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Next to Parallel
Next to Parallel
Allele Feb 12, 2019
!!CONTEST ANNOUNCEMENT!! ALLELE wants YOU to create an album and new name logo. Winner will have their chosen deign used for the new EP and Album and will receive Allele swag! Winner will be chosen in the month of March! Email submissions to [email protected] and or post concepts here! Good luck and we can't wait to check em out!
Allele Feb 11, 2019
When you finish writing and rehearsing the 3rd song for the new album, and the vocals send you into a mad migraine because the chorus is mostly screaming (singing them 37 times) , but it's the most satisfying migraine you've ever had.... :)
Allele Jan 31, 2019
3 tunes almost done and down!!
Allele Dec 29, 2018
Working some bass and guitar ideas before pre production start date. We know u r all going to love the new chit :)
Allele Dec 29, 2018
January 9th is set for studio pre production...bam!!!
Allele Dec 20, 2018
Making sweet Note Love #newmusic #allele2019 #letsfuckthisup
Allele Dec 14, 2018
About wrapped up with song 2 then off to the studio :) plan is to release Chemical and Kite In A Hurricane then following up with a video for Chemical
Allele Oct 28, 2018
The guys getting their warm-ups on! Beach Rehearsal Studios
Allele Oct 25, 2018
My Boyz....
Allele Oct 25, 2018
Shits going down son! ***Chemical*** #allele #chemical #rockforever #bandofbrothers
Allele Oct 24, 2018
Chemical structure is complete..... Next is Kite In A Hurricane...then off to studio :)
Allele Oct 08, 2018
Preproduction....fuck yes
Allele Sep 27, 2018
You are all going to FUCKING SHIT when you hear the new song *CHEMICAL
Allele Sep 13, 2018
Nuttin....just fukin shit up!
Allele Aug 21, 2018
Gettn it!
Allele Aug 21, 2018
Dats right!!!!
Allele Aug 20, 2018
We'll see if we can try to go live at rehearsal tonight! Last time didn't work out LOL
Allele Jul 31, 2018
Working ideas out
Allele Jun 17, 2018
Happy Father's day
Allele Jun 06, 2018
June 12th more rehearsal and writing
Allele May 30, 2018
Sorry peeps, the connection isn't strong enough in here to go live. Edit:: our own techincal difficulty turns out not the studio in anyway - next time! Sucks
Allele May 30, 2018
Beach Rehearsal jam spot!
Allele May 29, 2018
Check here tonight for a live stream at 9pm est ! Just want to check in and say hey. We won't be playing live...yet :) soon as we get back in it we will stream some rehearsals live
Allele May 26, 2018
Like several of our songs, LIVE THE FIGHT was written and dedicated to our men and woman in the MILITARY! Happy MEMORIAL DAY! Make sure to Subscribe to the new channel:)
Allele May 23, 2018
Also re uploaded LIVE THE FIGHT Lyric vid! Please share and subscribe!