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There Will Be No Intermission
Piano Is Evil
I Can Spin a Rainbow
An Evening With Neil Gaiman & Amanda Palmer (Live)
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Theatre Is Evil
Theatre Is Evil
Amanda Palmer Goes Down Under
Amanda Palmer Performs the Popular Hits of Radiohead On Her Magical Ukulele
Who Killed Amanda Palmer
Amanda Palmer Jun 22, 2019
‪WEEKEND LISTEN! an hour+ professional recording of my frank conversation with “notorious abortionist” dr. leah torres held at the multnomah county library in portland oregon, including a bold Q&A from the audience. powered by my patrons, w/ a $3k donation to Kentucky Health Justice. link: pleas join the patreon to get this stuff sent to your inbox (and support the cause!!!)
Amanda Palmer Jun 22, 2019
this woman KILLED IT on broadway last night!!!! and Lance Horne and i hopped on for a very very silly rendition of “my favorite things” from the sound of music (orignag premiered at this theater!) in which we all played piano and bad accordion!! watching the rest of regina’s show, i thought a lot about her songs have been thread through my life since i was just a baby dresden doll in 2003 and we all toured together for the first time. i remember seeing her playing tiny clubs and hitting an old wooden chair with a stick as people’s jaws dropped to the floor with awe at her songwriting ability - songs so strange and true, with lyrics that take you through the surreal laundromat of the human experience without you even knowing what’s happening. i cried during “carbon monoxide”. i even cried during “eet”, which isn’t even a sad song. i cried because i was just so proud of my friend. she was so nervous before the show. but she was the picture of grace and hilarious professionalism as guitars didn’t work, lyrics were forgotten and mixes weren’t right. we all cheered a wooped; it was as homey as broadway gets. she’s got four more nights and THERE ARE STILL TICKETS!!!! please go see her. it’s a magical evening, whether you’re familiar with her music or not. photo taken seconds after she stepped off stage by matt weiner.
Amanda Palmer Jun 20, 2019
‪i just hit 200k followers on instagram. i still feel weird about it. so i wrote a little 3-swipe-letter to everybody and discussed social media a little bit. for all of you bi/tri-social-media-platform’s to our collective confusion, shameless sluttiness, and eternal group hug across the internetz.
Amanda Palmer Jun 19, 2019
post tour date night
Amanda Palmer Jun 18, 2019
what happened when i asked a theater of 2,000 people in los angeles to raise their hand if they’d had an abortion.
Amanda Palmer Jun 17, 2019
this is a photograph taken in secret at a secret rehearsal for secret guest spot at somebody’s upcoming show on broadway. i am not saying whose broadway show or whose studio we are in. i am not saying that her broadway show opens this thursday and runs five nights. i am not saying that i may be the one of the secret special surprise guests. i am not saying that this very handsome man Lance Horne may also be one of the secret special surprise guests. i am not saying that may happen on thursday night. i am not saying that there are still tickets available to her broadway show which is running for five nights with secret special surprise guests every night. i am not saying anything at all really. and i am not saying that the photographer in question has anything to do with any of this. i am not saying anything. here i am, not saying anything. la la la la la. photo by Regina Spektor.
Amanda Palmer Jun 16, 2019
we didn’t mean to wind up in new york city among old and new friends for father’s day but that’s what happened. Neil Gaiman got to spend a lucky morning with both ash and Maddy Gaiman and i gotta say, he’s one wonderful fucking father. and dear neil: i love this ride with you and this strange and amazing family we have woven. the ride continues. and to all the fathers out there who are Doing The Thing: thank you. i see you. 🎡
Amanda Palmer Jun 15, 2019
i’m not saying to buy tickets specifically for june 20th. carry on.
Amanda Palmer Jun 12, 2019
i want my husband to read this article. (hey Neil Gaiman!). wait no i want every man on earth to read this article. wait no i want every person on earth to read it. it’s the best-written thing i’ve read in ages. the structure, the content...this article should be taught in every writing course ever from now on.
Amanda Palmer Jun 09, 2019
‪about last night in portland. unexpectedly, it was the hardest show of the entire tour, and i came off stage feeling exhausted and sad. the crowd was really challenging, and i was called out by someone in the audience and for the first time in my career, actually had a kind of an argument from the stage. it was really...hard. and, but: the discussion/comments it provoked is really worth reading. some of these comments brought me to tears this morning. if you never read any of my blogs - and more importantly, the comments - read this one. i love you. i just updated this post and it includes the info about today’s free event / abortion q&a with dr. leah torres at 2 pm. x a
Amanda Palmer Jun 08, 2019
my neck has always been one of my favorite parts of my own body long lines of sinew, a crushing pillar of flesh and bone and blood that keeps my thrumming head atop my thrashing body like a letter of the alphabet in a language that is mine alone
Amanda Palmer Jun 08, 2019
this is something everyone should pass around.
Amanda Palmer Jun 07, 2019
SEATTLE, IT IS TIME TO GET ILL. i didn’t realize til someone pointed it out to me on the ride here - our show is seattle tonight is the BIGGEST. that’s right - we have sold more tickets here than in my hometowns of boston and new york. more than san francisco and chicago. more than...anywhere. why? why are thousands of seattle people coming to this large brick building to watch me be flippant while crying and playing disney songs on the piano? you will not know unless you attend. this joint hold about 3k and we still have a handful of balcony tickets if anyone can ditch their life last minute and get to the paramount. it’s going to be a magical night: my eight ball predicts some serious feelz. EARLY DOORS AT 6:00 - the merch lines at these larger shows have been insanely long so please try to come early if you cantheater doors open at 7, 7:30 show sharp!! also - be on the lookout for some unexpected entertainment in the lobby. not saying who. also, i just posted info to the patreon about secret pre-show photo info for us!! 5:30 - check it.
