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Piano Is Evil
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An Evening With Neil Gaiman & Amanda Palmer (Live)
Theatre Is Evil (Commentary Version)
Theatre Is Evil
Theatre Is Evil
Amanda Palmer Goes Down Under
Amanda Palmer Performs the Popular Hits of Radiohead On Her Magical Ukulele
Who Killed Amanda Palmer
Who Killed Amanda Palmer
Live from Here with Lord Huron, Madison Cunningham, and Amanda Palmer at Detroit Opera House (February 23, 2019)
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Amanda Palmer at Masonic Temple (March 21, 2019)
Venue: Masonic Temple (Detroit, MI, US) Find tickets
Amanda Palmer at Queen Elizabeth Theatre (March 22, 2019)
Venue: Queen Elizabeth Theatre (Toronto, ON, Canada) Find tickets
Amanda Palmer at Monument-National (March 23, 2019)
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Amanda Palmer at National Theatre (April 5, 2019)
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Amanda Palmer at Temple Performing Arts Center - Lew Klein Hall (April 6, 2019)
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Amanda Palmer at Chicago Theatre (April 12, 2019)
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Amanda Palmer at The O'Shaughnessy, St. Catherine University (April 13, 2019)
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Amanda Palmer at Orpheum Theatre (April 19, 2019)
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Amanda Palmer at Beacon Theatre (April 20, 2019)
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Amanda Palmer at The Warfield (May 10, 2019)
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Amanda Palmer at Ace Hotel Los Angeles (May 11, 2019)
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Amanda Palmer at Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre (May 17, 2019)
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Amanda Palmer at Ryman Auditorium (May 18, 2019)
Venue: Ryman Auditorium (Nashville, TN, US) Find tickets
Amanda Palmer at Ryman Auditorium (May 18, 2019)
Venue: Ryman Auditorium (Nashville, TN, US) Find tickets
Amanda Palmer at The Pageant (May 30, 2019)
Venue: The Pageant (St Louis, MO, US) Find tickets
Amanda Palmer at Arvest Bank Theatre at The Midland (May 31, 2019)
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Amanda Palmer at Paramount Theatre (June 1, 2019)
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Amanda Palmer at The Chan Centre for the Performing Arts (June 6, 2019)
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Amanda Palmer at Paramount Theatre (June 7, 2019)
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Amanda Palmer at McMenamin's Crystal Ballroom (June 8, 2019)
Venue: McMenamin's Crystal Ballroom (Portland, OR, US) Find tickets
Amanda Palmer Feb 18, 2019
“to the most beautiful girl in my life listen to this and remember that i loved you and i love you and i will love you for good love jacque” my dear friends musician Rachel Jayson and firefighter clare collar stopped by with their son asa, who turned two today. we threw a pancake breakfast in his honor. and in keeping with their usual general extreme generosity, THEY brought ash a present of a pile of vintage grab-bag vinyl 45s from High Energy Vintage in somerville, MA...and this accidental treasure ballpoint-pen addressed single was spotted, like a rare bird love-letter from the past. here are the full lyrics to this song, “i feel like going home”, by charlie rich: Lord I feel like going home I tried and failed and I`m tired and weary Everything I've done was wrong And I feel like going home Lord I tried to, to see it through But it was too much for me So now I`m coming home to you Yes I feel like going home Cloudy skies are closing in And not a friend around to help me From all the places I have been Lord I feel like going home Lord I feel like going home I tried and I failed and I`m tired and weary Everything I've done was wrong Lord I feel like going home.... happy birthday asa and i love you all for good
Amanda Palmer Feb 16, 2019
speaking of good omens...just snapped a piano bass string while rehearsing the show. it’s gonna be a great tour i’ll tell you what. (for you piano geeks: that’s a C2 string. blammo.) #therewillbenointermission #pianoslayer
Amanda Palmer Feb 15, 2019
the empress’s new clothes. this stunning photo by Allan Amato was taken at the salton sea a few minutes before the official album cover photo for THERE WILL BE NO INTERMISSION...and it’s just as evocative an image as the cover. don’t worry, it’s getting used: it adorns the inside cover of the artbook, and it’s prominently splashed across the inside of the vinyl. i also just took a poll over on the patreon with 7 image options for an official tour posted and this one is way out front by hundreds and hundreds of it looks like i’ll be printin’ this baby. thank you to xine trevino for holding the flash up and assisting us during this shoot, and huge thanks to allan for being such an incredible photographer. dress designed by marc littlejohn. and a reminder: the album drops march 8th and you can still pre-order vinyl, CD, merch, prints, the artbook, and more on my site. patrons get the download for free, plus bonus content, when it drops. links in comments.)
