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Amy Wilcox
Amy Wilcox Apr 22, 2019
Top 5 show moment...inviting this creepy bunny on stage only to find out it was the cutest 12 year old girl who hopped around on stage to “JAILBIRD”. I feel complete. HAPPY EASTER 🤘 @swabbiesontheriver
Amy Wilcox Apr 18, 2019
Before I moved to LA, I had never played a show West of Texas. When I started coming out here, the West Coast stole my 💛 the journey here inspired my EP “WEST” and with it, I became determined to get out there, explore, take it all in & share this music with all of you 🌟 Tonight is the first in an ever-growing tour all up and down this beautiful side of this beautiful country 💛 Freakin WOO HOO!
Amy Wilcox Apr 16, 2019
Have you guys listened to “WEST” yet? 🌟 this photo was taken outside my house in Venice, CA when I first got to LA...and then became fitting for the cover 🌵 thx to the amazing @avansandtphoto & @artistnoize {link in bio} if you want to check it out 💃
Amy Wilcox Apr 15, 2019
Best weekend ever celebrating our lady @skylar__mckenzie ⭐️ love you so much!
Amy Wilcox Apr 08, 2019
We’re comin for ya #WEST Coast ✌️🌵 Where else shall we venture ?? {more dates coming soon}
Amy Wilcox Apr 03, 2019
This review of my EP “West” is live now on Country Music Beat ✌️
Amy Wilcox Apr 01, 2019
some call this my shania moment, others call this too much sun to keep my eyes open ☀️ #manifeellikeawoman
Amy Wilcox Mar 30, 2019
SXSW part ✌️ had a blast Texas. Thanks to all my amazing people who came out!! And LA ! See you tonight!!
Amy Wilcox Mar 28, 2019
SXSW photo diary🌟 #tbt to kicking it all off with @rokasports 😎 with an intimate acoustic performance of the new EP “West”
Amy Wilcox Mar 25, 2019
Awkward singing faces coming to you live MARCH 30..HOTEL CAFE..See u soon LA 🌟
Amy Wilcox Mar 21, 2019
Happy girl just touched down in Park City SO excited to catch a couple of days of powder this year ❄️ the snow outside my window made some real good selfie lighting so sorryyyy. also SO thankful be out #west in this new chapter of my life where mountains are so easy to get to. Love me some mountains. I live at sea level so currently drinking electrolytes (w some vodka 🤫) so pray I can breathe tomorrow :) prepare for some shred/falling vids people ⛷⛷⛷
Amy Wilcox Mar 21, 2019
Amy Wilcox Mar 20, 2019
The many faces of @dee.galipeau 💃 the mastermind behind the camera, sometimes in front of the camera, making art, making me look good, helping me remember where I am and what to say, and that I even though I can’t dance, there’s nothing a good joke can’t fix 🤭🌟🙌 @blueelan
Amy Wilcox Mar 18, 2019
SXSW recap once my mind, body, and soul recover BUT so happy to finally have this EP out in the world. We welcomed it in style down in Austin. No shortage of cheese and tequila was had.
Amy Wilcox Mar 17, 2019
Well.. @sxsw ended as amazing as it started #keepaustinweird #gayasaballoon #lesbianwedding
Amy Wilcox Mar 14, 2019
Was gonna say yesterday, to come see me tomorrow, but now it’s today, so come see me TONIGHT, DALLAS 🌟🤘
Amy Wilcox Mar 12, 2019
SXSW we’re comin for ya! So excited to play this showcase with some amazing bands ! Then margaritas and queso 🍹to celebrate the release of my EP “WEST”!!See you soon TEXAS ! #sxsw2019 #WEST
Amy Wilcox Mar 11, 2019
THIS WEEK! I’m playing my first showcase @ SXSW in Austin, TX !!
Amy Wilcox Mar 11, 2019
Lookin at this week like...IM PLAYING SXSW 🖤🌟🖤 #jailbird
Amy Wilcox Mar 08, 2019
It’s #internationalwomensday 🌟 I’d like to thank Janet Jackson for inspiring this outfit Shannon Ford for letting me steal this jacket for a day/life, and Amanda Van Sandt for always taking 6 billion photos for the 3 with my eyes open✖️We are all in it together ladies 🖤✖️ #jailbird
Amy Wilcox Mar 06, 2019
🔮Fortune Teller Behind the Scenes 🔮 Live on CelebMix 🌟 We had such a great time filming this in Joshua Tree. Thanks to all these amazing peeps who knocked it out of the park ! 💥 💥 director: Alex Justice Photography dp: @hunterbney 1st ac: @chadwickwick grip: @papertomm gaffer: @wistlessjak hmu / fortune teller: @shea.hardy hottie boy: @jamespla style: @me_clark color: @kinanchabani label: Blue Élan Records BTS edit: @dee.galipeau @ Joshua Tree, California
Amy Wilcox Mar 06, 2019
Watch us Behind The Scenes on the FORTUNE TELLER 🔮 Music Video in Joshua Tree, California!! Click to see the premier on CelebMix 🌟🌟🌟
Amy Wilcox Mar 05, 2019
Go check out my live acoustic performance of FORTUNE TELLER! and a little story behind the song 🔮🌟 thanks Heirwaves !!
Amy Wilcox Mar 05, 2019
✖️baby, i’ll be your JAILBIRD✖️ @ Hollywood
Amy Wilcox Mar 03, 2019
I’m always the one who gets away, babe 🖤 #jailbird #WEST