Amanda Palmer Jun 06, 2019
i love the top comment on this clip: “If an alien asks me how a human life works, I can show them this masterpiece.” inspiring...what a beautiful way to make a music video / film .... nice job The National!!! also: you all may recognize the woman who plays the mom (it’s kate adams, who plays jill in the “voicemail for jill” video. high marks all around
Amanda Palmer Jun 06, 2019
relaxing and enjoying the smell of many many vinyl records at KEXP - one of the worlds best indie radio stations, in seattle WA. i did an epic live session there in the run up to my seattle show tomorrow at the paramount theater...including a beautiful and heavy interview. then played a few songs from THERE WILL BE NO can listen to the whole thing at their streaming archive at: we just got to vancouver .... see y’all tonight, canadians. seattle, prepare. tomorrow. both shows have a few tickets left in the balcony. 6:30 doors for both shows, 7:30 sharp start, no opener. one intermission. many feelings.
Amanda Palmer Jun 06, 2019
“...she’s doing something about the fact that years and years of U.S. political, economic, and social advances are being rolled back by what she rightfully describes as old, rich, conservative white men who are desperate to hold on to power they’ve had for far too long.” well damn, man, this journalist totally gets it. VANCOUVER - see you tonight, we are it . there’s still a handful of tickets for the balcony. doors at 6:30, show at 7:30 sharp, no opener. then to seattle. x a
Amanda Palmer Jun 05, 2019
have you ever wondered what it feels like to walk to an abortion clinic? here, we made a piece of art about it.
Amanda Palmer Jun 05, 2019
WHEEEE I AM A CANADIAN LISTICLE!!! i'm giving away a handful of FREE tickets to patrons for my show tomorrow in VANCOUVER....see comments. this is last VERY LAST weekend of the THERE WILL BE NO INTERMISSION tour of north america, and there's still a few tickets for vancouver (tomorrow, thursday) and seattle (on friday), so spread the word. both portland shows (saturday and sunday) are totally sold out. THEN I GO TO EUROPE & THE UK. don't miss this last weekend, the show is finally complete, and it's damn good, and i'm not going to be bringing it back here. see it live now or see it on fuckin netflix someday. also, Action Canada for Sexual Health and Rights will be AT THE SHOW IN VANCOUVER in the lobby, spreading info and hanging out. go say hi! in seattle and portland, Planned Parenthood will be in the lobby. same. help them out and say hi. see you all soon.
Amanda Palmer Jun 05, 2019
SLIGHTLY OPEN-MOUTHED SEXY PEOPLE IN SEATTLE, UNITE. to my right, Lady Rizo, my punk cabaret singer sister who is in town for a run of shows at Teatro ZinZanni, and who graciously acted as my chauffeur and car-confidant all day yesterday. above: the glorious Dan Savage, sex columnist extraordinaire and one my long-time heroes, who i interviewed for my podcast at clatter & din studios in seattle. to my patrons : thank you all SO much for your questions - i could have talked to dan for 9 hours and not been bored. and it was refreshing to chat with someone who is just so so so so so open and honest about sex things. truth be told, with only about 90 minutes to talk, we spent almost the entire time on the subject of monogamy and open relationships. people are constantly asking me about my open relationship with neil... and dan seemed like the perfect compassionate expert with whom to do a deep dive on the subject. he’s also been an open marriage for many many years and it was a great, enlightening and hilarious conversation. my whole podcast series, which i’m hoping to keep podcasting til i run out of people to talk to (i.e. never). i’m calling it “THE ART OF ASKING EVERYTHING” (get it?) and it’ll be dropping in the fall on all the podcast places. there we be no ads and no corporate tie-ins / brand-sponsorships of any kind. that’s why i have the patreon. if you’re my patron: goddamnit, thank you. it’s all on fire right now and i’m so proud of us. if you not and you want to get involved and support my art/podcasting/activism/writing/music/work/everything, it costs as little as $1 a month and you can sleep well at night knowing you are spending your media dollars on something real and good and bull-shit free. tomorrow: i play VANCOUVER !! there’s some free tickets available on the last patreon post. then to seattle on friday (at the paramount / not quite sold out) and portland (sold out!). xxxI LOVE YOU
Amanda Palmer Jun 04, 2019
about to be live on one of the best stations in AMERICA !!!! tune in to KEXP in a couple mins!!! live at 12pm pacific time. listen worldwide at
Amanda Palmer Jun 03, 2019
“greetings from seattle & a little love letter to these beautiful new human being friends of Critical Role....” public post)
Amanda Palmer Jun 02, 2019
my favorite protest sign at the #stopthebans rally in st. louis. EXACTLY.
Amanda Palmer Jun 02, 2019
that sweet and slightly awkward moment when you are at the check-out counter of a great bookstore in denver colorado and are confronted with a basket of these and you say “is this what i think it is” and one of the clerks blushes and says “er yes that is your husband.” many of him. hi neils
Amanda Palmer Jun 02, 2019
HELL YES THANK YOU show of the tour so far by a long mile at the paramount theater last night. and longest...we almost hit the 5 hour mark. thank you thank you thank you photo by hayley rosenblum virtual signing/decompression line here (public post):
Amanda Palmer Jun 01, 2019
“this one’s for the climate change deniers and abortion care providers” post-show kansas city. fuck yes left all the tears and the disney and the rage on the stage tonight. did it. photo hayley rosenblum full post