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Live at the Royal Albert Hall (feat. The Parallax Orchestra)
Live at the O2 Arena + Rarities
The Last Hero
One Day Remains
Alter Bridge Apr 14, 2019
Tremonti. #ABVI Photo: Sturge
Alter Bridge Apr 13, 2019
AB VI is coming!
Alter Bridge Apr 13, 2019
Alter Bridge Apr 12, 2019
Kennedy. #PRS #DiezelAmps #daddario #dunlop #earthquakerdevices #electroharmonix
Alter Bridge Apr 11, 2019
The Man, The Myth, The Marshall. @bmarshall73 #ABVI Photo: Sturge
Alter Bridge Apr 08, 2019
Via Brian : "Photo shoot in progress then I’m off to record the last two songs! "
Alter Bridge Apr 08, 2019
“Working hard” at the ABVI photo shoot. 👨🏻👨🏼👧🏻
Alter Bridge Apr 08, 2019
via @Scott_Phillips: AB6 Photo shoot off to a great start ... I really have an eye for this!! @alterbridge #polaroid #poodlelove “ @MarkTremonti
Alter Bridge Apr 02, 2019
And like that, Drums are done :) Photo: Michael Elvis Baskette
Alter Bridge Mar 31, 2019
Drums are well under way for ABVI \m/ Photo by The King. #Elvis #AB6 #AlterBridge
Alter Bridge Mar 29, 2019
Mark Tremonti
Alter Bridge Mar 28, 2019
“Tones” A film by Scott Phillips. #Fin
Alter Bridge Mar 27, 2019
Tone Country. \m/
Alter Bridge Mar 22, 2019
Alter Bridge Mar 21, 2019
Working through pre-production. @markttremonti @flip_drums @bmarshall73 @officialmyleskennedy @elvisliberace @1f_jef Follow along on Instagram @alterbridge
Alter Bridge Mar 20, 2019
ABVI is session! #abvi #alterbridge #newalbum #recording
Alter Bridge Mar 19, 2019
AB VI @flip_drums kit gearing up for AB VI. #evansdrumheads #dwdrums #Zildjian #gibraltar #vicfirth
Alter Bridge Mar 06, 2019
"Words Darker Than Their Wings" Alter Bridge: Orchestra Only ;)
Alter Bridge Mar 04, 2019
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Alter Bridge Feb 28, 2019
Happy Birthday to our brother Michael Elvis Baskette \m/
Alter Bridge Feb 26, 2019
~ Tremonti Tuesday ~ Photo: Niall Fennessy Photography