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Little Angel
The Way I Am
Ana Johnsson Aug 19, 2019
Summer of 2004.
Ana Johnsson Jul 29, 2019
Denmark, 2005 📷: Martin Rosenauer
Ana Johnsson Jul 27, 2019
Back in 2006, the swedish version of the songs from the movie Brother Bear 2 were sung by Ana Johnsson.
Ana Johnsson Jun 18, 2019
Photo taken during the pre-race entertainment show. DTM Championship 2004, Rd 6, Nürburgring, Germany. 01 August 2004. Photo by: Marco Miltenburg
Ana Johnsson Jun 05, 2019
"You can try to Tame me, make me fake a flawless smile"
Ana Johnsson May 30, 2019
The acoustic version of "We Are".
Ana Johnsson May 28, 2019
Tivoli, Denmark - 17/08/2004 Photo by Martin Rosenauer
Ana Johnsson May 15, 2019
"Dont try to fight it I'm cutting all ties You don't have to like it Again I will rise"
Ana Johnsson May 11, 2019
"Maybe I'm a bit complicated All I know is I don't cry for pain"
Ana Johnsson May 09, 2019
Behind the scenes of the "Don't Cry For Pain" music video in Los Angeles, 2004.
Ana Johnsson Apr 16, 2019
On April 10 of 2019 the very first image of a Black Hole was released. We'll leave a possible soundtrack for the phenomenon :)
Ana Johnsson Apr 01, 2019
"Got no fear I feel no pain Only blood rushing on its way Through my veins"
Ana Johnsson Mar 21, 2019
"What Is A Girl To Do" is a song taken from the album Cuz I Can.
Ana Johnsson Feb 26, 2019
Ana, 2004.
Ana Johnsson Feb 14, 2019
"Been counting endless nights and days You're hundred thousands miles away But I feel you"
Ana Johnsson Feb 07, 2019
Denmark, 2005 📷: Martin Rosenauer
Ana Johnsson Jan 22, 2019
"There's a devil inside us all"
Ana Johnsson Dec 17, 2018
You just left me six feet under ground I`m burning at the sight of the light
Ana Johnsson Dec 12, 2018
Remember what your mother said Boy, you better make amends Cos no one gets away in the end Playing God
Ana Johnsson Nov 24, 2018
I swore it on my life And helplessly I'm falling, crawling Can't shake your gravity Your velvet talk just takes me Holds me, pulls me away from being me
Ana Johnsson Nov 12, 2018
Thank you for all the amazing adventures, Stan Lee. 🕷
Ana Johnsson Nov 08, 2018
'Cause we all want the star with our name ⭐
Ana Johnsson Oct 16, 2018
Ana live in Stockholm, back in 2006.
Ana Johnsson Oct 04, 2018
We'd like to wish a very happy birthday to Ana Johnsson <3 Your music still inspires many of us.
Ana Johnsson Sep 18, 2018
Jamiroquai cover