Amanda Palmer Feb 12, 2019
SURPRISE! a new track from THERE WILL BE NO INTERMISSION - "the ride" - just officially dropped on NPR's All Songs Considered. Robin Hilton, the show's host, said: "i've been waiting my whole life for someone to write this song." and yes: this is the sound of me, weeping. this song was inspired by a bill hicks quote that one of my patrons, mike johnson, sent to me when i asked people to tell me what they were afraid of. it's....just a ride. NPR played ALL TEN MINUTES of it which is unprecedented, and humbling. this is the opening track of the album and it's one of my proudest moments of songwriting...ever...and i'm especially emotional about this song because thousands of my patrons helped me and inspired me to write it with stories from their own circles of fear-hell. please go listen, it's the last song on the podcast.... and if you're a patron, i just snuck everybody downloads of the finished song, because that's fair. join the patreon to unlock the link....and a reminder that all patrons will be receiving a download of the WHOLE record on march 8th, plus lots of extras. i love you. everything is gonna be just fine. 🎡
Amanda Palmer Feb 10, 2019
my son requested a portrait “of dada”. did you know i used to be an obsessive etch-a-sketcher? i’d forgotten. my mom has photos of some of my masterpieces from 1983-7....i should dig them up.
Amanda Palmer Feb 08, 2019
LIVE, TONIGHT wonderful soulfriend Maria Popova has written a huge new important book called “Figuring” - now out on legion/random house - and Neil Gaiman and i are both going to perform at her release party in NYC, which she is co-throwing with another author hero of mine, Elizabeth Gilbert. it’s at Pioneer Works in brooklyn, it’s super sold-out, but it is STREAMING LIVE for free at 7pm EST - tune in, info in link. i’ll be playing a song from the forthcoming THERE WILL BE NO INTERMISSION and neil will be reading a poem he wrote. and if i know maria and elizabeth, their conversation will be a deep, entangled, relevant and unmissable one.... and....congratulations to our dear maria. i know how agonizing it is to write a book, and HEY you DID THE THING !!!!!
Amanda Palmer Feb 07, 2019
‪GUESS WHAT SO EXCITED i’m going to be a musical guest on @livefromhereapm with @christhile! DETROIT, feb 23rd. i’m a long time fan of the show, it’s a real honor. you’ll be able to tune in live (anywhere!), info here:
Amanda Palmer Feb 05, 2019
ZEN & THE ART OF BUYING SNOWPANTS....i just came back from a really inspiring weekend retreat with writer/teacher stephen cope, and decided to throw away my morning to post a long spontaneous (public!) blog ....excuse the typos....about souls/performers/moments/teachers/lovers who i've seen in states of total flow and mastery....including ANOHNI, Shannon Wright and many more. open for comments about the state of our own personal unions. comment over on the patreon or here, i'm reading both, would love your thoughts. ALSO: if you're a patron, MONTHLY REMINDER!!!! we lost about 800 of you on the first of the month to declined credit cards! please go check your accounts and make sure your card info is up-to-date....! i love you all this is a heavy month of tour and show prep, but i'll be rearing my ugly head as much as possible from the weeds. x afp
Amanda Palmer Feb 01, 2019
wait, what’s that sound i hear...? is that the sound of ... FREEDOM?? why yes it is, mofos. Amahi Ukuleles, this wonderful little family-run uke company from cincinatti, ohio, sent me these beautiful ukuleles to test-drive and i daresay one of these beauties may wind up being my touring companion this spring when i hit the road. from left to right: the amahi classic bocote UK445, the C-31 and the amahi ukulele bass #2.
Amanda Palmer Feb 01, 2019
my brother!!
Amanda Palmer Jan 31, 2019
aw lookie, the NME covered our podcast! it really has been beautifully received...thank you all for listening and supporting and for all the comments & feedback. one hater at a time, people. and so funny: they used the photo of me looking all... the cyndi lauper x-mas benefit. i barely recognize me. a reminder if you missed it: the patron-version with an extra hour-long interview with me & dylan is HERE (make sure you're logged into patreon to join): ....and otherwise you can go to Dylan Marron's podcast page and get it wherever you get yer podcasts. love over all.
Amanda Palmer Jan 31, 2019
live at glastonbury, 2013. this was indeed from the same photoset in which my left boob was hangin right out of this bra, capturing the attention of a certain UK tabloid . i was wearing this outfit because the entire shipment of stage props and costumes for the grand theft orchestra “theatre is evil” UK leg of tour got somehow waylaid (customs? wrong shipment address? tour manager on crack? i can’t even remember at this point). so we just wore what we had on and.... improvised. i remember it was hot, and my guitarist/keyboardist chad raines literally just wore his underwear and looked pretty fantastic. this was not a stage bra: it could not withstand my awesome moves...and you know the rest...that getty images photo somehow got picked up by the daily mail, who ran an article about “how embarrassing it must have been” a day later, and i laughed, and a day later i took a jog in manchester and wrote a funny song in my head, and the day after that, i played “dear daily mail” in london to a group of 2,000 people at the roundhouse and (naked, to prove my point), a song i am still proud to have only ever played ONCE. so thanks, bra. one false move in the time-bra continuum and that song never would have happened. also: a lesson in rock costuming - there’s no excuse for not looking rock n roll if you have access to a sharpie. just apply to surfaces: instant rock and roll. oh and in case you needed a reminder, daily mail, up yours. (p.s. just stumbled upon this photo posted by whoever is running the @amandapalmer_fanpage on instagram... whoever you are, hey there! nice job. there’s a ton of stuff there i’ve never even seen!)
Amanda Palmer Jan 29, 2019
BOSTON. o, boston. boston....beautiful and complicated land of my upbringing. hometown of cold and pain. birthplace of american liberty, creator of fine baked beans, site of my first blow-job, survivor of the great molasses disaster of 1919. boston....o boston. i am playing my first solo show at the orpheum theater for the THERE WILL BE NO INTERMISSION tour and it means a whole hell of a lot to me. The Dresden Dolls have played there but i’ve never filled the hall myself and i’m gettin’ mighty close...this is the real-time seating chart - you, yes YOU could be one of those lucky little blue dots. this show is going to be one of the most special of the tour, zero doubt. it was only a few blocks from the orpheum that anthony was in chemo, a mile down tremont st from where i lived throughout my 20s and early 30s at the cloud club, one subway stop on the .org we line from the first ill-fated 8-foot records office in chinatown, and literally a stones throw from where i used to strip at the glass slipper (its still there...across the street from the OG location). there’s gonna be a lot of power and a lot of ghosts at this show, my friends. link to all tour tickets is in bio...and on top of it all: it’s on april 19th if you’re from massachusetts, you know what that means. you know. you know. stand your ground. do not fire unless fired upon. but if they mean to start a war...let it begin here. tix:
Amanda Palmer Jan 28, 2019
this is a real tweet that somebody really tweeted. i recently teamed up with Dylan Marron, the creator of the podcast "conversations with people who hate me" and talked with the author of this tweet for about an hour. it was a really frightening and beautiful experience...dylan is an enlightened jujitsu master of feelings and communication, i am now in love with him. (i wrote a long blog about the whole below). you can either go to dylan's podcast page to hear the public-only podcast version, or you can make my life and become a patron (for as little as $1) to access the blog and an extra off-the-record hour-long interview (30 minutes before listening to the conversation, 30 minutes of post-mortem reflection afterwards) i did with dylan just for the patron community. here's the patron-only post (includes a link to the long-format podcast): i love you all. love trumps hate.
Amanda Palmer Jan 25, 2019
THE SHUTDOWN IS OVER...for now. to all the government employees who’ve been through the ringer: sorry...and thank you. i just posted up offer to give any gov’t employees TWO FREE tickets to my spring tour. i set aside 20 tickets per show, go grab them...this one is on me. we’ve been planning this all week and we see no reason not to go ahead with it ... and my team had some really interesting chats about this. there were some who were concerned that this would be a bad look for us. like, with all of the people donating money and food to federal workers, would it look tasteless to offer up CONCERT TICKETS. and i was like: no. listen...WE ARE A COMMUNITY. an art community. i am an artist. each according to their need, each according to their ability. concert tickets are what i have to give. so that's what i'm giving. and also...humans cannot live on bread alone. we need art, theater, music, places to commune, places to feel, places to cry, places to hope. that's my job, that's what *I DO* goddamit while all these other people run our country, keep our airports staffed, deal with our boring tax shit, make roads driveable, keep our national parks beautiful and protected, and thousands of other tasks that we shouldn't take for granted. all the info on how to get the tickets is in this link here...this is a public patreon post. please share this with anyone who can take advantage of it. ALL ONE!!!
