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Who Speaks for Planet Earth?
And Then There Were None
Downsides Apr 22, 2019
Our friends in Vigil Antics are looking for a drummer! Who do we know wants to join one of the best bands on Long Island?
Downsides Apr 19, 2019
Right around the corner dudes! Can’t wait!
Downsides Apr 15, 2019
May 24th we are playing at AMH with these great bands! Check out this sick playlist to get you guys ready 😎👍
Downsides Apr 13, 2019
We are taking over Cobalt Company ! Pop in and say hi!
Downsides Apr 07, 2019
Our friends in Off The Post are going to be dropping something real soon, keep your eyes peeled 👀👀👀
Downsides Apr 01, 2019
Doing a run of shows for our upcoming release! “Going Under” will be available April 29th! The Ep and some merch will be available at the shows leading up to the release!
Downsides Mar 23, 2019
Our friends in Without Really Trying just started up their Facebook page! Everyone give them a like!
Downsides Mar 23, 2019
At this time we would like to announce Dan Palumbo has joined the band as our guitarist! Everyone say “Hi Dan!”
Downsides Mar 01, 2019
Downsides Feb 25, 2019
Our friends in Brave The Mist just dropped this absolute BANGER!
Downsides Feb 23, 2019
Our friends in The Word and The Whisper just released their new single and video today! Check it out below 👇
Downsides Feb 21, 2019
So hyped for this!
Downsides Feb 18, 2019
Spotify and Apple Music users! Our music is now up to date on both platforms featuring our latest single “Ol’ Armor Abs Krabs”! Newest Ep” Going Under” coming out April 29th!
Downsides Feb 18, 2019
A very Happy Birthday to our bassist Billy! Hope you have a great one today, buddy! @krispyk92 📷: @katpulse Kat Pulse Photography Hanging Orchid Photography @dan.palumbo
Downsides Feb 16, 2019
This just in! You may now preorder “Going Under” on iTunes! New ep coming April 29th! Going Under - EP by Downsides
Downsides Feb 14, 2019
“Going Under” Available April 29th!
Downsides Feb 14, 2019
Hey guy! We are extremely excited to announce that we will be dropping our second ep “Going Under” April 29th! Here’s one more single till then, we hope you like it!
Downsides Feb 12, 2019
Downsides Feb 08, 2019
Photos from our last show taken by the very talented Hanging Orchid Photography! Hit her up for photos!
Downsides Feb 07, 2019
Our dudes in Vigil Antics are looking for a new drummer, these dudes are SO talented and some of the nicest dudes we’ve had the pleasure of knowing! Don’t miss this sick opportunity!
Downsides Jan 08, 2019
HUGE shout out to everyone who came through last night! The show was a huge success! Thanks to A Place To Hide, Vigil Antics, Blissful Slaughter, Burn Your Bridges, and Blue Movie for playing and to Amityville Music Hall for having us! Till next time ❤️
Downsides Jan 04, 2019
We want to see YOU this Sunday at Amityville Music Hall ! Come hang with us! 📷: Kat Pulse Photography
Downsides Jan 01, 2019
New ep coming sooner than you think! Possible single coming even sooner 👀👀👀 📷: Kat Pulse Photography
Downsides Dec 31, 2018
2018 has been a crazy one. We got to play with Abandoned By Bears for a second time, we’ve had the pleasure of sharing the stage with Roseview, I Hate Heroes, Hang Tight and a bunch of other very talented bands. We’ve met a lot of new people, made new friends and recorded our second ep. we are very grateful for all of you who has taken our photos, came to our shows, were in the crowd seeing another band and so happen to see us, bought our merch, all the venues we’ve had the privilege of playing, and the people who have supported us. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts ❤️ here’s to an even better 2019! Keep your eyes peeled for the release of our second Ep!!! Coming very, very soon! 📷: Kat Pulse Photography, Hanging Orchid Photography, Dan Palumbo
Downsides Dec 25, 2018
Merry Christmas from all of us in Downsides 🎅🏻🎄 📷:Kat Pulse Photography