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Trippin' with Dr Faustus
The Octopus
The Astronaut Dismantles Hal
Echo Street (Bonus Edition)
Amplifier Aug 22, 2019
Here's a nice piece I did for Space Rocks after we went to hang out at the rocket hall in the science museum. I'm doing all my interviews in museums from now on... Really mega excited about doing this show.
Amplifier Jul 03, 2019
We're please to announce that Amplifier will be doing a special one off show at SPACE ROCKS at Indigo at the London O2 arena for the international day of space culture hosted by ESA the european space agency on SATURDAY 21st SEPTEMBER 2019 Come and join us for a day of intergalactic wonder and pure science nerdiness and then a nice evening of epic space rock to round it off. Event tickets available from the official site Highly recommended.
Amplifier Jul 01, 2019
Extremely cool news on Weds
Amplifier May 18, 2019
The recording artiste's superior low calorie meal.
Amplifier May 16, 2019
I use this many utensils when I cook a meal as well.
Amplifier Apr 26, 2019
We held it back - but here's Adriano Gazza'z masterpiece. Pre Order The Octopus Vinyl NOW - before it's gone. DOP: Julius Beltrame Producer: Belle Palmer Camera: Laura Henry Camera and Dolly: John Angless Actor: Martin Cowan Actor and crew: John Palmer Runner: Sylvia Gazza Title Graphics: Joseph Rufian Illustrations: Paul Hallows Director, Editor, VFX: Adriano Gazza Thanks to Colin Perrett [email protected] [email protected]
Amplifier Apr 24, 2019
And there it is.
Amplifier Apr 24, 2019
Amplifier's cover photo
Amplifier Apr 24, 2019
Amplifier Apr 05, 2019
They're back!
Amplifier Feb 26, 2019
If you have been waiting for The Octopus Vinyl edition then now is the last chance you have to put your name on the notification list. There will be one pressing. It will be titanic and expensive. That's it.
Amplifier Feb 14, 2019
Because we live in the age of information - we figured you can now tell us where to play instead of having to guess. 150 people = rock show in your town without anyone having to rely on flaky promoters to do their job. Everyone wins. Go here and tell us.
Amplifier Dec 15, 2018
It's big and red. And Wuffy. Between my OCD and Big Muff comes this pedal. Courtesy of Andrzej Sitek
Amplifier Nov 05, 2018
Great to see "O Fortuna" getting really good placement on the Cornish Wave Classic.
Amplifier Nov 01, 2018
Sometimes its the little things that t/rip off your memories
Amplifier Oct 27, 2018
Amplifier Oct 19, 2018
Love The Dutch.
Amplifier Oct 04, 2018
We are saddened to hear of the closing of Sticky Mike's Frog Bar in Brighton at the end of the year. If this much loved and well attended club can't survive in the heart of Brighton - this is a bad sign for the health of our community arts. Big respect to Joe and the gang who are just lovely people. Sad face.
Amplifier Sep 17, 2018
Finally - The Debut Album is re-issued on CD
Amplifier Sep 04, 2018
AMPLIFIER - LIVE AT LUXOR! Hercule Poirot not present. Matmos 09:21 O Fortuna 07:08 Panzer 08:53 Interstellar 11:28 Continuum 10:21 Open Up 06:23 Where The River Goes 07:37 Freakzone 09:27 Kosmos 07:44 The Wave 08:07 The Octopus 10:30 Motorhead 07:36 Airborne 11:59 UFOs 09:18
Amplifier Aug 03, 2018
Oh my
Amplifier Jul 15, 2018
20% off TWDF and Conduit etc
Amplifier Jun 24, 2018
Brighton. Your time has come. Sticky Mikes 9 Middle Street Doors 19:00 Amplifier 20:00 End 22:00 Trains to London till late The 23:00 takes 50mins back to Victoria
Amplifier Jun 24, 2018
Thanks to everyone at Midsummer festival yesterday. What a lovely day. Here's Rampton's tee shirt for your pleasure.
Amplifier Jun 15, 2018
Important Rockosmos Communique