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False Smiles (New Version)
Amy Studt at Elsewhere (August 31, 2019)
Venue: Elsewhere (Margate, UK) Find tickets
Amy Studt Aug 16, 2019
ANNOUNCEMENT! I am so happy to finally announce the Official Music Video for 'Chapter 4 - Overdose' by wonderful artist and friend Leon Hatcher. Thank you so much for making this Leon! Let me know what you guys think and if you love it, give it a share. X Stream / download: #overdose #musicvideo #amystudt @amystudtofficialmusic Lyrics: Tell me do you hear my heart pound, Two more, in the night, I feel the life in me slip out the back door. And I don't really think you'd notice, If I never came in at all. Tell me would you trade my freedom, for your pride and your goals? I've been planning weeks and months, to make this dream come true, No more me and no more you's. No more no more. And I don't really think you notice. But you're the only one that sees. I wonder would I trade your freedom, For my love and my fears? I don't really think you know that. Tell me would you feel the same? And I don't really think you notice, Every time I call your name. In this light I see your face, come to me. So tell me stories, like you used to do. Read me Sartre or Edgar Allen Poe, Let me rest my head here, putting pennies in the wall, Filling up the bottles, just to keep us warm. Keep me warm. Tell me do you hear my heart pound? I'll be in soon.
Amy Studt Aug 15, 2019
Big thank you s to the lovely Jonathan Currinn at CelebMix for his/their thoughtful review of my 4th Chapter single Overdose. If you fancy a read, head to the link here💫:- #review #press #single #overdose #mentalhealthawareness #amystudt @amystudtofficialmusic CROC RCRDS LDN
Amy Studt Aug 14, 2019
'Chapter 4 - Overdose’ official video is coming very soon. Consider this a tease! Stream / download:
Amy Studt Aug 14, 2019
Brutal camping. It went from blazing heat beach time, fearing sun stroke with no shade or escape from the scorching (fuck you tent no.1) to then being hit with a storm of 50mph winds and rain, all tent pegs failing, tent barely staying up, water coming in, damp, not much sleep and pissing in the dark in a cooking pot unable to leave the tent. Haha. Came away from the break more tired then when we arrived. But so happy to be home and in my own bed again. You can’t always have the best time. Now that I’m back, I’m happy to get stuck back into work. •Artwork for album now complete and off to printers. •New gig in the books at Elsewhere in Margate on the 31st August. •And THE VIDEO for Overdose by @leonhatcher coming sooooon. #holiday #albumartwork #albumprinting #vinyl #live #musicvideo #amystudt @amystudtofficialmusic
Amy Studt Aug 11, 2019
Beautiful review of Overdose! Have a read! Thank you so much Christopher Nosnibor xxx : )
Amy Studt Aug 11, 2019
This latest chapter, chapter 4 - Overdose was written at the age of 27 in 2012 and here is a little about it:- “I think this may be the only song I didn’t record with Toby. I wrote it in a psychiatric facility about the experiences that had brought me there. They had a piano in that hospital and that is where I wrote Overdose. When I Ieft hospital I got on a flight to New York and recorded it out there with Matt Boynton. It’s about isolation, being haunted by the past and the present, and being at the end. The “life in me” line was because when I made my last attempt I felt the life seeping out of me and out of the back door of my house up into the night sky: the back door where I would sit and smoke and look at the stars every night. I wanted to erase everything. Every memory I had or anyone had of me, every picture, and just disappear. It’s about that moment of finality: remembering the simplicity and beauty of something, the beginning of falling in love; feeling very alone and wishing you could go back and something pulls you back. A very small and fragile hope. It doesn’t scare me to talk openly about my experiences, tho I am aware that they may make some people uncomfortable. But I can only be true as to why these songs were written, for myself as a way to expel, express and document.” #recovery #mentalhealthawareness #overdose #hope #mentalillness #bipolar #anxiety #newmusic #alexanderrodchenko #amystudt @amystudtofficialmusic Alexander Rodchenko, Points, Composition No. 119, 1920
Amy Studt Aug 09, 2019
Thank you Cargo Records UK! Woo! X
Amy Studt Aug 09, 2019
‘Chapter 4 - Overdose’ is released TODAY! It’s one of the most personal songs on the album (also one of my favourites). I hope you enjoy it! x Stream / download: @amystudtofficialmusic #amystudt CROC RCRDS LDN Artwork by Finn Kidd & Amy Studt. Photography by Amy Studt.