Amanda Palmer Jan 24, 2019
"Amanda Palmer is far more courageous than I am, and way more creative and successful but I have to admit that I did not like her persona. That was until I dedicated 42 minutes to listening to her. I wasn't sure I was going to watch this past the first 2 awkward minutes but glad I did." oh, the backhanded comments of youtube. sometimes being a woman is so goddamn annoying.
Amanda Palmer Jan 22, 2019
my dear NEW YORK! i am doing THREE tiny tour/crew warm up shows for THERE WILL BE NO INTERMISSION before hitting the giant theaters!!! one at club helsinki in hudson (feb 22) and two at joe's pub (feb 25 & 26). i'm gonna test out my script, warm-up my crew, and generally dive deep into the new show with a tiny test audience. it's gonna be special AF. these places only fit a few hundred people and tickets are STRICTLY PATRON-ONLY. the shows JUST went on sale about 5 minutes ago and i expect all tix will be gone within a few hours...join the patreon and follow this link to grab tickets if you wanna come see a super-super intimate show:
Amanda Palmer Jan 21, 2019
Amanda Palmer Jan 19, 2019
good morning and hello from bed. since i’ve been buried under an album release and taking care of a three year old with no co-parent around, i’m only just catching up on the fracturing surrounding the womens march as i get up and ready to march today in my own small town. aie aie aie. it’s sad but it’s not surprising. listen:‪ ‬consensus is impossible. no two people will ever agree on a perfect feminism. know yer history. suffrage, civil rights...all filled with infighting and people getting left behind - or staying behind - as the march marched on. we shouldn’t expect this to be easy or simple.‪ ‬no matter what you are doing today - do SOMETHING. walk your goddamn feet, literally or figuratively, towards progress. support your local march, or call/email a rep about your local reproductive laws, or just walk around in public with “i will survive” on your phone speakers full blast everywhere you go. whatever way you look at it, all women are marching together today. marchin’ to grocery stores, marchin’ to jobs...some of us, who can, with signs & banners. infighting happens, but onward we march. as one. away from voicelessness. towards a future. towards equality. let’s do it people. #womensmarch
Amanda Palmer Jan 18, 2019
today’s media lesson, listen up people. two days ago i posted a photo of myself to instragram (sitting on the toilet in my bathroom, i’ll have you know). someone commented: “why are you frowning?” to which i responded “this is actually what my face looks like when i am relaxed” - which got so many likes & comments i figured i’d take the time to stop and ponder this with you. i’ve posted two images here. the original, and one that is photoshopped/altered through facetune, a simple and satanic app that people use to airbrush and prettify their selfies. why show the real you when you can have access to same tools that magazines and advertising companies have so greedily kept to themselves for DECADES?? greedy professionals!! YOU CAN NOW HARNESS THE POWER OF TOTAL DUPLICITY YOURSELF, from the comfort of your own phone. i’ve softened up the wrinkle in my forehead for you! i’ve blurred out the shadows under my mouth! and - get this miracle - there is this amazing little tool that allows me to UPTURN my mouth into a little mona lisa smile! now you can love me for who i truly am - a happy, smiling person - not the grumpy one with resting real-face. for extra pleasure, i made my nose a little thinner, widened my eyes, and i got rid of that god-awful white streak in my hair for heavens sake. oh and i narrowed my chin a little bit for you and got rid of any extraneous facial blemishes! i ♥️ this new me. i feel so much more confidant now - so much more..MYSELF!!! WHAT DO YOU THINK?
Amanda Palmer Jan 17, 2019
this is beautifully searing and honest-human piece about the actual experience of having a miscarriage written by kristin russo. every time i see a woman writing bravely about these sorts of things: abortion, miscarriage, childbirth, infertility, i feel like we are chipping away a little bit more collectively at the shame that we all carry around every day. thanks for writing (and sending me) this, kristin. you're brave, and i love you. people: you will know who to share this with, and when.
Amanda Palmer Jan 12, 2019
amen. i don’t regret it. i don’t. and i don’t miss it. i don’t. everything i have learned has brought me to whatever now amounts to my life religion/philosophy: no regrets allowed. melancholy, sure. nostalgia, go for it. a sweet-bittersweet-longing during your dream-fantasies about your teenage ex, yes yes yes, it’s all fine. but do not live in the then. missing the past means only walls for you, no doors or windows. look outside, now. look in the mirror, now. look up. look down. look all around. what have you got? only live in the now. only love in the now. (card found under some sage and envelopes in Lance Horne’s - who i have to thank for taking me to a towel-only event at a gay bar in NYC last night called “bette, bathhouse and beyond....and it was as good as it sounds..amber martin is my new hero.)
