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False Smiles (New Version)
Amy Studt Jun 26, 2019
Solo rehearsing today! Can’t wait for the Old St Pancras church show on the 5th July. Can’t believe I get to share the stage with my father and brother for the first time ever. Also! Dan Lyons is going to be supporting! We met many moons ago and since he moved to Margate have become good friends. His beautiful and ethereal Freya by his side and one of my best friends Joanna Curwood doing their stripped down version of his fabulous and singular work. Gonna be a special evening. #specialevening #live #rehearsals #solorehearsals #amystudt @amystudtofficialmusic
Amy Studt Jun 26, 2019
Close your eyes.. ‘Chapter 3 - Sleepwalker’ is out on Friday! Pre-save now lovers.
Amy Studt Jun 26, 2019
Photography by Emma-Louise Smith
Amy Studt Jun 24, 2019
Morning all! SO, on Friday I will be releasing Chapter 3, a brand new song called ‘Sleepwalker’, and you can pre-save it right now! Photography and artwork by Amy Studt and Finnigan Kidd
Amy Studt Jun 23, 2019
‪#tb - When Harry met Sally. No, when Amy met Toby. My musical partner in crime for a decade making this record and one of my best friend/extended family members.‬ ‪#recording #amystudt @AmyStudtofficialmusic ‬
Amy Studt Jun 20, 2019
So Chapter 1 of this album’s story is ‘I Was Jesus In Your Veins’ now in a cosy Instagram place of IGTV. If you don’t follow me on Instagram yet, head over as lots happening over the next few weeks and give me a follow. X This song sets the scene as the opening chapter to the book. It’s about loss and not having the answers. A lot of my earlier work was very sure in the way I saw the world: ‘the world is like this, I am like that, and this is how you fix things’ etc. This song doesn’t have a definite answer. It’s just full of questions and the acceptance of not really having any of the answers. I wrote a lot of the lyrics from a dream I had. The backing vocals and a lot of the album in generals backing vocals are my internal dialogue with myself. Me asking myself: “What are you gonna do now? What’s up now?”. It’s about feeling like something is different. Something is missing. And you try all sorts of things to make it better. To find the answers. But at this point there aren’t any. #chapter1 #iwasjesusinyourveins #chapter2tofollow #mybook #album3 #amystudt @amystudtofficialmusic
Amy Studt Jun 19, 2019
Artwork by Adam Oczkowicz and Finnigan Kidd. Thanks to CROCODILE RCRDS/CLUB
Amy Studt Jun 19, 2019
Finally I can announce that with the beautiful design by Adam Oczkowicz we have made some very special hand printed T-shirts to sell specifically for the show at @oldstpancras on the 5th July. Don’t forget to buy your tickets! #merch #live #design #amystudt @amystudtofficialmusic
Amy Studt Jun 17, 2019
It begins. With my new baby Crumar rehearsing has begun. Bring on the 5th July. #rehearsing #solorehearsals #newalbum2019 #amystudt @amystudtofficialmusic @crumar_instruments
Amy Studt Jun 14, 2019
Yesterday me and one of my best friends of over a decade @finnnkidd (left) finished the design of the album artwork together!! I could not be happier with it! Love you long time Finn. X Can’t wait to show you. : ) 2 weeks today till the release of Chapter 3 of my album and 3 weeks today till my very special London show with my father and brother joining me on stage for the first time. Have you got your tickets yet? #album #artwork #single #live #finnkidd #amystudt @amystudtofficialmusic Photo from backstage at O2 Academy Brixton For Average Sex
Amy Studt Jun 09, 2019
It’s been a long while since I worked with any labels, managers or publishers. Since I walked away from all my contracts a decade ago in order to create this record exactly how I envisioned it without any input from anyone externally (obviously having no idea the level of sickness that was about to hit and slow it’s process down) and then first met Toby Kid (this pic was taken not long after we met). It is now a very exciting time to be finally starting to show what we created and to think about who I might move forward working with. I have been approached by a few interested parties over the last year and I feel hopeful and that somewhere out there is a manager, a publisher and a label that understands my writing, is a home for me and I can have a future partnership with. For now, I simply cannot wait to just keep releasing my music. #thefuture #life #music #managers #labels #publishers #goingwiththeflow #amystudt @amystudtofficialmusic
Amy Studt Jun 08, 2019
This is my face last year just as I was finishing off the final recordings of my record. We still had mixing and mastering to go but now that it is done we are coming to album Pre-Order stage! I’m so thrilled and happy to be sharing it with you. What was a very painful time in my life has created something very beautiful and ultimately hopeful. Look out for posts about album pre-orders! So much love Amy Xxx #amystudt @amystudtofficialmusic @crocodilelaboratories #album #preorder #musicbaby
Amy Studt Jun 06, 2019
Single ‘I Was Jesus In Your Veins’ available to buy and listen to:
Amy Studt Jun 04, 2019
MUSICIANS NEEDED. I am looking for musicians to potentially work with live. Mainly drums, guitar and bass. But play something else? get in touch anyway! #callout #musicians #guitarists #bassists #drummers #amystudt @amystudtofficialmusic Book cover detail. ‘The book of Job; it’s origin, growth and interpretation.’ By Morris Jastrow, Jr . Published: Philadelphia J.B Lippincott & Co., 1920.
