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Amiensus Apr 16, 2019
The gorgeous new reprint of our first album Restoration is now IN and we will begin shipping this week. Here it is compared to the original print. Keep in mind, this one has a few special differences including the remaster of the tracks. Grab one while they last! ------->
Amiensus Mar 25, 2019
Amiensus and Oak Pantheon are Extremely happy to announce today that Gathering and Gathering II have been made into a very limited (100 copies) vinyl press by Casus Belli Musica and Beverina Productions! They will begin shipping 5/1/19, and are available on the labels Bandcamp! Grab one before they're gone! -------->
Amiensus Mar 19, 2019
Luckily we don't have to remember a lot of birthdays in Amiensus because today is bass player and napkin conneseur Todd Farnham 's birthday, as well as guitarist and boy band lover Kelsey Roe 's. Wish these two hunks of man meat a happy birthday, or simply comment "ur daddy gave ya good advice"
Amiensus Mar 16, 2019
It's been just over 6 years, so we're absolutely delighted to announce a partnership with Casus Belli Musica and Beverina Productions for the re-release of our first LP, "Restoration", which has been remastered by Nick Stanger of Ashbringer. We will launch pre-orders for these on our bandcamp, which will be released on May 1st, 2019. As always, we will ship internationally, though we encourage our EU fans to order from the label if worried about shipping as the cost will be much lower than ours. We will also be announcing a Vinyl of 2 albums shortly with these two... Thanks for your patience in waiting for us to finally get these redone and restocked!
Amiensus Mar 06, 2019
This summer we'll be playing a bunch of new songs with our friends in Ghost Bath, Graveslave, and some killer Minnesota bands. May be the only shot to see us live in 2019 so we'll make it a special one.
Amiensus Feb 13, 2019
Back in December we shot a video for a new song that some of you got to hear us play on tour in September. We almost went to jail along with Trevor Sweeney Media while filming, which was totally worth it. Can't wait to share the full song and video with you in the future...
Amiensus Feb 10, 2019
We've been a little quiet this year because it takes a lot of planning to finish a 3rd album... and some other news for the near future. We'll throw out some clips of new material sooner rather than later, but for now, remember this classic off our last full length, Ascension
Amiensus Jan 04, 2019
2/3rds of Gathering II now available on Spotify for all of you streamers - other streaming platforms will be just a a short time!
Amiensus Jan 01, 2019
Happy 6th birthday to Restoration, our debut album. As always, it's a free download to show our appreciation. Thanks for your support over the last 6 years!
Amiensus Dec 06, 2018
Spotify may not pay out very well, but seeing these numbers is pretty darn cool. Thanks for all your support this year- more music in 2019!
Amiensus Nov 21, 2018
Another year of capitalist holidays has come! Starting Thursday, all our merch and music will be 6.66$ !!!!! Enjoy this clip of a new song while you're at it. Eat some tofurkey If you're American.
Amiensus Nov 14, 2018
Gathering I and II go back to back quite nicely, don't you think?
Amiensus Nov 08, 2018
Have you picked up Gathering II yet?! We hope enjoy the music we've come to create over the years thanks to our friendship with Oak Pantheon. We promise there will definitely be more. Pickup a copy on Bandcamp today!
Amiensus Nov 05, 2018
Amiensus Nov 05, 2018
Gathering II Five years to the date since Gathering - 11/05/2013 We hope you enjoy this as much as we did making it- we brought back some old teammates and collaborated with Oak Pantheon for the first time (we should definitely do it again) so this one will surely remain special to us for a long time. Thanks NO CLEAN SINGING for the premiere again!
Amiensus Nov 03, 2018
Now is the time to Arise! Gathering II 11/5/2018 Oak Pantheon// Amiensus
Amiensus Oct 01, 2018
Hey guys, As promised, the Bandcamp Merch store is updated, with 2 new items as well (new shirt and koozie's available). The last day of the tour, while in British Columbia, we blew a spark plug that stripped the head. It ended up costing us over a grand USD and got us stuck for a couple days in the beautiful city of Kelowna. As we have the new album to finish for you guys, we were considerably set back and put in debt due to this. Hopefully there is something available in the merch store for you, as we will not ask for handouts in this situation. We will continue to put out audio and video from tour as we work on the album going forward as well, since we played 2 new songs for the whole trip!
Amiensus Sep 29, 2018
As promised, here's the first peek into one of our performances from the Isolation and Absolution Tour. Check out Chris on the drum cam on a brand new unreleased song we played in Sante Fe, NM! Big thanks to Los Cabos Drumsticks The Artisan Era Powered by OMEGA................ Oak Pantheon........................
Amiensus Sep 24, 2018
The Isolation and Absolution tour wrapped up with a bang last night in Kelowna, British Columbia. This blurry photo from 2am sums up our relationship with Ashbringer perfectly. We had a killer tour that went from 105°f to 40°f. We are currently working on getting our bus fixed up in Canada at the moment, but will update the Bandcamp when we return home. There are so many people to thank for hanging out, letting us crash at their place, or just getting to meet and talk to for the first time after years of online friendship. Special thanks to the bands that joined us for multiple dates of the tour- Aprilmist, ATRIARCH, and Apollyon, who crushed it every time and made us bring our A Game.. and our sponsors and labels The Artisan Era, Prosthetic Records, Los Cabos Drumsticks, and Powered by OMEGA. Audio and video of the tour to come for those who missed out!
Amiensus Sep 18, 2018
Hey Pacific Northwest! We have 5 dates left of this tour with Ashbringer starting TONIGHT! Catch us in Eugene, OR at Old Nick's Pub, where we are also joined for a few dates by ATRIARCH! If you're in the area catch a show- this is what you're missing! Helen Kim - 📷
Amiensus Sep 15, 2018
Wow, San Diego knows Prince songs extremely well. We we're fortunate enough to hit the beach yesterday before the show also. Check us on the next episode of Baywatch! Tonight we're slinging horns and smoking beers in Los Angeles at the 5 Star Bar with Ashbringer, Deathkings and Event Horizon!
Amiensus Sep 14, 2018
Spent our day racing through the Arizona desert with out air conditioning at 105°f. Needless to say, we are ready to jump in the ocean in San Diego. We resume the Isolation and Absolution Tour with Ashbringer and special guests KANOK at the Tower Bar tonight!
Amiensus Sep 13, 2018
Enjoying our day off in Arizona today, roasting in the bus with air conditioning, but nonetheless enjoying our time in nature. Tomorrow we get back at it with Ashbringer in San Diego, CA at the Tower Bar, so bring your swim trunks and towels cause we are diving back in. 📷- Todd Farnham
Amiensus Sep 11, 2018
Met up with our former drummer Matthew Paulazzo out in Sante Fe to take some photos of the Milky Way after the show. Ready to sizzle, we are off to El Paso, TX at the Rockhouse Bar & Grill!
Amiensus Sep 09, 2018
KC and Denver were heavy but there's always Denny's to refuel. We are off to Colorado Springs, CO tonight for an enchanting evening of blackened EDM with Ashbringer, INFERI, Warforged, Aprilmist and more at the Triple Nickel Tavern!