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False Smiles (New Version)
Amy Studt with Great silkie and Lou Holm at Tom Thumb Theatre (March 15, 2019)
Venue: Tom Thumb Theatre (Margate, UK) Find tickets
Amy Studt with Richard Studt and Joe Studt at St Pancras Old Church (July 5, 2019)
Venue: St Pancras Old Church (London, UK) Find tickets
Amy Studt Feb 21, 2019
15th March... follow link in bio! @amystudtofficialmusic #single #music #newalbum #Repost crocodilelaboratories #amystudt #news
Amy Studt Feb 15, 2019
Hi x 4 weeks till my first single release of this record! Team meetings yesterday, rehearsals begin this weekend. #rehearsing #firstsingle #newalbum #amystudt @amystudtofficialmusic
Amy Studt Jan 31, 2019
I’m playing a small set TONIGHT at Paper Dress Vintage through Karousel Music and SESAC along side World Machine Etaoin and KHUSHI If you haven’t bought your tickets yet, get moving! Tickets through my Songkick account. See you on the other side! #live #gigs #music #album #newmusic #rehearsing #amystudt @amystudtofficialmusic
Amy Studt Jan 29, 2019
Happy Independent venue week! Support your independent venues lovely people. And on that note, don’t forget to buy tickets for the show I’m playing at @paperdressvintage this Thursday (tickets through my Songkick account). Can’t wait! #IVW2019 #live #amystudt @amystudtofficialmusic Karousel Music SESAC World Machine Etaoin KHUSHI
Amy Studt Jan 28, 2019
This Wednesday I’m speaking on a panel. See below. : ) #Repost Handle Recruitment ・・・ LAST FEW TICKETS LEFT! Link on our bio 👆🏽 Our first event of 2019 in conjunction with YGN we'll be looking at Positivity & Purpose in the Music Industry, hosted at Kobalt Music Hear how our panel survived the setbacks of the music industry and continued to build their careers with positivity and purpose. Our inspirational panel of speakers have been there and done it! Gain an insight into how they have coped with physical and mental illness, redundancy, business relationships going awry or commercial setbacks. Speakers Infecta - Artist/Songwriter, FAAM - I&I @jamesendeacott- A&R/Manager, 1965 Records/Soho Radio Catriona Lundie Gourlay - Senior Consultant, Handle Recruitment @amystudtofficialmusic - British Singer-Songwriter and Actress @alexedwardsuk- A&R / Manager, Nice Swan Records #musicindustry #networking #events #mentalhealth
Amy Studt Jan 23, 2019
Happy to announce I will be playing a small set as my first gig of the year on the 31st January at Paper Dress in London for the Karousel x SESAC East London January IVW 2019 Showcase. Get your tickets now! This is the first of many gigs this year and I'm so excited! See you there! Amy Studt KHUSHI World Machine Etaoin
Amy Studt Jan 23, 2019
March 15th...
Amy Studt Jan 22, 2019
Big post happening tomorrow morning! Get. Ready. #bignews #amystudt @amystudtofficialmusic
Amy Studt Jan 22, 2019
Oh how will I ever sleep!!! Such big news coming! Just finished my team meeting and the filming of the announcement video. First of many big announcements in the next couple of days! Eeeeee! This is set to be the best year ever! X #salvadordali #newalbum #yearahead #music #amystudt @amystudtofficialmusic
Amy Studt Jan 06, 2019
ANNOUNCEMENT! It begins! 2019 is gonna be a big year and I’m about to start booking shows. Give me a follow on Songkick in the link below to be one of the first to know when I’m playing and book your tickets. I’m so excited to get back on stage again! #amystudt #live #songkick @amystudtofficialmusic
Amy Studt Jan 04, 2019
Dosing off on my drive home from today’s meeting in London to @maxrichtermusic ‘s Sleep album. So many announcements to come and very exciting times but for now, sleep. #amystudt #album @amystudtofficialmusic
Amy Studt Jan 04, 2019
#amystudt @amystudtofficialmusic
Amy Studt Dec 29, 2018
When I think I am too much of a perfectionist and then I see my fathers manuscripts. #manuscript #dadknowsbest #richardstudt #amystudt @amystudtofficialmusic
Amy Studt Dec 27, 2018
Biggest thanks so everyone who listened to my music on @Spotify this year! It’s been a lovely year! #2018ArtistWrapped #amystudt @amystudtofficialmusic
Amy Studt Dec 17, 2018
Meetings and Merriment. #radio #albumplan #nightout #amystudt @amystudtofficial
Amy Studt Dec 13, 2018
Oh my! Next year I’d set to me verrrrry exciting! Hold onto your hats people, IT’S COMING.....!!! #album #newalbum #newmusic #amystudt @amystudtofficialmusic Taiwanese photographer Wang Shuang (1820-1978)
Amy Studt Nov 09, 2018
I was in the studio with Ghost Culture yesterday. Ok, let’s finally break our pact of never working together. #synthsgalore #synths #writing #newmusic #ghostculture #amystudt @amystudtofficialmusic
Amy Studt Nov 07, 2018
“Black out, here it comes again. Lights out, through the falling glitter dark descends. Heart beat, why do you fail me now? In the night streets, wailing sirens out...” #lyrics #album3 #amystudt @amystudtofficialmusic
Amy Studt Oct 22, 2018
Nearly finished my new recording studio build and my childhood piano just arrived 🎼 #recordingstudio #building #piano #music #writing #recording #amystudt @amystudtofficialmusic
Amy Studt Oct 08, 2018
Post Auditions Face. The team is growing, final round of auditions this coming Saturday. I don’t think I’ve ever been this busy in my whole life. My husband is wondering where his wife has gone. #album #music #mylife #theatre #directing #acting #single #amystudt Amy Studt
Amy Studt Sep 29, 2018
Auditions Day. #amystudt @amystudtofficial ‘The wonders within your head’ (1938)
Amy Studt Sep 11, 2018
Hello face. There has been so much going on behind the scenes and I can’t wait to start sharing it! #amystudt @amystudtofficialmusic
Amy Studt Aug 15, 2018
... And when the sun curves it’s way down and the stillness of the night seeps in through the cracks in the walls, I sit by the piano side and remember when it was just you and I. Paper and ink. And I remember my home once again. I’ve missed you. Simon Quaglio - The Queen Of The Night from Mozart’s Magic Flute 1818 #songwriting #myfirstlove Amy Studt #amystudt
Amy Studt Aug 03, 2018
#rehearsing #live #amystudt Amy Studt
Amy Studt Jul 07, 2018
“The sound stops when I face the ground. And the earth closes in around me.” #lyrics #newmusic #amystudt Amy Studt