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Next to Parallel
Next to Parallel
Allele Aug 16, 2019
Tampa, one week from today.
Allele Aug 15, 2019
ORLANDO, One week from today!! Come out and hang with us.
Allele Aug 10, 2019
Rocking 95xfest in Syracuse, NY.
Allele Aug 10, 2019
Closer to Habit with Marky Chavez Of Adema. Wisconsin’s Savagefest.
Allele Aug 10, 2019
Two weeks from today. Been a long time. Gonna be a blast.
Allele Aug 09, 2019
2 weeks from today we return to Orlando. Who’s ready? This is gonna be a killer show.
Allele Aug 06, 2019
Allele Aug 01, 2019
Orlando, Tampa, where you at? These shows will not disappoint. Tickets available at
Allele Jul 28, 2019
HITTING THE STUDIO FINALLY STARTING AUGUST 25TH! Working on a Pre Order Package for our first EP since 2011 ! Fucking stoked!!! Martell AVP
Allele Jul 26, 2019
Jacksonville! Allele takes the stage at 8 p.m. get there at 6:30 when everything starts!
Allele Jul 20, 2019
Rip brother always
Allele Jul 18, 2019
Thank you Metal Mafia for including Allele.
Allele Jul 12, 2019
Allele Jul 10, 2019
Tampa, We’re coming with APHND (Members Of Danzig, Type O Negative, and Life Of Agony). We will be in Orlando with APHND on 8/22.
Allele Jul 10, 2019
2 weeks from this Friday! Get yo Tix now! DM ! ALL AGES IF ACCOMPANIED BY AN ADULT Surfer The Bar Jacksonville Beach in Jacksonville Beach, FL
Allele Jul 03, 2019
Surfer The Bar Jacksonville Beach All ages if accompanied by an adult. Get tix from us asap limited amount! $20 / Dm or text 9049628721
Allele Jul 01, 2019
Another new tune..HURRICANE :):)
Allele Jun 30, 2019
Upcoming shows!! July 26th W/FLAW AND SEPTEMBER MOURNING @ Surfer Bar Jacksonville, FL August 22nd W/A PALE HORSE NAMED DEATH @ The Haven Lounge Orlando, FL August 23rd W/ A PALE HORSE NAMED DEATH @ Pegasus TAMPA, FL
Allele Jun 30, 2019
25mins to show time fukerz!
Allele Jun 30, 2019
On stage, ton of fun last night New song called CHEMICAL... Will live stream at 925pm tonight if connection is good
Allele Jun 28, 2019
Hit the stage tomorrow at 8:30! About the same time Saturday in Orlando!
Allele Jun 20, 2019
At it again
Allele May 17, 2019
So this show is coming up quickly. We’ll be headlining this show and playing a full set. So come hang with us. It’ll be a blast.
Allele May 13, 2019
Ok Jacksonville let's do this. June 28th at Nighthawks Showcase in Riverside. Allele headliner show with a full line up of sickness. Tix only $10! Hit us up This is an ALL AGES SHOW EVENT
Allele May 12, 2019