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The Great Divide
The Showdown
The Revenge
The Battle
Allen/Lande Apr 10, 2017
Allen Lande - Truth About Our Time Lyrics
Allen/Lande Aug 12, 2016
"Well this just happened! Finally got to hang out for a few moments with the great Jorn Lande! #allenlande"
Allen/Lande Nov 28, 2014
More than 5000 likes! Thank you all!!!
Allen/Lande Nov 04, 2014
Do you like this song?? "You're bittersweet, You will stay alone here, Condemned eternally. Your bitter lies, Will now take me back surprise. I'm so happy without you..."
Allen/Lande Oct 28, 2014
Allen/Lande's cover photo
Allen/Lande Oct 28, 2014
Allen/Lande Oct 22, 2014
"Down from the mountain! Down to the dark! My dying soul, Rest from the heart! My years of starlight, My days of rain. I see them crashing, Inside my brain!" What do you think?
Allen/Lande Oct 17, 2014
What's your opinion about the new album? Did you hear it? You can listen here!
Allen/Lande Sep 22, 2014
Allen/Lande Aug 18, 2014
"Come Dream With Me" is available for streaming. What do you think about it?? link:
Allen/Lande Jul 17, 2014
What do you think about it?
Allen/Lande Jul 09, 2014
I'm just going to leave this here...
Allen/Lande Mar 03, 2014
Allen/Lande Mar 03, 2014
I can see you now like a million suns alight as they pierce the darkest night when all hope is gone and lost...
Allen/Lande Jun 25, 2013
now a single soul is crying when the world around is dying
Allen/Lande Apr 10, 2012
Allen/Lande's cover photo
Allen/Lande Apr 29, 2011
What's your favourite Allen/Lande song, and why?
Allen/Lande Oct 07, 2010
Q.E.P.D. Steve Lee (Gotthard), mucha fuerza para su familia y amigos! ~~~~~~~~ R.I.P. Steve Lee ~~~~~~~~
Allen/Lande Sep 21, 2010
Cover art by Rodney Matthews!! THE SHOWDOWN is coming!!
Allen/Lande May 09, 2010
ALLEN/LANDE III ---> "The Shooootdown" is coming!! First single...The Judgement Day! (Trailer)
Allen/Lande Mar 01, 2010
Allen/Lande Feb 17, 2010