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Bonanza Campout Music Festival 2019 - Tickets Bonanza Campout Music Festival 2019 - Tickets 2019
Venue: River's Edge Campground (Heber City, UT, US) Find tickets
AlunaGeorge Apr 18, 2019
“Famoso" (Portuguese Remix) official video out now!
AlunaGeorge Apr 18, 2019
"Famoso" (Portuguese Remix) official video out tomorrow. Stay tuned. 🇧🇷
AlunaGeorge Apr 16, 2019
See you tonight Kuala Lumpur! Collective Minds Tickets @
AlunaGeorge Apr 05, 2019
The Portuguese remix of “Famous” is out everywhere now. it’s called “Famoso” 🇧🇷 YouTube: Spotify: Apple Music:
AlunaGeorge Apr 03, 2019
Tour in Asia begins next week and I’m so excited! We had to cancel the show in Seoul due to visa issues but I promise I’ll be back. Tokyo, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, and Shanghai, I’ll see you soon! 🐩 There’s a few tickets left, go to
AlunaGeorge Mar 29, 2019
Could the significance of a one night stand be an opportunity to change in oneself? And if so, what would that look like? Those were the thoughts in my head as we began to visualize the essence of the song “Cold Blooded Creatures” read my full essay on Broadly
AlunaGeorge Mar 29, 2019
The official music video for “Cold Blooded Creatures” is out now 💜💜 🎥: rubberband
AlunaGeorge Mar 27, 2019
The official video for “Cold Blooded Creatures” comes out tomorrow on This video is very special to me, so stay tuned and turn on your notifications.
AlunaGeorge Mar 04, 2019
Me: hey did you see we’re No. 1 at U.S. Dance radio? SG Lewis: 🤯🤯🤯
AlunaGeorge Feb 25, 2019
New Orleans! I’ll be playing Essence Festival this July - see you there 💜🐩
AlunaGeorge Feb 22, 2019
Asia!! I’m going on tour and I’m bringing my A game. I’ll see you there 🐩💜🔥 Ticket info avail @
AlunaGeorge Feb 21, 2019
See you this summer, Utah!💜🐩 Bonanza Campout
AlunaGeorge Feb 13, 2019
Hong Kong! I'll be performing ‪@SonarFestival‬ this April. More tour dates coming soon! #sonarhk2019‬ 💜👀 ‪
AlunaGeorge Jan 04, 2019
Aquawoman 🧜🏾‍♀️ 📷: Harry Bowley
AlunaGeorge Jan 03, 2019
Spoke to Wonderland Magazine about some woke shit in a fish shop. 🐠🎣
AlunaGeorge Jan 03, 2019
The Instant gratification we get from announcing extreme positive attitudes and affirmations for 2019 on social media is like just sitting and eating a bowl of sugar instead of at least making a cake with it.
AlunaGeorge Dec 23, 2018
with my time off I like to sit on my ass and reflect on a time when I did anything at all with my day and then put It together as a nice piece of content. 🎥: Sarah Midkiff
AlunaGeorge Dec 19, 2018
Merch drop! In case you missed me on tour, I’m putting my merch items up on my online store. Visit 💜
AlunaGeorge Dec 17, 2018
Most of the time these songs start on the piano or guitar so it’s fun to strip them back to that sometimes. Here’s a clip of Cold Blooded Creatures all naked but not ashamed Noisey
AlunaGeorge Dec 14, 2018 📷: Lula Hyers
AlunaGeorge Dec 13, 2018
Champagne Eyes sessions fuckin blew my mind! When I planned this intimate one woman show that combined the rawness of an acoustic serenade with the craziness of a rave I had no idea what it was gonna look like and if it was gonna work. Now I know and I’m addicted- This is what I’m about, I’m not gonna show up and give you one thing because I myself, my DNA, my upbringing and my experience is has never been one thing and I’m not apologizing for that any longer. I’m gonna give you electric guitar ballads and I’m gonna give you Brazilian Baille funk beats and then put it all together with soul and then flip it to U.K. garage. Thank you to everyone who has never tried to box me in to understand me, who came and danced and sang and embraced the freedom that I am about. 📷: Sarah Midkiff
AlunaGeorge Dec 11, 2018
BIG night at the Omeara, big up my boy Shakka for jumping on to dutty wine wid me, and thank you my london OG’s for hot box raving with, love you my friends 🐩 📸: Kay Ibrahim
AlunaGeorge Dec 10, 2018
Brooklyn babies — come join me at at Good Room for a DJ set following the sold out show at Bowery Ballroom on Tuesday night 🐩 free entry with RSVP link here:
AlunaGeorge Dec 06, 2018
Chicago FUCK - achieving everything I wanted on this tour which was to push myself (scare myself shitless) and get closer to you, my awesome, diverse and gorgeous music lovers! Chicago was spectacular, thanks for having, I’ll be back! 📸: @alinatsvor
AlunaGeorge Dec 06, 2018
New York...I'll be playing a special DJ set at Good Room after the sold out show at The Bowery Ballroom on December 11th! Tickets are available here: