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Amon Tobin Aug 24, 2019
Set a reminder and tune into KCRW tonight from 10PM PT (5AM UTC). Jason Bentley’s Metropolis radio show will be featuring a special guest mix from Amon Tobin:
Amon Tobin Aug 21, 2019
Tonight is the night, join Amon Tobin, Tsuruda, Yppah and Aztek (Official) at LA's iconic 1720 Warehouse. Tickets available here: Videography by @Erinn Clancy
Amon Tobin Aug 21, 2019
Tomorrow's line up will include support from Tsuruda, Yppah and Aztek (Official). Tickets for the 1720 Warehouse show are going fast, get yours now!
Amon Tobin Aug 20, 2019
Amon Tobin presents Two Fingers' upcoming show on August 21, playing at LA's iconic 1720 Warehouse. Tickets are now on sale: Videography by Erinn Clancy
Amon Tobin Aug 15, 2019
Click click bloop because modules
Amon Tobin Aug 09, 2019
Hey Brooklyn, are you in the neighbourhood tonight? Come stop by Elsewhere!
Amon Tobin Aug 07, 2019
Washington DC, stop by the U Street Music Hall this Thursday evening for a special Amon Tobin presents Two Fingers DJ set ✌🎶 Get your tickets now: Two Fingers DJ footage by vyvy thai 📷
Amon Tobin Aug 06, 2019
Brooklyn, New York! Stop by Elsewhere this Friday and raise Two Fingers. Get your tickets now:
Amon Tobin Aug 02, 2019
Amon Tobin Aug 01, 2019
The bare root of a song being worked on. Most of it is in my head at this point of course so likely doesn’t sound like much, still...Pretty harmonics.
Amon Tobin Jul 30, 2019
August 9, Brooklyn's Elsewhere will be getting the Two Fingers treatment. Get your tickets now:
Amon Tobin Jul 28, 2019
Amon Tobin Jul 27, 2019
Denver! Tonight at Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom!
Amon Tobin Jul 25, 2019
Only Child Tyrant
Amon Tobin Jul 24, 2019
In the eight years since ISAM I've developed six different projects, each with its own distinct sonic aesthetic. Two of them, including my own name releases and my Two Fingers alias, are established already. Only Child Tyrant is the first of these to come out entirely fresh as a new moniker on my label Nomark. The album is rooted in catchy upbeat recordings which could arguably be described as the most accessible of the music touched on in early 'Amon Tobin' records. That is to say, prior to the more experimental electronic direction I've chosen to develop under my own name since. The energy and spontaneity of those early releases has been captured and developed fully into an entity of its own, with added surprises along the way, not least of which is a guest vocal appearance by Figueroa, who will see his own debut on Nomark in the forthcoming months.
Amon Tobin Jul 24, 2019
Denver! Stop by the Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom on July 26. Two Fingers will be playing out some heavy beats. Get your tickets here:
Amon Tobin Jul 20, 2019
Tune into BBC Radio 6, Amon Tobin will be joining Nemone's Electric Ladyland:
Amon Tobin Jul 19, 2019
Amon Tobin’s first dedicated foray into sound design as a basis for music production. The idea to bring foley techniques traditionally reserved for movie production into an entirely musical realm continues to be explored.
Amon Tobin Jul 18, 2019
Having some fun with a system 35
Amon Tobin Jul 16, 2019
Timeline Photos
Amon Tobin Jul 11, 2019
Experiments patching in zero gravity
Amon Tobin Jul 06, 2019
It was pretty great being in the studio with Thijs and J this last week. Two Fingers ‘Stunt Rhythms’ was after all strongly influenced by Noisia. Thijs also introduced me to Ivy Lab’s music some time ago and I’ve been a massive fan ever since. So now I have the good fortune of working with both here at my studio and couldn’t ask for more talented collaborators. Check out what we got up to in this week's Noisia Radio!
Amon Tobin Jul 05, 2019
You asked us for more collabs with Ivy Lab…… we’re on the case jamming through sketches
Amon Tobin Jul 02, 2019
Atlanta! Looking forward to bringing Two Fingers to Variety Playhouse on Saturday, July 27! Get tickets here:
Amon Tobin Jul 02, 2019
Only 3 days remaining on Only Child Tyrant's Bandcamp Vinyl Campaign!