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Theatre Is Evil
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Who Killed Amanda Palmer
Amanda Palmer with Weeknight at Colony (November 30, 2018)
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Cyndi Lauper, Amanda Palmer, Angie Stone, A$AP Rocky, and 5 more… at Beacon Theatre (December 8, 2018)
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Amanda Palmer Nov 15, 2018
NO MATTER HOW YOU FEEL ABOUT must watch this very short and important video. (powered by patrons)
Amanda Palmer Nov 13, 2018
hot damn!!! YOU NEVER KNOW. the fact that Kyrsten Sinema just took the race in arizona - after a recount and a narrow margin, against a really horrific and hateful republican opponent - makes me feel all warm and fuzzy about the fact that we took the time to stump for her from stage when we were in tucson right before the election. who knows, arizona, it may have been your vote, your phone call, your offer to drive your friend to vote that made the difference. THIS IS WHAT DEMOCRACY LOOKS LIKE !!!! VOTE VOTE VOTE AND KEEP ON VOTING. WE’VE GOT TO KEEP WORKING AND VOTING AND SHOWING UP. to everyone in arizona who’s been working tirelessly for human rights, healthcare, equal pay, and a better future for *everyone*, THIS IS A HISTORIC DAY. SINEMA FOR THE WIN
Amanda Palmer Nov 10, 2018
what do you give the man who has everything on his birthday? a surprise gluten-free vegan pancake breakfast in a greenhouse, obvs. Neil Gaiman: i love the living bejeezus out of you forever. happy 58th birthday, darling. (and thanks to my surprise-comrades, justine & mariss for helping me making it all awesome starting at 7 am ffs).
Amanda Palmer Nov 09, 2018
It is painfully obvious that there is no shooting appalling enough to make American politicians stand up to the National Rifle Association and gunmakers... ...Our leaders think and pray their way through the horror. - right on, there. how horrible does it need to get before things change ? we ask again and again and again and again.
Amanda Palmer Nov 06, 2018
‪GOOD MORNING AMERICA, i wanna tell you a little story. esp y’all in ARIZONA & the SOUTHWEST. the race in arizona is when i was in tucson last month to visit my dad - and for a show - i tweeted out to try to connect with supporters of kyrsten sinema, the democratic candidate. and through that tweet, i was lucky to meet alma hernandez (on the right) who got on stage at the rialto theater, grabbed the mic, and told our crowd how she quit her job to run for office. she was just like: if nobody else is gonna do this, i’m gonna do it. and she’s TWENTY-FIVE. she’s now not only the YOUNGEST elected rep in arizona but she’s also the ONLY LATINA JEW in office down there. can i get an AMEN for people having the power. this midterm vote is going to - i hope - shake the foundations of listing america to its slowly-teetering-apathetic core and prove that inspiring people like alma - and her sister consuela, on the left, who’s also joined the political ranks - are CHANGING THE COURSE OF AMERICAN HISTORY. there’s energy and hope and compassion everywhere. the time to act is now. every voice, every vote counts. and it doesn’t work unless you participate. EVERYBODY GET OUT AND VOTE TODAY. ARIZONA/SOUTHWEST: please pass this around so *everyone* you know in arizona sees it....we are looking to YOU to get kyrsten sinema into office. if you’ve been following, her republican opponent is a nightmare - a weird military rah-rah who spent her entire debate kissing trump’s bum and denying that climate change was Even Worth Debating. IN ARIZONA. cmon. and all of you::: let us know when you’ve voted so we can cheer you on ... LET’S DO THIS (photo taken backstage @ the rialto in tucson with the amazing alma & consuela hernandez) #TeamSinema ‬#vote
Amanda Palmer Nov 06, 2018
listen to neil.
Amanda Palmer Nov 05, 2018
whether or not the #bluewave is really gonna happen, i made it real with this Public Announcement Kimono...for a few seconds at least. here’s a slapdash gallery from the @dresden Dresden Dolls show at troxy in london. the band hadn’t played london in 12 years, and we talked about everything: brexit, the trans rights shitshow in the USA, brazil .. one world, one human family, people. AMIRITE??? hundreds of people in london got shots of the public announcement kimono - which belonged to costume designer Andrea Lauer’s grandmother and was exhumed TO SEND A MESSAGE TO THE UNIVERSE - then people posted the shots back over to the states to encourage USA people to vote. the soundtrack that played: “know your rights” by the clash. WE CAN DO THIS, PEOPLE. i’m on a plane @ Heathrow Airport right now about to fly to new york just in time to do an after-vote throw-down with @jherekbischoff, @brainpicker and many others at City Winery NYC tomorrow night (the 6th) - see their website for tickets. they’re cheap ($10+) and ALL PROCEEDS go to HeadCount. and i’ll be really tired. go vote and then come hugh me and listen to us rage with beautiful quartet political punk rock. HEY HO LETS GO see you new yorkers tomorrow night #votethemout #vote #blue #votevotevote #publicannouncementkimono. photos by kenny mathieson, Gabrielle Motola Photography, hayley rosenblum & @ mrdanimelow (instagram).
Amanda Palmer Nov 05, 2018
two of my favorite women of all time, musician Storm Large and writer/life-guru Cheryl Strayed, collab’d on this video. listen to your high priestesses and VOTE LIKE A MOTHERF*CKER!!!!!!!! tomorrow. november 6th. i will keep reminding you. also, new york: there are just a few tickets left for my after-vote throw-down party @ city winery with many many friends - including maria popova and jherek bischoff. get tickets - they’re as little as $10 and all proceeds go to so more people can VOTE. #Vote
Amanda Palmer Nov 05, 2018
my friend Amy Cuddy on “envious prejudice.” “...when times get tough, envious prejudices can ignite. Societal breakdown, harsh economies or political turmoil can activate resentment toward high-status minorities, who are seen as competitors for limited resources or even dangerous enemies.” worthwhile read.
Amanda Palmer Nov 04, 2018
a special selfie with a london-small-world story. this is @ kathybolt from instagram, who managed to get a mystery box delivered to me at one of the The Dresden Dolls shows last week. it was a box of halloween-themed marmite with my name / neil’s name (pictured here as posted on insta the other day. which is how we found kathy). i hate marmite. (and vegemite. it is a known fact. there are songs.) anyway: last night Neil Gaiman and i headed to the thick of london to see sondheim’s new gender-bent version of “company” (my general review: A+ production, C- politically & emotionally relevant in 2018) and she was WORKING AT THE SHOW and spotted us here in the lobby. this is my expression for people who give me gifts and those gifts are marmite. neil, of course, being british and marmite-loving, is happy af. dresden dolls photos are coming. i am still recovering it was epic
Amanda Palmer Oct 31, 2018
HAPPY HALLOWEEN! **drum roll, muted by a soft, ominous blanket** ... my friend Jason Webley & I made you a very special halloween music video present! the video is directed by Hoku Uchiyama, shot all over the city of los angeles. funded by my amazing patrons (thank you to all 12,000 of this! your dollars made this). watch, ENJOY, INTERPRET. i expect an essay on my desk by 5 pm. it forward to your halloween-embracing loved ones. we had a ton of fun making this one. thank you to everyone who loaned space/time/talent, to the entire cast & crew (and especially to genius hoku) for TOTALLY KILLING IT (no pun intended)!!!! happy halloween y'all.
Amanda Palmer Oct 31, 2018
HAPPY HALLOWEEN! **drum roll, muted by a soft, ominous blanket** ... my friend Jason Webley & I made you a very special halloween music video present! the video is directed by Hoku Uchiyama, shot all over the city of los angeles. funded by my amazing patrons (thank you to all 12,000 of this! your dollars made this). watch, ENJOY, INTERPRET. i expect an essay on my desk by 5 pm. it forward to your halloween-embracing loved ones. we had a ton of fun making this one. thank you to everyone who loaned space/time/talent, to the entire cast & crew (and especially to genius hoku) for TOTALLY KILLING IT (no pun intended)!!!! happy halloween y'all.
