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S/S17 (feat. Hatsune Miku) [Remixes]
Endless Fantasy
Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game (Original Videogame Soundtrack)
Dawn Metropolis
Power Supply
Anamanaguchi Aug 14, 2019
Anamanaguchi Jun 07, 2019
surprise pre order of this lil’ lad. will also have these at Second Sky !
Anamanaguchi Jun 07, 2019
And we’re live! Pre-order a Dawn Metropolis NES Cartridge. Limited run of 100 cartridges but bringing an additional 50 to Second Sky 6/15-6/16! SOLD OUT!!!
Anamanaguchi Jun 06, 2019
We're putting up a Pre-Order for a limited edition Dawn Metropolis NES Cartridge - going live Friday @ Noon EST! Tomorrow's pre-sale will be limited to 100 carts - and we are taking 50 to Second Sky Music Festival in Oakland next weekend if you aren’t able to snag one tomorrow!
Anamanaguchi Mar 12, 2019
Announcing a special hardware-only chip show ... Insanely stacked lineup .. do not miss !!! We'll be doing an all chip dj set : ) Anamanaguchi (Hardware DJ set) Nullsleep Bit Shifter ********SPECIALGUEST***** Tickets (NYC, 4/6):
Anamanaguchi Mar 06, 2019
very pumped to announce that we’ll be performing on June 15th in Oakland, CA at Second Sky knowing Porter Robinson this should be a very special event :)
Anamanaguchi Mar 04, 2019
Anamanaguchi Nov 23, 2018
we put a sample pack with Splice called Sound Capsule v1.1!! bunch of new stuff in it, and some old things too -- overall, 180 custom sounds!! ✌✌ ✌️
Anamanaguchi Aug 24, 2018
our friend Meesh (pop it, japan air) just put out her debut!! ✧*:・゚☆ MORE THAN FRIENDS ☆*:・゚✧ check it out :D
Anamanaguchi May 18, 2018
Playin' with Hatsune Miku in Texas this summer Tix!:
Anamanaguchi Mar 29, 2018
‼️🚨B0ST0N - FRI & SAT 🚨‼️ tix:
Anamanaguchi Mar 28, 2018
this fri & sat in boston our friend Meesh is joining us live! she on the net go find her ZUCc1: Meesh zUcc2: Tweeter: tickets!:
Anamanaguchi Mar 16, 2018
Anamanaguchi Jan 26, 2018
new remix for Always by Meishi Smile, LLLL : フォーエル, U-Pistol and Moon Mask for ZOOM LENS & Maltine Records !! Link!:
Anamanaguchi Jan 24, 2018
playing sick arcade party in boston! ~ march 30 & 31 - come hang ~ tix:
Anamanaguchi Jan 11, 2018
ten years ago today luke played his 1st show with us. he sent a message on myspace then killed it at a house party. ten years later we couldn't be happier... LUV YOU LUKE!!! happy lukeaversary!!!!
Anamanaguchi Dec 19, 2017
we spoke to Billboard about Capsule Silence XXIV
Anamanaguchi Dec 18, 2017
~~*~*~*LAST DAY OF THIS SALE!!!!!*~*~*~~ ┏(^0^)┛ ┗(^0^) ┓
Anamanaguchi Dec 12, 2017
ヽ(ਉ_ਉ )ノ End of year sale on shirts n' small gifts! ヽ(ਉ_ਉ )ノ Clearin' out all the old to prepare for the new (album time!!!) next year ~ (*・∀・*)人(*・∀・*)
Anamanaguchi Nov 11, 2017
Anamanaguchi Nov 10, 2017
Anamanaguchi Nov 09, 2017
NYC! ANAMANAGUCHI presents [USA TAKEOVER] TOMORROW!! TIX: JUST ADDED London O'Connor w/ Skylar Spence , DJ DOUGGPOUND, Ice Choir, Lexie , MotionGraphics , & GRRL Join us for a special, one-time, curated event to experience a sneak peak their new album, [USA]!!
Anamanaguchi Oct 13, 2017
Capsule Silence XXIV Soundtrack Vol II now available on Spotify & Apple Music // 19 songs
Anamanaguchi Oct 06, 2017
some of our old summer singles, "Aurora" & "Densmore", have been added to Spotify & Apple Music! Spotify: Apple Music: