana Mar 04, 2019
Had a BALL at BBC Radio 2 on Sunday! Listen again to Michael Ball's show here:
Andreya Triana Mar 03, 2019
On your radios very soon everyone! BBC Radio 2 at 11.45, make sure you’re listening in!!
Andreya Triana Mar 02, 2019
Tomorrow 11.45am @bbcr2 ✌🏽❤️
Andreya Triana Feb 22, 2019
Hello you beautiful people! I know you’ve been waiting a lifetime for the new album but due to a loss in my family (which has knocked me sideways to say the least!) it’s been decided that my album ‘Life In Colour’ will be pushed back to May 24th. I’m determined to give you all every ounce of energy and love that I have (because you deserve it!) so it’ll give my heart a little time to heal and get my head straight. This is also also why were pushing my date at EartH (originally scheduled for 21st March) to 17th September. I’m SO sorry to change the dates... I know it’s a major pain in the bum especially if you’re coming from abroad but hope you can understand. Thank you for being so ridiculously supportive and patient. I love ya and it’ll be worth the wait I promise! Big love Andreya xxx
Andreya Triana Feb 18, 2019
Suuuuper hyped to have a hang, laugh and do baaad Janet Jackson dance routines with the Julie Adenuga. Listen out today at 4.30 on Beats 1
Andreya Triana Feb 13, 2019
Andreya Triana Feb 07, 2019
Big love to BBC Radio 2 for adding Broke to their new music playlist this week!
Andreya Triana Feb 01, 2019
Hi everyone! I'm playing a showcase performance at The House of St. Barnabas on Greek Street, London this coming Thursday! If you'd like to be in with a chance of winning a ticket to the show all you have to do is pre order my upcoming album "Life In Colour" via my own store here: All previous orders will also be counted! - We'll choose someone at random and let you know if you've won! Good luck! x
Andreya Triana Jan 26, 2019
Andreya Triana Jan 24, 2019
A fantastic night last night with Sofar Sounds London, thank you to everyone who came to support, and hope that you enjoyed hearing some debut material from Life In Colour. ATHQx
Andreya Triana Jan 18, 2019
Hello you beautiful people, thank you for all the support for Woman & Broke so far!! Now since this track and album is about all the powerful woman in MY life I would love you all to tell me about the powerful women in YOUR life. What I'd love for you all to do is take your own pictures with a woman who inspires you or is someone you look up to in life. This can your mum, your grandma, your aunt, your friend, your colleague! whoever you find inspiration from and let us know :) If you could take a photo and explain why they are so important in your life that would be amazing! We will then pick as many as we can, put them on my website and create a montage video of all of them! Just use the hashtag #AndreyaWoman Thanks!
Andreya Triana Jan 17, 2019
Andreya will be playing an secret Sofar Sounds show in London next Wednesday 23rd January, including some songs from the new album 'Life In Colour'. Sign up below for the chance to win tickets for you and a friend to attend an intimate evening of amazing live music. ATHQx
Andreya Triana Jan 16, 2019
After the blood, sweat, tears and dancing involved in making my new album it’s time to share it with you lovely lot!! Come and be part of the ‘Life In Colour’ live experience as I play EartH (Evolutionary Arts Hackney) on 21st March 2019. Tickets are on sale NOW from I can’t wait to share the new music with YOU! It's time for the celebration of the century!!! Bright colours and dancing shoes not compulsory... but highly recommended 🕺🏽👠💥
Andreya Triana Jan 15, 2019
Great to hear Broke on BBC 6 Music this morning played by the amazing Lauren Laverne - if you haven't listened to it yet, check it out right here! ❤️ ATHQ x