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The Optimist
A Sort of Homecoming
Judgement (Remastered)
A Fine Day to Exit (Remastered)
A Fine Day to Exit (Remastered)
A Natural Disaster (Remastered)
Judgement (Remastered)
A Natural Disaster (Remastered)
Distant Satellites (Tour Edition)
Internal Landscapes (Best of 2008-2018)
Universal (Live)
Weather Systems
Falling Deeper
We're Here Because We're Here
We're Here Because We're Here (Deluxe)
Unchained (Tales of the Unexpected) / Flying
The Silent Enigma
Alternative 4
Resonance 2
A Natural Disaster / Judgement
Resonance 1 & 2
Pentecost III & The Crestfallen EP
Anathema at C3 Stage (January 23, 2019)
Venue: C3 Stage (Guadalajara, Mexico) Find tickets
Anathema at Sala Corona (January 25, 2019)
Venue: Sala Corona (Mexico City, Mexico) Find tickets
Anathema at Teatro Ecci (January 27, 2019)
Venue: Teatro Ecci (Bogota, Colombia) Find tickets
Anathema at Teatro Nescafé de las Artes (January 29, 2019)
Venue: Teatro Nescafé de las Artes (Santiago, Chile) Find tickets
Anathema at UNICLUB (January 31, 2019)
Venue: UNICLUB (Buenos Aires, Argentina) Find tickets
Anathema at Carioca Club - Pinheiros (February 2, 2019)
Venue: Carioca Club - Pinheiros (São Paulo, Brazil) Find tickets
Anathema at Célula Showcase (February 3, 2019)
Venue: Célula Showcase (Florianópolis, Brazil) Find tickets
Anathema Dec 12, 2018
This week! The five final shows from Daniel Cavanagh for 2018, in Portugal, France, Belgium and the grande finale in London on Monday! Thursday, December 13: PORTO, Portugal: Friday, December 14: LISBON, Portugal: Saturday, December 15: LE HAILLAN/BORDEAUX, France: Sunday, December 16: ROESELARE, Belgium: Monday, December 17 (w/special guest Marjana Semkina): LONDON, UK:
Anathema Dec 11, 2018
Due to popular demand; extra performance added in Santiago, Chile at 19:00 on 29th January at Teatro NESCAFÉ de las Artes! Tickets: Please note: tickets already purchased cannot be changed and are only valid for the late performance. /Northern Music Company
Anathema Dec 10, 2018
Those who use Spotify have listened to the equivalent of 112+ years (988k hours) of Anathema in 2018! /Northern Music Company
Anathema Dec 07, 2018
Anathema "Acoustic Resonance" en Chile celebrando 20 años de Alternative 4 29 de Enero 2019 Teatro Nescafe de las Artes ÚLTIMAS ENTRADAS A LA VENTA No te quedes afuera 👉
Anathema Dec 05, 2018
Anathema Acoustic Resonance en Chile ⚠ ÚLTIMAS ENTRADAS A LA VENTA ⚠ Primeras Filas AGOTADO Platea Baja Preferencial AGOTADO Platea Baja Centro AGOTADO Platea Baja Lateral POR AGOTARSE 🔥 Ubicaciones que van quedando disponibles ✔Platea Alta Centro: $24.000 ✔Platea Alta Lateral: $22.000 Adquiere ahora tu entrada! 👉
Anathema Dec 05, 2018
Entrevista exclusiva con Vincent para Anathema Chile. Compra tus entradas aquí:
Anathema Nov 30, 2018
TOMORROW! Daniel Cavanagh is ready to embark on the polish leg of «The Monochrome Tour 2018». Starting tomorrow in Poznan, before visiting Warsaw on Sunday and Gdansk on Monday. The shows will present material both from the debut solo album «Monochrome», as well as material from all eras of Anathema, including material he has never done solo before. And more! More information and tickets: Poznan: Warsaw: Gdansk: Later in December: Dec 13 – Porto, Portugal Dec 14 – Lisbon, Portugal Dec 15 – Bordeaux, France Dec 16 – Roeselare, Belgium Dec 17 – London, UK
Anathema Nov 27, 2018
From 3 Songs & Out: ‘It’s the whole package that I find so alluring, so moving, so mind fuckingly beautiful’ /Northern Music Company
Anathema Nov 26, 2018
Anathema are very pleased to announce their 'Acoustic Resonance' Tour 2019 for Latin America! It'll be a stripped down show featuring Daniel, Vincent and old time friend / ex-band member Duncan Patterson to celebrate 20 years of the pioneering album 'Alternative 4'! Tickets will be available soon at all the usual outlets. Jan 23rd - Mexico, Guadalajara, C3 Stage Jan 25th - Mexico, Mexico City, @Sala Jan 27th - Colombia, Bogota, Teatro Ecci Jan 29th - Chile, Santiago, Teatro Nescafé De Las Artes Jan 31st - Argentina, Buenos Aires, Uniclub Feb 2nd - Brasil, Sao Paulo, Carioca Club Feb 3rd - Brasil, Florianópolis, Célula Showcase