Amy Studt Aug 08, 2019
TOMORROW!!!!!!!! Release day!!!! I am currently on a beach trying to avoid the sun. Here is a picture of me and my brother Hypnocoustics laughing together. #newmusic #single #chapter4 #overdose #amystudt @amystudtofficialmusic
Amy Studt Aug 07, 2019
The new and fourth chapter is coming this Friday!
Amy Studt Aug 05, 2019
Happy Monday 2 bits of news! So it’s my single release THIS Friday!! Can’t wait for you to hear this new song and For you to see the video done by wonderful artist Leon Hatcher ! It’s so perfect, thank you Leon. Also, announcing a new gig in at Elsewhere in Margate, Kent on the 31st August. Tickets available online now! Yesterday I spent all day with the very talented Finn Kidd finishing off the designs for the CD, Vinyl and Indie Shopper Vinyl artwork. Writing the album thank you’s and getting quill ink all over my face and hands. The skies are blue and I feel wonderful. What a gift it is to have all of this around me to be alive and to be finally releasing my material to the world. I feel so blessed to be getting to do this my way and working with such fantastic people. #live #newmusic #mymusic #alive #musiclife #gig #amystudt @amystudtofficialmusic CROC RCRDS LDN
Amy Studt Aug 01, 2019
Sooooo, it’s coming up again! Chapter 4 of this story is released NEXT WEEK Friday 9th August! This is one of my favourite and most personal songs on the record and I can’t wait for you to put those headphones on and close your eyes to it. Get. READY. #chapter4 #newmusic #single #musiclife #happiestgirlintheuniverse #amystudt @amystudtofficialmusic CROC RCRDS LDN Lil Dagova in Robert Wiene’s ‘The Cabinet Of Dr. Caligari’ . 1920
Amy Studt Jul 31, 2019
When I was a little girl from the age of 2 I had a Nanny who I looked up to as almost a second mother. She was full of magic and love and used to cut my cucumber slices into moons and stars. We would paint and play and with her long black hair down to her waist she was my 'fairy goth mother’.At birthdays and Christmas without fail she would spoil us with what we called ‘A Claire Box’ filled to the brim with perfectly decorated and lovingly wrapped trinkets and items of curiosity. I still to this day use the wax seal stamp for my letters that she bought me in one of those boxes. Then one day when I was about 11-12 she just vanished. We searched for her and no one knew where she was. Me and my brother were devastated. Her Nana who I also used to call Nana lived at the end of my road in Bournemouth and I would often walk down there to have tea with her and walk away with some kind of China animal so when Claire disappeared I went to ask her Nana. We were given hints she was in London somewhere so we drove from Bournemouth to try to find her. By some amazing chance, when we walked into a pub to find their bathrooms there she was. We were so over joyed! I cried and cried. From what I remember there was a funfair and we spent the day together, tho my memories of my childhood can often not be trusted entirely. But she never returned after that day. Me and my brother felt the loss greatly for a long long time. Years later she got back in touch and started trying to build bridges. Anyway, at my St Pancras Show there she was. With her son at her side and we had a long hug and a short but emotional talk. She told me she would like to send me something and asked for an address and two days ago, this is what I received. I can’t tell you the mixed and overwhelming feelings I felt opening ‘A Claire Box’ for the first time again. Every detail down to the hand painted wrapping. The soft ribbons holding hidden packages. The handmade paper machete boat decorated with memories from my life and lyrics from my songs, pictures important to me... It is the most beautiful gift I’ve ever received and I will treasure it forever. Thank you Claire x so happy to have you back in my life again. X
Amy Studt Jul 24, 2019
