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Slovenia 1986 (Live)
Monolith - The Power Remains
Sonic Mass
No Sanctuary - The Spiderleg Recordings
Amebix NGNM Apr 03, 2019
Einstein ,ever the Plagiarist.
Amebix NGNM Apr 02, 2019
well well,looky here.Postie dropped off some goodies. New pressing of Sonic Mass in grey vinyl,ltd 1000 copies,available now from Easyaction. I forgot how wonderful the cover art and layout were,embossed splathead etc,classy work from Andy Lefton and Fin MacAteer (before he lost his mind..) and...Test pressing for the Amebix live 2009 vinyl!
Amebix NGNM Mar 31, 2019
Prague.and Kutna Hora +alchemical museum,now closed down..aww
Amebix NGNM Mar 31, 2019
lovely banner from Rooster at Nightgaunt,now 'disappeared' along with quite a lot of other kit into the ghostly void of County Antrim.good times..bad times.
Amebix NGNM Mar 31, 2019
wondering if this page is still working?> i have cancelled my personal profile and dont see much going on here,so adjusted some settings..anyone there?
Amebix NGNM Jan 11, 2019
At The Gates Shares New Video For "The Mirror Black (Feat. Rob Miller)", New Eps Out Now | Ghost Cult Magazine
Amebix NGNM Jun 28, 2018
AMEBIX - Nobody's Driving (show teaser)
Amebix NGNM Mar 17, 2018
oh,and this one too
Amebix NGNM Mar 17, 2018
Ljublana Novi Rock Festival 1986-photos courtesy of Antonio Zivkovic
Amebix NGNM Dec 04, 2017
Hrvoje Bubić | Interview with Rob (the Baron) Miller | Solin Live
Amebix NGNM Jul 20, 2017
Interview: Tau Cross' Rob Miller on New Record and Being a 'Supergroup'
Amebix NGNM May 27, 2017
More Amebix/Voivod/Misery/War//Plague skullduggery arriving soon;
Amebix NGNM Jan 03, 2017
Rising Up Against Them - fanzine
Amebix NGNM Dec 11, 2016
great pic from Alex Hart, a pup with good taste.
Amebix NGNM Nov 20, 2016
great new song from Stig. check it out
Amebix NGNM Oct 31, 2016
well,this is out there now for anyone who is
Amebix NGNM Mar 01, 2016
Amebix+Voivod+Misery+War//Plague. =Tau Cross First Tour Dates-tickets on sale now!!
Amebix NGNM Feb 05, 2016
cheers to Sepultura for backing the 'Bix first time around.
Amebix NGNM Jan 13, 2016
new re-release of Monolith,finally back in our hands.
Amebix NGNM Dec 10, 2015
Amebix/Voivod/War/Plague and Misery ...who'd a thought it?
Amebix NGNM Dec 03, 2015
Amebix and Voivod-War/Plague and Misery,a good start!
Amebix NGNM Oct 02, 2015
got a spot on the last verse here ;)
Amebix NGNM Sep 18, 2015
Neil Worthington -AKA Virus,rest in peace my friend,thank you for all that you have given in this life. An update on Neil.... It is with great sadness that I have to inform you all that Neil suddenly passed away in the early hours of this morning, we believe due to a pulmonary embolism. This has come as a huge shock as we were only just told he would be coming home next Thursday as he was continuing to make great progress. Words cannot express how devastated the family are, we cannot believe after everything he has been through these past few weeks, fighting so hard and not giving up, after all of the hurdles he overcame and being so close to coming home, he has now gone. I didn’t get chance to tell you all that he was read all of your messages and it really cheered him up so thank you all for those – I hope that brings you some comfort knowing he heard from you all. Neil was the strongest most determined person I know. He was a free spirit and had a real passion for life and all aspects of it. He embraced everything with his heart, he gave much to many people and left a little bit of his soul wherever he went. Rest in peace Neil, you will be sorely missed. Life will never be the same without you. All our love, now and forever x X x Thank you to all of you for your ongoing support throughout this difficult time. Lots of love x X x