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Darkness of Eternity
Magic Forest
Circus Black
End of Eden
The Clouds of Northland Thunder
River of Tuoni
Amberian Dawn Apr 22, 2019
Fly drone, fly !! Cool pic taken at music video shooting session of "Cherish My Memory". Autumn 2018 - Finland
Amberian Dawn Mar 29, 2019
RECORDINGS OF NEW STUDIO ALBUM HAS STARTED We have already given you some clues but here's the official announcement: we have started recording a new studio album. We're all very excited about this project and the direction the music style has developed. Year 2018 was good for us. After we released “Darkness of Eternity” in November 2017 we toured in Europe first with Edenbridge & Manzana and later with Lacuna Coill . Now it's time to concentrate on making some new music. More info coming up later. Stay tuned !!
Amberian Dawn Mar 26, 2019
Someone is in studio tonight...
Amberian Dawn Mar 15, 2019
Just arrived to Osaka - Japan. Next stop hotel & Cold beer
Amberian Dawn Feb 19, 2019
Capri at vampire- Musical rehearsals. Show day 19.5.2019 at @YO-talo - Tampere - Finland
Amberian Dawn Jan 29, 2019
Great news!! We're back in studio working with new material...and WOW...sounds so great right away !!
Amberian Dawn Jan 18, 2019
10 years challenge...Thanks for this pic Amberian Dawn Latinoamérica
Amberian Dawn Jan 14, 2019
How did you liked the painted time lapse video of "Golden Coins" by Jill Colbert? If you didn't catch it's the link:
Amberian Dawn Dec 31, 2018
Happy New Year 2019 everyone. We wish you all the success in the world !!
Amberian Dawn Dec 24, 2018
From all of us to all of you: Merry Christmas !!
Amberian Dawn Dec 20, 2018
Cool pic from our first headliner tour ever in 2017. Picture is taken by Ton Dekkers in Haarlem - Netherlands
Amberian Dawn Dec 11, 2018
Brand new GOLDEN COINS- time lapse video is now online. Song is taken from "Darkness Of Eternity"- album 2017. The video & painting is made by Jill Colbert - Manfish Inc. Check it out and share !!
Amberian Dawn Dec 08, 2018
Thanks to all of our dear 214.000 fans on Spotify. Keep on listening, we will deliver !!
Amberian Dawn Nov 24, 2018
Follow us on INSTAGRAM and TWITTER too. We're going to be more active there in the future !!
Amberian Dawn Nov 23, 2018
Cool review & photos by Folk N Rock from our Milan show with Lacuna Coil:
Amberian Dawn Nov 22, 2018
Cool pics from our previous show in Z7- Pratteln- HARD FORCE:
Amberian Dawn Nov 20, 2018
Well, here it is. Our ABBA- cover song which we played live on our tour with Lacuna Coil. "Lay All Your Love On Me" was really fun for us to play
Amberian Dawn Nov 20, 2018
Cool pics from our show with Lacuna Coil in Leiden - Netherlands:
Amberian Dawn Nov 15, 2018
Yesterday’s feelings in Nuremberg -Germany. Today is the last show of this awesome tour with Lacuna Coil, here in Milan - Italy
Amberian Dawn Nov 14, 2018
Yesterday in in Nuremberg at Der Hirsch
Amberian Dawn Nov 13, 2018
2 days ago we hade great time in Dresden. Tonight in Munich at STROM
Amberian Dawn Nov 11, 2018
Yesterday in Köln was almost sold out!! People rocked the roof off :) Tonight Dresden - Germany at Scheune Dresden
Amberian Dawn Nov 10, 2018
Good gig review for Amberian Dawn & Lacuna Coil by Stalker Magazine here:
Amberian Dawn Nov 10, 2018
Yesterday in Weinheim with Lacuna Coil was great. Tonight Köln and Club Volta.
Amberian Dawn Nov 09, 2018
Last night in Ludwigsburg was awesome. Tonight rockin' in Weinheim - Germany.