Amanda Palmer Jan 10, 2019
this is a photo taken backstage, two minutes before i took the mainstage at TED in 2013 to give the “art of asking” talk that changed my life. i was so, so, so, SO nervous. i had one shot to get it right, no re-takes. people like al gore were sitting in the front row. #TheTitleOfMyTedTalk is trending on twitter right now and i found myself curiously heading to because i haven’t visited my talk page in a while. i was astounded to see its had nearly 10 million views on the TED site alone. that led me to check youtube - it’s had over 5 million views there. there’s a part of my brain that just cannot wrap around that many people. but...i think the ideas resonated with people in this decade for a reason, and i worked so hard on writing and rehearsing this talk...condensing the ideas and stories into a mere twelve minutes. if you follow me here and haven’t seen it ... please do. (if you’ve already seen it - i added footnotes and background links recently!! go see.) it’s a few minutes that takes you straight into the heart of how and why i do what i do. the massive success of my patreon (and my deep and real relationship with the patrons who fund me there) was built directly on these principles of honesty, trust and connection that this talk (and my book) is about. the art of asking isnt just a talk and a book, it’s my life philosophy, and i learn new lessons every single day. asking is, essentially, the fundamental building block of human connection. we all need to know how to do it if we wanna help one another through this existence. i love all of you. take the donut. here’s the link to the talk: 🌸🍩🙏🏼❤️
Amanda Palmer Jan 09, 2019
beautiful art from mike zug / Zug Art inspired by the cover artwork from “there will be no intermission” (out march 8th align with a huge list of tour in comments). it’s so weird to me that i’m not able to poet my own album cover on twitter, facebook or instagram, but i can post any artist’s interpretation/riff on it. when it comes to reflecting the human body and pushing boundaries and taboos online, drawing is clearly is the new photography. this gives me an idea...right???? artists, go for it. send me renditions and riffs on the cover. if i can’t post my art, at least i can post yours. just email it to [email protected] FREE US FROM TYRANNY, PURITAN INTERNET and mike, beautiful drawing. x
Amanda Palmer Jan 08, 2019
frida, freedom, art, and patronage. she’s surging in popularity, competing with che-in-beret for the rights to be replicated on the most unlikely merchandise. why now? i didn’t fully understand until i went to the “frida khalo: making herself up” exhibit at the v&a museum in london a few months ago. i was overcome with a sense of recognition: an artist plundering her own story, pain & predicament to make relentlessly honest, therapeutic art. after being born with polio & a short leg, frida was in a bus accident as a teen & impaled by a pole that cut through her spine, vagina & pelvis. her life was mostly bed-ridden. drugs. 20+ surgeries. she painted her way through, often in bed. much of this i knew, but i didn’t know that she’d also had several medically necessary abortions and an emotionally searing miscarriage. the corset you see here depicts her miscarried fetus. THIS IS WHY. this is why frida, now. women need icons who lit the path out of the dark & showed us the way out of shame. i stood there in front of that corset, almost a year after my own miscarriage, weeping grateful tears. i found it interesting: the exhibit gift shop was really fascinating. there were THOUSANDS of items, including outfits, copies of the communist manifesto, puzzles and socks. and a particularly offensive paper doll set, showing frida with a perfectly shaped barbie-looking legs. but... even though there were 17,935 items in the gift shop, there was not a single postcard of this corset image. i wish there had been. i would have bought 50 & sent them to every woman i know who’s had an abortion or a miscarriage lately. instead, i bought 35 headless fridas & am sending them worldwide to my postcard-tier patrons. i’d love to know how frida & diego dealt with finances/survival as artists - dough always has to come from somewhere. my postcard-tier patrons -30+ of them - have been responsible for covering somewhere in the ballpark of $100,000 worth of costs for life+artwork over the last three years. along with all my other patrons, they’ve made it possible for me to follow my own, shameless artistic path with no orders from fucking anybody: no museum, no art dealers, no major label, no man. patrons come & go according to their ability. this community we have built is incredible - each according to their need. i am an incredibly blessed artist, indeed. P.S. justine waited in line with me for a half hour at the martinique post office, helped me negotiate and translate the strange ways of La Poste, and helped lick stamps over coffee 🙏🏼♥