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Who Speaks for Planet Earth?
And Then There Were None
Downsides Jun 09, 2019
We got mentioned in this sick bands you need to know segment! Thanks Youth Music
Downsides Jun 07, 2019
Downsides Jun 04, 2019
Keep a look out, our dudes in A Place To Hide are going to be dropping something new soon 🙌🙌🙌
Downsides May 30, 2019
Hyped! Hope to see you guys there!
Downsides May 27, 2019
We just wanted to thank everyone who came out to our show the other night, The Everafter and Amityville Music Hall for having us and all the band who killed that night! To many more! • • 📸:
Downsides May 25, 2019
Thanks for everyone who came out last night and to The Spectrum for this cool video of us performing our song “Dorothy Mantooth Is a Saint!”
Downsides May 19, 2019
Thanks for the add! Glad we made the cut! Make sure you check out our song and listen to all the other bands that are on this sick playlist! Got a lot of talented dudes in here❤️
Downsides May 14, 2019
Huge thanks to everyone who came out last night! This is our next show! Come through!
Downsides May 06, 2019
Our friends in Without Really Trying are looking for a vocalist! Who’s trying to get emo?
Downsides May 01, 2019
Downsides Apr 30, 2019
We are EXTREMELY excited to announce we’ll be playing with Famous Last Words May 13th at Revolution Bar & Music Hall ! We hope to see you guys there!
Downsides Apr 30, 2019
HUGE thanks to everyone who came out last night and made our second ep release show one to remember for sure. We couldn’t have done this without each and every one of you. Huge thanks to Soul Searcher, Big Damn Octopus, Plead, Monolith Zero and The Word and The Whisper for play and a HUGE thanks to Loaded Concerts for making this all happen! Till next time dudes ❤️
Downsides Apr 29, 2019
We’ve been waiting a long time to release this! Our second Ep “Going Under” is here, It’s Alive!! (See what we did there 😉) please give it a listen and let us know what you think, we worked so hard on this. We are doing a release show at Amityville Music Hall tonight, hope to see you there!
Downsides Apr 26, 2019
Amazing review for our upcoming release set to drop this Monday! Thanks for the kind words ❤️❤️❤️
Downsides Apr 22, 2019
Our friends in Vigil Antics are looking for a drummer! Who do we know wants to join one of the best bands on Long Island?
Downsides Apr 19, 2019
Right around the corner dudes! Can’t wait!
Downsides Apr 15, 2019
May 24th we are playing at AMH with these great bands! Check out this sick playlist to get you guys ready 😎👍
Downsides Apr 13, 2019
We are taking over Cobalt Company ! Pop in and say hi!
Downsides Apr 07, 2019
Our friends in Off The Post are going to be dropping something real soon, keep your eyes peeled 👀👀👀
Downsides Apr 01, 2019
Doing a run of shows for our upcoming release! “Going Under” will be available April 29th! The Ep and some merch will be available at the shows leading up to the release!
Downsides Mar 23, 2019
Our friends in Without Really Trying just started up their Facebook page! Everyone give them a like!
Downsides Mar 23, 2019
At this time we would like to announce Dan Palumbo has joined the band as our guitarist! Everyone say “Hi Dan!”
Downsides Mar 01, 2019
Downsides Feb 25, 2019
Our friends in Brave The Mist just dropped this absolute BANGER!
Downsides Feb 23, 2019
Our friends in The Word and The Whisper just released their new single and video today! Check it out below 👇