Amy Studt May 28, 2019
Thank you so much to the fabulous @susandiamondartist for this amazing print she sent me, now finally framed and in pride of place beside my fireplace. Thank you for your beautiful art. Extra thank you to @thephacemag for linking us together! 🖤 #allthelove #amystudt @amystudtofficialmusic
Amy Studt May 23, 2019
I take bed seriously. Waking up to this sunshine especially is everything right now. It’s been great getting to know one of my newest team mates for this record and starting to be able to do more now, like text, email, hoping to start lightly rehearsing again next week. Lots of exciting things are coming up and I can’t wait for the London show at @oldstpancras on the 5th July that my father is kindly collaborating on with me. Yes! #live #newmusic #amystudt @amystudtofficialmusic
Amy Studt May 22, 2019
I love this video for Chapter 2 - Let The Music Play that I made with the incredible and joyous man @leelennox x you made this magic Lee. Thank you x This Second Chapter is about reflection. Looking back to the past from the present and how my experiences have shaped me. My choices. And how through it all music has always been my constant. Has always been there for me and will always be my greatest love, the place I am most honest and where I can be my truest form of myself. Not long now till Chapter 3 /single 3 will be with you. Can’t wait for you to hear! X #super8 #musicvideo #single #amystudt @amystudtofficialmusic
Amy Studt May 10, 2019
So FINALLY I am able to share that the Official Video for Let The Music Play!!! It is now available to watch on my Youtube channel (link below). What first began as me diving through my old collection of behind the scene's footage, childhood footage and material I shot myself soon became a collaboration with my old friend Lee Lennox who I did Furniture with all those years ago. He brought to life the story, added his brilliance and patience with me working from my sick bed. And I will also share that he did it all refusing any payment. A candle loses none of it's light by lighting another. What a kind and wonderful soul. I am very proud of this video and I hope you enjoy it too. Thank you so much Lee, you INCREDIBLE HUMAN. #musicvideo #newmusic #amystudt Amy Studt
Amy Studt May 10, 2019
Watch in full on my youtube channel now: Listen to Amy's new single 'Let The Music Play' now: Video by Amy Studt & Lee Lennox Follow Amy Studt:
Amy Studt May 08, 2019
ANNOUNCEMENT! The official video for ‘Let The Music Play’ will drop THIS WEEK! It is something I am so proud of and something that began as just me doing alone but my dear friend a previous collaborator came along on his white horse and through my sickness and our 1930’s style communications we collaborated to create something quite special. Thank you eternally Lee Lennox . Cannot WAIT to show you all! Keep those eyes peeled! #film #musicvideo #friendship #letthemusicplay #amystudt @amystudtofficialmusic
Amy Studt May 03, 2019
Lots of exciting news coming your way re the album, merch and all sorts. Can’t wait to share it with you x x x #album #preorder #merch #newmusic #gettingbetterallthetime #amystudt @amystudtofficialmusic Hans Richter’s ‘Filmstudie’ 1926
Amy Studt May 01, 2019
Thanks so much to #auralaggravation Aural Aggravation for another lovely review from them, this time of ‘Let The Music Play’ it’s so nice to be so warmly received after keeping this record a secret for so long. And on a side note, I can’t wait to show you all the official video I did with my dear friend @missing_pixel who I did the furniture video with all that while ago. But more on that later...! Thank you once again for a lovely review! Hope you are all loving it just as much. #review #newmusic #amystudt @amystudtofficialmusic
Amy Studt Apr 30, 2019
Hugest thank you to EarToTheGround Music for their touching review of my new song ‘Let The Music Play’. Thank you so much! “Amy Studt has an evocative style. Her vocal cuts through so much of the noise of the industry right now. The piercing top of her register is really incredible. The overall style of the song is one that encourages perseverance. This is a track about continuing on amidst the trials. Something about this song reminds me of Dodie Clark and I absolutely love it. I could listen to this one all day.” Well, I could read that review all day. And I will. Much love. A xxx #review #newmusic #eartothegroundmusic #amystudt @amystudtofficialmusic
Amy Studt Apr 28, 2019
Thank you x : ) x more of both to come x TRASH
Amy Studt Apr 28, 2019
Early night, deep sleep, swirling scary dreams full of dangers I was avoiding/escaping where I finally found my way out of the mist and followed a river to safety, woke up to my puppies licking my face, lie in with my husband. All good things. I feel wonderful. Happy birthday to my long time collaborator on this record and dear friend @tobykid have a glorious day. X #dreams #amystudt @amystudtofficialmusic