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Amon Tobin Apr 18, 2019
velvet owl comes finally home to roost but goes unnoticed. what does a giant feathered specter have to do to get some love?! #VelvetOwl
Amon Tobin Apr 18, 2019
Very few copies remain of Electronic Sound 52 featuring an exclusive Nomark Sampler 7-inch. Order your copy now before it's too late:
Amon Tobin Apr 17, 2019
‪Preorder Fear in a Handful of Dust on iTunes: Fear in a Handful of Dust by Amon Tobin ‬
Amon Tobin Apr 17, 2019
Due to popular demand, a second Pitchblack Playback session has been set up in London at 8:15 next week, 23 April.
Amon Tobin Apr 10, 2019
Listening party in NYC on April 23rd with an in-person Q&A with Amon Tobin. Free with RSVP.
Amon Tobin Apr 08, 2019
Pre-order my new record, Fear in a Handful of Dust:
Amon Tobin Apr 05, 2019
We’re delighted to announce that Electronic Sound Magazine has a cover feature with Amon Tobin in their newest issue, available from April 11th. Not only is there an extensive interview with Amon, there is also a limited edition 7” Nomark Sampler featuring ‘On a Hilltop Sat The Moon” by Amon Tobin and 'King of Kong' by Only Child Tyrant, available with this issue. The Nomark sampler is the only 7” version of “On a Hilltop” that’s ever likely to exist AND we’re introducing Only Child Tyrant to you, with a track from their forthcoming album. It is a very limited edition (approximately 500 copies) and when it’s gone, it’s gone. You can get it here. Treat yourselves.
Amon Tobin Apr 04, 2019
Credit to Andres Bajio Bass
Amon Tobin Apr 03, 2019
‎Fear in a Handful of Dust by Amon Tobin on iTunes
Amon Tobin Apr 01, 2019
This video by Christian Moeller is an experiment in the architecture of sincerity. Various subjects were challenged to hold a sincere smile for what seems like an eternity. The song addresses our tendency to present a view of ourselves that is happier and more confident than we really are. The video coincidentally touches on similar themes. It applies to women in particular who are still habitually directed to smile.
Amon Tobin Mar 29, 2019
's cover photo
Amon Tobin Mar 26, 2019
When strangers ask you to smile, do you:
Amon Tobin Mar 22, 2019
Amon Tobin Mar 20, 2019
Out Friday March 22. Reddit AMA Noon PST.
Amon Tobin Mar 20, 2019
Back to it
Amon Tobin Mar 20, 2019
Last week in Paris @ NF-34
Amon Tobin Mar 19, 2019
Amon Tobin Mar 18, 2019
Reddit AMA on Friday, 3/22 at 12pm PST. Subscribe to r/electronicmusic and tune in!
Amon Tobin Mar 18, 2019
Two Fingers live at BangFace
Amon Tobin Mar 18, 2019
Amon Tobin Mar 18, 2019
Amon Tobin Mar 17, 2019
Last night in Lille. #Bangface tonight!