Amanda Palmer Oct 31, 2018
one cold boston halloween night in the year 2000, Brian Viglione came over with our mutual bassist friend, shawn setaro, to a halloween party at my house, the cloud club, and The Dresden Dolls were born - snack in between the turn of the millennium and the flames of 9/11. this band became our life in all totality for eight years. we toured the world three times, lived in busses, hotels and fans houses, and made loud loud beautiful music for people who, like us, needed a rock love family. the punk cabaret idea of personal expression and freedom spread from san francisco to sydney to stuttgart. everyone everywhere was welcome to our shows. today are playing our first halloween / bandiversary show in the UK ever - and our first shows here period since playing two sold out shows at london’s roundhouse back in 2006. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BAND. YOU ARE 18!! YOU CAN FINALLY VOTE!!! PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THATS HOLY VOTE ON NOVEMBER 6th, DEAR AMERICANS!!!! and london - THANK YOU YOU TO EVERYONE WHO CAME TO THE TROXY LAST NIGHT. and to everyone coming tonight - DRESS 2 IMPRESS....we have surprised for you. ROCK LOVE photo by scott irvine
Amanda Palmer Oct 30, 2018
‪TONIGHT, LONDON, YOU BELONG TO THE PUNK CABARET ARMS OF The Dresden Dolls. see you at Troxy. tickets are SOLD OUT. doors 6:30, show starts quickly. the bar is stocked. the merch vendors are ready to sell you these beautiful hand-screened italian prints from Malleus ROCK ART LAB. Andrew O'Neill is our EmCee. COME DRESSED FOR THE END OF THE WORLD, OR THE BEGINNING‬. SEE YOU SOON.
Amanda Palmer Oct 29, 2018
my fellow americans. i’m gonna keep bugging you. WE CANNOT AFFORD TO FUCK AROUND PEOPLE. not with the far right on the rise in europe, the UK, in the states, in brazil....not on our watch. we have to vote in DROVES. take the time. pressure your friends. do not let ANYTHING GET IN THE WAY. vote vote vote vote november 6th. fellow artists, musicians, writers, journalists, anyone with a following - AMPLIFY. GET YOUR COMMUNITY OUT TO VOTE. it is the most important thing right now. i already cast my absentee ballot but i’ll be flying back to NYC on november 5th just in time to bang the drum and do a surprise GET OUT THE VOTE benefit event with a bunch of friends in the city. stay tuned for info. and vote. got that? VOTE.
Amanda Palmer Oct 29, 2018
to my community in brazil, because i know there are a lot of you, i wanted to write to all of you. i am crying for you. it may get worse before it gets better, but we are feeling your pain and we are with you. the world is watching. i am writing this to you from a late-night bed in london with Neil Gaiman and our three year old son, just having read the news about the extremely violent shooting in america where a gunman took down 11 jewish people in a synagogue. in both america and england: division, hatred, fear, racism, anger and far-right sentiment is on the rise. a lot of my followers from brazil on twitter are in tears. listen to me. you aren’t alone. YOU AREN’T ALONE. millions of people up in america are mourning with you, grief-stricken, wondering what is happening to our planet. this is the time to work harder, be kinder, listen harder, and get more political. the only thing that is going to fight off this swing to the extreme right around the globe is a powerful equally reactive surge from the side of tolerance, equality, science, compassion, diligence in peacefulness. this is not the time to stand by. especially to my feminists of all genders down there: this is the time to become more political if you have not been. it is time to educate yourself harder and read more. it is time to protest. it is the time to make more art. it is the time to not be afraid. it is the time to get more feminist. empowered women are going to be a key factor in what pushes back against this bizarre fascist surge. it may be time for a trip down to brazil. i need a hug from you guys. let’s do it. xxxxxxxx “He accomplished little in his long legislative career, but his roster of offensive remarks — he said that he’d rather his son die than be gay and that women don’t deserve the same pay as men — was interpreted by many as bracing honesty and evidence of his willingness to shatter the status quo.” sounds like something straight out of the donald trump playbook. good lord. time to batten down the hatches and work together, my brazilian friends. we love you. we do. hang in there. xxxx a Jair Bolsonaro, Far-Right Populist, Elected President of Brazil