Anathema Nov 22, 2018
There is currently a 'Seasonal Sale' running on the Anathema store over on Omerch, click here to view: /Northern Music Company
Anathema Nov 20, 2018
From Sea of Tranquillity... "More likely than not I’m preaching to the converted here, the Anathema faithful already fully committed to this band’s cause. If, however, you are one of the few, like me, who still needs a little nudge to get under the skin of Anathema, it really has to be said that Internal Landscape 2008-2018 does a quite magnificent job of confirming that you, and I, have been missing out." /Northern Music Company
Anathema Nov 19, 2018
"Leaving It Behind" (taken from "The Optimist" - 2017). Available on the ‘best of the Kscope years’ album "Internal Landscapes". Order here: /Northern Music Company
Anathema Nov 18, 2018
Daniel Cavanaghs full autumn tour is confirmed, where he will present material from both his solo album "Monochrome" and all eras of Anathema, including material he has never done solo before. And more! Note: In London also with Marjana Semkina from Iamthemorning as a special guest! Here are all the shows in Poland, Portugal, France, Belgium and the UK. Get tickets in advance! Dec 1 - Poznan, Poland Event: Dec 2 - Warsaw, Poland Event: Dec 3 - Gdansk, Poland Event: ----- Dec 13 - Porto, Portugal Event: Dec 14 - Lisbon, Portugal Event: Dec 15 - Bordeaux, France Event: Dec 16 - Roeselare, Belgium Event: Dec 17 - London, UK (w/special guest Marjana Semkina) Event:
Anathema Nov 16, 2018
"Distant Satellites" (taken from "Distant Satellites" - 2014). Available on the ‘best of the Kscope years’ album "Internal Landscapes". Order here: /Northern Music Company
Anathema Nov 16, 2018
"Untouchable Pt. 2" (taken from "Weather Systems" - 2012). Available on the ‘best of the Kscope years’ album "Internal Landscapes". Order here: /Northern Music Company
Anathema Nov 15, 2018
Europe is our life-blood as a band, always has been. Which is why we support the Incorporated Society of Musicians campaign to preserve freedom of movement for musicians 100%. Not as much for ourselves but especially for the many artists and bands who are starting out. Playing in Europe may end up being impossible for them financially, which is completely unjustifiable on every level. Please help by raising your concerns with your local MP and sharing this campaign.
Anathema Nov 14, 2018
"J'ai Fait une Promesse" (taken from "Falling Deeper" - 2011). Available on the ‘best of the Kscope years’ album "Internal Landscapes". Order here: /Northern Music Company
Anathema Nov 12, 2018
"Thin Air" (taken from "We're Here Because We're Here" - 2010). Available on the ‘best of the Kscope years’ album "Internal Landscapes". Order here: /Northern Music Company
Anathema Nov 09, 2018
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Anathema Nov 07, 2018
Announced as prog headliner for Ramblin' Man Fair (UK), July 2019! Here's a message from Lee... Tickets: /Northern Music Company
Anathema Nov 01, 2018
The new Kscope podcast features a performance of 'A Natural Disaster' live at Union Chapel, as well as an interview with Lee and Daniel! Listen now: /Northern Music Company
Anathema Oct 31, 2018
Is 'Internal Landscapes' your go to Anathema track? The emotional title track to the ‘best of the Kscope years’ album is a good entry point into the band's music from the last decade... Order the album now /Northern Music Company
Anathema Oct 30, 2018
From Progradar: "The real highlight for me is the music, the harmony between instruments and voices with the real star, for me, being the beautiful piano pieces that underpin the majority of the work produced here. The whole feeling is one of great subtlety, light and shade and beautiful melody..." 'Internal Landscapes' out now! /Northern Music Company
Anathema Oct 28, 2018