Sold out in less than an hour! Wow!! Amazing feeling!! Bring. This. Album. On. #amystudt @amystudtofficialmusic Cargo Records UK CROC RCRDS LDN
Amy Studt Jul 24, 2019
BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! Super early bird ultra limited edition album launch show ticket (October 9th- The Victoria, Dalston) and LP bundle which features the special edition clear vinyl! With this purchase you will get entry to the show and the LP. (It will be shipped from the Cargo Records UK.) We will announce the general pre-orders for the album very soon and we will have the LP at the show but this is a cheaper and more special way to get it as early as possible! Follow the link below lovelies! #earlybird #bundle #preorder #amystudt @amystudtofficialmusic CROC RCRDS LDN
Amy Studt Jul 23, 2019
How I feel today. BIG BIG ANNOUNCEMENT TOMORROW! First come first served and VERY limited. Tomorrow is a tripple whammy post. Late morning! Be there! Today is a photoshoot day! Can’t wait! #announcement #bignews #album #photoshoot Pic of the fabulous #elizabethmossofficial #madmen #amystudt @amystudtofficialmusic
Amy Studt Jul 21, 2019
A well needed weekend rest with my man of all men and my babes. It’s difficult with our busy lives to spend quality time together away from work and to value it as precious when so much “important” work is happening for both of us and we’ve both been guilty of it. So it has meant a lot to be back in our home in Margate, strolling by the still waters in the warm air. Eating good food etc etc. Feeling grateful. This week coming is set to be exciting and busy with a photoshoot, BIG announcements, meetings and such like. Can’t wait. Keep those eyes peeled!! #announcements #family #home #photoshoots #bichonfrise #cockapoo #music #album #live #amystudt @amystudtofficialmusic Ghost Culture
Amy Studt Jul 15, 2019
Cover feature interview by me with the lovely Paulie Paul at The Phacemag about my recovery and getting back to this album release. Have a little read if you fancy! Link below:- Thanks guys! X #press #interview #newmusic #recovery #bipolar #anxiety #freedom #amystudt @amystudtofficialmusic Photography by @emmaalouisesmith
Amy Studt Jul 14, 2019
While I was singing yesterday at Lion Coffee + Records the wonderful and talented artist Adam Oczkowicz was sat cross legged at the front sketching quietly away. He designed the art for my special batch of hand screen printed t-shirts and is an amazing human being. Here is the fruits of his doodling labours. ❤️ Thank you adam! #sketch #art #livemusic #gig #amystudt @amystudtofficialmusic CROC RCRDS LDN hd hausmann Lyla Foy
Amy Studt Jul 14, 2019
Tonight was so lovely. Thank you so much to everyone who came and all the new friends I made. Thank you Lion Coffee + Records CROC RCRDS LDN hd hausmann (you were stunning) Lyla Foy #live #gig #acoustic #amystudt @amystudtofficialmusic
Amy Studt Jul 13, 2019
Thank you so much to for writing about my gig tomorrow! Feeling blessed. : ) Much love to you! #live #gigs #press #amystudt @amystudtofficialmusic CROC RCRDS LDN Lion Coffee + Records
Amy Studt Jul 12, 2019
Me and my girl Lyla Foy #band #live #gig #amystudt @amystudtofficialmusic CROC RCRDS LDN Lion Coffee + Records
Amy Studt Jul 12, 2019
Rehearsing! Can’t wait for tomorrow! Sun is shining x look at this beautiful lady Lyla Foy . Lion Coffee + Records CROC RCRDS LDN #live #gig #musiclife #amystudt @amystudtofficialmusic
Amy Studt Jul 12, 2019
The next gig is tomorrow!! An intimate, stripped down afternoon set at Lion Coffee + Records along side hd hausmann (4pm-8pm). Come drink coffee, buy records and enjoy some music! Tickets here! #live #music #newmusic #gig #amystudt @amystudtofficialmusic CROC RCRDS LDN
Amy Studt Jul 11, 2019
Big thankings to Vents Magazine Street Team Page (#Ventsmagazine)for your piece about my upcoming show this Saturday at Lion Coffee + Records with @hd_hausmann ! Much love to you! Link in the bio 🆙 #press #live #gig #lioncoffeerecords #amystudt @amystudtofficialmusic