Amanda Palmer Oct 22, 2018
when even your underwear disappoints you. “sometimes you land in london and you unpack quickly so you can get on with the only jetlagged day off you have before an epic run of rehearsals and you curse time and space because you realize that somehow on the last 4 legs of packing and unpacking you’ve managed to lose two whole varieties of items. not just a few things, but whole GROUPS of things. and you have no idea where and you quietly grieve and say goodbye to all the objects and clothings you realize you will never see again and you put on a load of laundry and walk around the place and greet the babysitter relatively pantsless but with a coat on because you only realized at the last minute that the pants you...” (con’t on post)
Amanda Palmer Oct 22, 2018
newsy news post......a bleary public blog post from atlanta airport including GOTH PARTY IN THE WOODS #2 in woodstock....and much more i love you all
Amanda Palmer Oct 19, 2018
‪NEW YORK!!! proud as hell to be invited by Cyndi Lauper to perform at her annual benefit for LGBTQ youth. this line up is amazing ... cyndi, me, Regina Spektor , Natalie Merchant, ASAP Rocky, Bebe Rexha and more...TICKETS ON SALE NOW, QUICK!!! go go go before they’re gone
Amanda Palmer Oct 16, 2018
after years of going to australia to escape the cold, i am in the usa this winter for the first time in a lonnnngggg time....which means i can FINALLY be a guest at this year's Cyndi Lauper & Friends: Home for the Holidays concert. it's happening on december 8th at new york city's The Beacon Theatre as a benefit for the True Colors Fund work to end LGBTQ youth homelessness. tickets go on sale this friday. more info, at the link below.
Amanda Palmer Oct 12, 2018
i'm super proud of the audiobook version of "the art of asking", my memoir about life and love and crowdfunding. i recorded it myself, included music, and cried a few times. it's out now on double gatefold vinyl. if listening to audiobooks and records are your thing, get it here: the cover is an alternate take from the original book cover photoshoot, photographed by Allan Amato. the red bar is a sticker so it can be displayed on newstands at music and book stores know why.
Amanda Palmer Oct 11, 2018
the "mr weinstein will see you know" video has been covered in the past few days by CNN (!) and people magazine (!?), but i have to say, none of it means as nearly much to me as having the video covered in-depth by Ms. Magazine - long-time allies of the feminist cause. i did a long exclusive interview with Ms. for this piece. choice quote: "No record label in hell would have ever supported an idea like this.” damn right. it's so important for people to understand that patronage made this happen, there was no other avenue. thank you, deeply, to all 11k of you. HEY HO LETS GO. MOAR ART. THANK YOU, MS.
Amanda Palmer Oct 09, 2018
this yoga studio has voting registration forms. NOVEMBER 6th everybody. #OmThemAllOut #NamasteMotherfuckers
Amanda Palmer Oct 08, 2018
wow. when things get so bad that even taylor swift comes out of the closet as a democrat. way to go tay tay. giving interpretation of "look what you made me do" a profound revamp.
Amanda Palmer Oct 07, 2018
‪listened to mixes til i collapsed, tried not to keep reading the news, went to jherek and mayumi’s house & watched titanic. wept. between me & mayumi, went through 9 kleenex. assigned metaphors. the front of the boat is attachment. the back of the boat is reality. the evil PR guy is trump. the rich millionaire dude is kavanuagh (or the koch brothers?). the mom is senator collins. the captain who wanders around listlessly is the non-voting american public. unsinkable molly brown ... i couldn’t think of anything good, was bawling too hard. the floating door was the metaphor for the movie itself: it only works for a few hours then you’re fucked. ‬ take it away internet