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Among Savages Aug 24, 2019
Its hard to not think about the little ones and the shit storm their elders are leaving behind for them to deal with. I wish I had more power - but would I lose my perspective if I did? Is perspective the power I am wishing I had? Feeling a lot these days. Hug your people.
Among Savages Apr 24, 2019
Memphis! Tron! @tronian
Among Savages Apr 01, 2019
Happening now!!!
Among Savages Mar 28, 2019
Playing on Tuesday April 2 in Nashville @theflamingonashville - free, 8pm. Lots of new songs from upcoming release. Come and bring a friend!! My brother @brotherjamesbarbee is showing some new art work so come early! 📸 by the wickedly talented @riverjordanphoto - thank you for documenting my life changing so much All star band: @saytheidea - @topfreakdaddy - @aaron_tiem
Among Savages Mar 28, 2019
Show in Nashville at Flamingo Cocktail CLUB April 2 at 8pm. Free show. Playing lots of new tracks and a handful of oldies. Please come get involved!
Among Savages Feb 28, 2019
Playing with my good buddy @tjcinnamons tomorrow!! @megelsier opening at 9
Among Savages Feb 03, 2019
Beautiful day with my beautiful son @osodahlgy
Among Savages Jan 13, 2019
My brilliant sister @evanbarbee is starting a series on the enneagram tonight in Nashville. This is a series and tonight is the first!! I am so inspired by her drive to enrich the community around her - you can find out more at
Among Savages Dec 21, 2018
Among Savages Dec 09, 2018
I am remembering the good times making this Christmas record with my buddy Mark Crozier over 3 days of a very rainy holiday season.
Among Savages Nov 16, 2018
Super proud of how these ladies and gentleman pulled this one together. I had the pleasure of producing these tracks for the upcoming EP for The Mots Noveaux. Thank you Clay Schmitt for crushing the mix and happy birthday!!! Check out the video for the first single here!
Among Savages Sep 08, 2018
Always good to see these letters lit up in this order! @canonblue
Among Savages Aug 20, 2018
VAIN GAMES XL (episode 40): The Resurrection Begins - since @amongsavages disappearance one year ago.. his anguishing fans have no answers. If you have information regarding the whereabouts of one of the worlds most beloved artists.. please contact @tjcinnamons #amongsavages #vaingames #neverforget #schoolies #susuki #diesel #mountains #rockymountainnationalpark
Among Savages Aug 13, 2018
A very expensive hobby @fairfunk
Among Savages Aug 13, 2018
Awesome to see the homey @raylandishere in ft Collins tonight. That dude is fighting the good fight. Inspiration to me! Keep going wildcat!
Among Savages Aug 09, 2018
Two feathers and a marble. River gifts from a very cool 5 year old.
Among Savages Aug 08, 2018
LONG TRAVEL. Hopped on my dirtbike and he kicked over first try after 5 weeks of sitting. About to eat 9lbs of ramen. IM BACK!!
Among Savages Aug 07, 2018
Bye NYC! What a wild few weeks. So glad that I got to see so many great friends and to the ones I missed this round - you’re top of the list for next time! Onward to the Rocky Mountains!
Among Savages Aug 03, 2018
Typical subway experience with @frito_laydy + @emmaleefitz
Among Savages Jul 29, 2018
Me rn
Among Savages Jul 28, 2018
Friendly reminder to all of you NYC people that the show starts at 10pm tonight @rockwoodmusichall room 3 (the downstairs venue) - playing an acoustic set supporting @rodrigoaranjuelo and @themotsnouveaux ! Come hang!!
Among Savages Jul 26, 2018
Gonna play a quick set in nyc on Saturday at @rockwoodmusichall room 3 opening for the super fun @themotsnouveaux and @rodrigoaranjuelo 10pm sharp! Come out if you’re in the city!!
Among Savages Nov 28, 2017
Thanks for choosing If You See Her as your track of the day!!
Among Savages Oct 16, 2017
This is a link to my brothers Big Heart Fund. Many of you have probably seen us play music together!