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False Smiles (New Version)
Amy Studt Nov 09, 2018
I was in the studio with Ghost Culture yesterday. Ok, let’s finally break our pact of never working together. #synthsgalore #synths #writing #newmusic #ghostculture #amystudt @amystudtofficialmusic
Amy Studt Nov 07, 2018
“Black out, here it comes again. Lights out, through the falling glitter dark descends. Heart beat, why do you fail me now? In the night streets, wailing sirens out...” #lyrics #album3 #amystudt @amystudtofficialmusic
Amy Studt Nov 05, 2018
Welcome Joanananananaaa. When a fello alien lands and decides to live with you x Couldn’t be happier. 💜 Let’s sing songs and write a few too x Love you. Orphans Xmas? xxx #bestfriends #theloveisreal #amystudt @amystudtofficialmusic
Amy Studt Oct 22, 2018
Oh hello to my recording studio I’ve been building and have nearly finished. 🎼 And welcome home to my piano that I learnt to play and write my first ever songs on when I was just a wee 8 year old and lost in my dreams. It still sounds the same. Beautiful x #recordingstudio #building #piano #music #writing #recording #amystudt
Amy Studt Oct 08, 2018
Post Auditions Face. The team is growing, final round of auditions are this coming Saturday. I don’t think I’ve ever been this busy in my whole life but I dreamt big with this one and making it a reality takes super human hard work and commitment. My husband is wondering where his wife has gone. Somewhere over the rainbow babe, somewhere over the rainbow. #album #music #theatre #amystudt Amy Studt
Amy Studt Sep 29, 2018
First round of auditions today!! Still sick but fighting through it. Can’t wait to try some lovely people out and see what they can do! #auditions #album #book #film #theatre #music #single #amystudt @amystudtofficial ‘The wonders within your head’ (1938)
Amy Studt Sep 24, 2018
I’m just papping out the good stuff today. Finishing writing my intro to the project, shooting stuff, organising everything for Saturdays auditions, learning my monologue for my course and doing my text analysis on it, having phone/FaceTime meetings galore, trying to keep up with my email mound and the crazy pups. But I’m feeling amazing and am SO excited about this project. It’s really very special to me and I think it’s going to be magic. So great to see it come together with all my creative team. #directing #theatre #music #musicvideo #album #single #amystudt Amy Studt
Amy Studt Sep 18, 2018
This magnificent beast. She’s a promising young lady who dreams of one day becoming a real unicorn. World say hi to Juno. #hellojuno #ididnotsetthisup #amystudt Amy Studt
Amy Studt Sep 11, 2018
Hello face. Today I have a meeting with a lovely photographer followed by more writing and an evening Meisner class. Then to drive for 3 1/2 hours home to collapse! Life is so full and beautiful at the moment. I did the best acting performance I’ve ever done in this weekends two day text analysis course and feel like I’ve tapped into a new area of potent fuel to play with. It felt right, consistent and most importantly, full! There will ALSO be a new announcement soon about THE ALBUM and the beginning of something very special... There has been so much going on behind the scenes and I can’t wait to start sharing it! So keep your 👀 peeled! #mylife #album #amystudt Amy Studt
Amy Studt Sep 03, 2018
I’m currently directing my first video and theatre piece. It’s been wonderful bringing together all sorts of talented and special people for this project and I can’t wait to post updates as we go on. #directing #art @beatthebetamusic @amystudtofficialmusic
Amy Studt Aug 15, 2018
Something’s brewing. I have an announcement to make soooon...! As I sit by the piano side I wonder about the world, about my life and about music. I wonder who else out there feels the same. Who suffers silently with the pressures put on artists to be everything and all. Social media king, photographer, videographer, networker, live artist, live agent, poet, creator, organiser, curator, model, stylist, make up artist, hair stylist, business man/woman, manager, label, songwriter, singer, producer, art director, the list can seem endless. Playing 20-30 roles a day with expectations pulling you in all directions spreading you so thinly. If someone were to sink their teeth into me right now, I would be the worst toast ever. And these are full time jobs. But we play them all. Into the early hours. And when the sun curves it’s way down and the stillness of the night seeps in through the cracks in the walls, I sit by the piano side and remember when it was just you and I. Paper and ink. And I remember my home once again. I’ve missed you. Simon Quaglio - The Queen Of The Night from Mozart’s Magic Flute 1818 #work #piano #songwriter #artist #myfirstlove Amy Studt #amystudt
Amy Studt Aug 03, 2018
Rehearsing begins! Getting my live set together. Oh yes. #rehearsing #live #amystudt Amy Studt
Amy Studt Jul 29, 2018
“Sorry, no art today.” Instead I have eaten my body weight in ice cream, chocolate and Indian take away in the hopes of a swift calorie death but instead I was left with swift calorie regret. Sick as a dog. Whatever that means. I’m wondering if that saying comes from sea dogs/sailors getting sea sick originally? I have a fetish for learning the history of idioms so if anyone knows, give me a holla. Either way, woof woof. #amystudt Amy Studt #gabortoth #idiomfetish 1045
Amy Studt Jul 23, 2018
