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Amy Wilcox
Amy Wilcox Nov 19, 2018
Go to Next Women of Country to see the video premiere of “Never Not” 💙
Amy Wilcox Nov 19, 2018
🔹NEVER NOT // swipe ➡️ link in bio // 🔹 @ Los Angeles, California
Amy Wilcox Nov 19, 2018
Hey guys!!! just premiered my video cover of “Never Not” by Lauv . Head over to their site to see the full video!
Amy Wilcox Nov 06, 2018
🚨 Cover Series Alert 🚨 {lincoln bio} [Something Old, Something New, Something True]
Amy Wilcox Oct 25, 2018
Amy Wilcox Oct 23, 2018
Just out here looking for surfers and dreams 🏝🌈🌟
Amy Wilcox Oct 19, 2018
Weekend jams commence 🎧💃 what’s your favorite song these days? Check out “We Were A Fire” by @heathereleven 😳🙌 #weekendvibes
Amy Wilcox Oct 19, 2018
3 of my favs: restaurants with self-serve salsa bars, friends who send me snarky shirts for my BD, and....chips {insert crunch sound} 🌽 #grammarpolice #chipsandsalsa
Amy Wilcox Oct 17, 2018
Hey Mexico, you were a cleanse for my soul 🙏And Cali, thanks for feeling like home🌻
Amy Wilcox Oct 16, 2018
One year ago today, I was Day 1 in the studio creating this new music for you w/ Cass Dillon. 4 more songs coming at you soon !!!
Amy Wilcox Oct 15, 2018
No better way to ring in another year than with another successful trip to Tijuana to sing for the patients of @chipsahospitaloffical . So grateful to be a part of an amazing organization that’s making a real difference in how these patients heal. Music rocks. @hopesongnashville does too✌️
Amy Wilcox Oct 10, 2018
Have you guys heard the new @thechainsmokers @kelseaballerini song? I did a fun version on my channel, link in bio, ok thanks, hope you like it 🤷🏼‍♀️ 📽: @beatrixkidd0
Amy Wilcox Oct 08, 2018
Just wrote a song about NAPA, it goes...”oooo please send Intravenous Fluidsss” #napavalley #winelover
Amy Wilcox Oct 06, 2018
Wine teeth? There’s an app for that. 🍇
Amy Wilcox Oct 05, 2018
Putting out the Vine 🍇
Amy Wilcox Oct 02, 2018
3 generations of people who rank my music a 10 out of 10 🤭🤷‍♀️ #nannyknows #mom
Amy Wilcox Sep 26, 2018
Had a great weekend experimenting with some new songs. This one won’t leave my head!! Click for the fun 🌟🌟
Amy Wilcox Sep 18, 2018
🌟SOMEBODY🌟Meet Lisa Goe 🍭 Man, she is somebody 😹 FOR REAL, this girl has been on my team from the get go, and has always pushed and supported me — and been my a spritely lil jumping bean when things get rough. We wrote “SOMEBODY” with Cass Dillon, because we very much connect on the ups and downs of following your dreams, and what it takes to keep going when things get really tough 🙂 It’s hard to put your feelings out there, but this gal makes it easier. Who is that SOMEBODY for you ?? #SomebodyToMe
Amy Wilcox Sep 10, 2018
Happy Monday!! 🌟🍭🌟 If you haven’t had the chance, check out my newest video for “Somebody”. I like to believe it will brighten your day 🙂
Amy Wilcox Sep 08, 2018
Click the link to check out the new VIDEO 🌟🍭🌟
Amy Wilcox Sep 08, 2018
Did y’all catch the new lyric video for “SOMEBODY” ?? Out now!! 🌟🌟🌟
Amy Wilcox Sep 07, 2018
Hey guys!! "SOMEBODY" is a special song for me, and I was so lucky to have some special people to get out of their comfort zone and have FUN help get the message out to YOU !! Check out this video we made :) #SOMEBODY #LYRICVIDEO
Amy Wilcox Sep 07, 2018
Whole shabang COMING SOON !! #somebody
Amy Wilcox Aug 28, 2018
Fun fact about "SOMEBODY" :) The VW van in the photo shoot for the cover, is this awesome little hot dog shop in East Nashville. Did anyone doubt that I stopped mid shoot to eat one??? ....Sorry Amanda Van Sandt :)
Amy Wilcox Aug 25, 2018
DONUT TELL ME you haven’t listened “Somebody” yet!! Promise it’s sweet as sprinkles 🍩🍭 #ThisMessageIsNotGlutenFree @ Donut Bar