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Amy Wilcox
Amy Wilcox Jun 18, 2019
🌟LIVE on Instagram TOMORROW 🌟 5pt/8et @AMYEWILCOX tune in and say hi !!
Amy Wilcox Jun 10, 2019
sun and new songs // feels like home to me ☀️ {link in bio}
Amy Wilcox May 31, 2019
Getting back home felt like perfect timing to release this new song on my Cover Series 🧡”Feels Like Home” has long been one of my favorite songs. Check out the link below to listen 🧡
Amy Wilcox May 27, 2019
Amsterdam, you were a dream 🎈
Amy Wilcox May 25, 2019
Hoe gaat het ? #amsterdam
Amy Wilcox May 24, 2019
pre-show pints in Manchester 🍻
Amy Wilcox May 23, 2019
Silly selfie doesn’t do this place justice. 4th Century Church as an amazing home for some amazing music tonight. #blessed seems finally appropriate 🙏
Amy Wilcox May 22, 2019
Amy Wilcox May 21, 2019
new favorite pastime: asking foreign tourists to take my picture using silent finger click ☝️#London refer to my story for today’s barrage of tourism 🦋
Amy Wilcox May 10, 2019
excited about the rest of this month 🤘 Starts SATURDAY in RENO >> Reno River Fest opening for @filmoremusic 🌈
Amy Wilcox May 04, 2019
🌈 @flashdillon the world woke up one day and said our paths will be forever aligned. what a wonderful world ☀️ also, thanks for giving me @kimvogels . you’re a gift 🌵love you 🌵clammy la wammy fo lyfe.
Amy Wilcox Apr 27, 2019
NEW LIVE VERSION OF “jailbird” !!! Woo hoo!!!
Amy Wilcox Apr 26, 2019
THANKS The Shotgun Seat !!
Amy Wilcox Apr 24, 2019
Sangin’ some Grand Canyon tonight. This is me telling you to come 🥃@grandcanyonband @bootlegtheater doors @ 8 GC @ 1015 . Bourbon and Rock & Roll will be flowing 🤘
Amy Wilcox Apr 23, 2019
WEDNESDAY // LA 🤘I play with @grandcanyonband @ 10:15 !! Come rock out with us and @jamiemcleanband and @formerlyalien 🌟 Gonna be a good one !
Amy Wilcox Apr 22, 2019
Top 5 show moment...inviting this creepy bunny on stage only to find out it was the cutest 12 year old girl who hopped around on stage to “JAILBIRD”. I feel complete. HAPPY EASTER 🤘 @swabbiesontheriver
Amy Wilcox Apr 18, 2019
Before I moved to LA, I had never played a show West of Texas. When I started coming out here, the West Coast stole my 💛 the journey here inspired my EP “WEST” and with it, I became determined to get out there, explore, take it all in & share this music with all of you 🌟 Tonight is the first in an ever-growing tour all up and down this beautiful side of this beautiful country 💛 Freakin WOO HOO!
Amy Wilcox Apr 16, 2019
Have you guys listened to “WEST” yet? 🌟 this photo was taken outside my house in Venice, CA when I first got to LA...and then became fitting for the cover 🌵 thx to the amazing @avansandtphoto & @artistnoize {link in bio} if you want to check it out 💃
Amy Wilcox Apr 15, 2019
Best weekend ever celebrating our lady @skylar__mckenzie ⭐️ love you so much!
Amy Wilcox Apr 08, 2019
We’re comin for ya #WEST Coast ✌️🌵 Where else shall we venture ?? {more dates coming soon}
Amy Wilcox Apr 03, 2019
This review of my EP “West” is live now on Country Music Beat ✌️
Amy Wilcox Apr 01, 2019
some call this my shania moment, others call this too much sun to keep my eyes open ☀️ #manifeellikeawoman
Amy Wilcox Mar 30, 2019
SXSW part ✌️ had a blast Texas. Thanks to all my amazing people who came out!! And LA ! See you tonight!!
Amy Wilcox Mar 28, 2019
SXSW photo diary🌟 #tbt to kicking it all off with @rokasports 😎 with an intimate acoustic performance of the new EP “West”
Amy Wilcox Mar 25, 2019
Awkward singing faces coming to you live MARCH 30..HOTEL CAFE..See u soon LA 🌟