Last night I went with my Ghost Culture to have a sunset swim. The sun had already begun its decline as we arrived at the water's edge which was as still as a mill pond. The birds flew along so close to the water they were a mere hair away from touching and the sky had melted from the heat into the sea making it hard to tell which was which. My husband went in the water ahead of me and I watched him from the shoreline. Just a floating bust statue looking out onto the eternal with the endless ocean and sky around him and in front. For a moment it looked as tho I might have dreamt him... That just as soon as he came into my world, he might not have and we may never have met. One of those moments where your life feels like a movie. Where you feel a humming stillness and you can suddenly see all that has happened in your life before, all that could be in the future and transforms you into being fully present in the moment. I imagined in that moment, with the warm sun setting me a glow with bright gold and shadow, that if this were a movie, to the soundtrack of the birds and the lapping water, the floating head image of him would fade and disappear. I was filled with fear and pulled into the cool waters to stand beside him. We swam until the sun had hidden itself behind the horizon and the moon had prematurely come out. And I marvelled at the world. #grateful #lifeisamovie #theocean #sunsetswimming #nature #love #amystudt Amy Studt #arthurprincespear #sunrise #waternymphs
Amy Studt Jul 07, 2018
“The sound stops when I face the ground. And the earth closes in around me.” #lyrics #newmusic #amystudt Amy Studt
Amy Studt Jul 07, 2018
#tb to run throughs recording at #barkstudios with @tToby Kid, Finnigan Kidd & Brian Ono. Thanks for the drums Average Sex! #recording #amystudt Amy Studt
Amy Studt Jul 05, 2018
I woke this morning to find myself quietly held by a peace. One of those blissful morning wake ups following a sweet, heavy and undulating dream that stayed with me for hours after waking. My morning anxiety friend that normally scratches me awake most mornings and that I am accustomed to did not come to greet me today. Maybe she/he is on vacation. Last night I had a wonderful acting class. I am working through a difficult storyline where I am a woman who was sexually abused by her brother as a child only stopping in her early teens when he disappeared (not something I have personally experienced in my life) and came face to face with her abuser after 15 years last night. I never know how my work will go or how I will react and that is part of the magic. I am free to feel without fear, free to react, free to express. Something was released last night and is each time I perform. All the rage and sadness from my own life and from deep within me has an outlet. Has a space to be. Honestly. I am also very grateful to my partners who are so excellent to work with. Working with them is so inspiring and such potent fuel for me. This morning something feels different. Like writing and singing/playing. Acting is something that feels natural and liberating. Last nights scene was called ‘Releasing The Ghosts’ and I think maybe it did. #grateful #acting #performing #meisner #freedom #life #art #love #artiseverything #amystudt Amy Studt • Andre Breton and Paul Eluard -The Immaculee Design
Amy Studt Jun 20, 2018
I’m back bitches! Honeymoon over. Now let the work fun begin!! Once I’m over this spinning head jet lag issue first obviously. But THEN! Haha x Amy Studt #tb #justalittlegirl #15yearsold #hellouk #badarsetimepeople #musicislife #music #onceuponapopstarpast #whenyoualwaysknewyourwritingwouldbeyourcarreerandthensuddenlyyouareontopofthepopsat16yearsold #lifeisweird #thankyouandgoodnight
Amy Studt Jun 06, 2018
Dear Australia, despite your ridiculously cruel (for me) and strict smoking regulations (seriously, I’m outside!) I’ve felt very welcome in your beautiful and bizarre country. You are a fricken marvel. Your rainforests, outback, mountains, gorges, shores, crocodile filled waters, wildlife bursting from every crack in the wall, history and people are fascinating. P.s seeing the moon look like a half filled glass of wine rather than disappearing from the side made my mind gently bend x I’ve been brainstorming idea’s for my live show and have some really exciting things I’ve already started to put together. I also always get super strong song ideas when I travel, got at least 4 solid ones that I’m currently massaging. About to say goodbye to the north and carry on down to #Sydney #Adelaide #melbourne #brisbane #byronbay . This is the most beautiful honeymoon ever and I can’t tell you how happy I am. X Ghost Culture Amy Studt #amystudt #amystudtofficial #married #wedding #honeymoon #australia
Amy Studt Jun 03, 2018
@lenadunham @nayyirah.waheed ❤️✊🏻😌🙌💋 @amystudtofficialmusic #lenadunham #nayyirahwaheed #amystudtofficial #amystudt
Amy Studt May 16, 2018
In 3 days time (this Saturday!) I will be marrying the best man I have ever met. The best, kindest, most loving and supportive man. He loves every part of me and my crazy and treasures the parts of me that I sometimes wish were not there. I’ve never really known what this kind of genuine love was like before. It always had to hurt for me to feel it. But this is a whole new world baby! He teaches me how to love in the most natural, most honest way. I cannot WAIT to marry you!!! You are my fucking everything and my whole world! ⭐️🌊😌😆🎉 Life is glorious and beautiful. Thank you for coming into my life. Xxx Amy Studt Ghost Culture ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ #amystudt #ghostculture
Amy Studt May 12, 2018
Roughly marking out one of my songs for guitar to click track at Bark Studios. La la la. @brian.ono, Amy Studt & @Toby Kid #amystudt #newmusic #newalbum #barkstudios ❤️
Amy Studt Apr 29, 2018
#sundaysinning #amystudt #amystudtofficial Amy Studt #fuckyouworldkindofday #handmethecigarettesnightnurseandwritingpad
Amy Studt Apr 12, 2018
I’m in Paris for interesting things... ; ) Sara Moon for Biba 1970’s. #Saramoon #biba #paris #france #excitingthings #amystudt #amystudtofficial @amystudtofficialmusic #fridakahlo #life #music #create #beauty #art #love
Amy Studt Mar 17, 2018
I MASTERED MY ALBUM YESTERDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh. My. God. It was such a wonderful day and I couldn’t be more over the moon. I can die now. Thank you #tobykidd : ) ! So much. Now to secretly show some special people ; ) x @amystudtofficialmusic #amystudt #amystudtofficial #barkstudios #nigelateditsuite #life #love #art #music #lifeswork #happy #overthemoon #bestdayever