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Warsaw Summer Jazz Days '98
Blues for Tony
Rock Goes to College (Live)
Then! (Remastered)
Flat Tire (Music for a Non-Existing Movie) [Remastered]
The Sixteen Men of Tain (Remastered)
Live in Japan 1984
From Your Heart and Your Soul
Heavy Machinery
None Too Soon (Remastered)
Heavy Machinery
Hard Hat Area (Remastered)
Wardenclyffe Tower (Remastered)
Secrets (Remastered)
Sand (Remastered)
Atavachron (Remastered)
Master Strokes 1978-1985 (feat. Allan Holdsworth & Jeff Berlin)
Metal Fatigue (Remastered)
The Man Who Changed Guitar Forever
I.O.U. (Remastered)
The Things You See
Velvet Darkness (Expanded Edition)
Allan Holdsworth Archives Aug 19, 2019
John Vullo is back again after some serious computer problems. Good for us it's a very serious video!
Allan Holdsworth Archives Aug 17, 2019
A real rarity that most of you probably never heard before. Thanks to the guys who taped this in such great quality, and the ones who digitized it and posted it on the internet. More to come from this session.
Allan Holdsworth Archives Aug 16, 2019
Holdsworth drummer Joel Taylor shares some stories about his time with Allan in the latest podcast (180) of GuitarWank.
Allan Holdsworth Archives Aug 14, 2019
BUILDING ALLAN'S RED CHARVEL We came across this blog post from 2013 by Henry Boyle, who worked on building Allan's red Charvel back in the early 80s. Recommended reading! "In Early 1981, about one year after I started working at the Charvel factory in San Dimas, California, we welcomed Allan Holdsworth to Southern California by committing ourselves to making him an instrument(s) that met his requirements, which included very good ideas about what he wanted, in the way of ergonomics, and how it responded sonically to his touch. I was absolutely elated to be one of the point people of the team, to bounce ideas back and forth, toward the goal of focusing the physical and sonic elements of the instrument(s) that would become his main recording and touring tools for several years on." [Click the link for more.]
Allan Holdsworth Archives Aug 12, 2019
A Chapman Stick note for note cover version of "City Nights"!
Allan Holdsworth Archives Aug 07, 2019
Allan Holdsworth Archives's cover photo
Allan Holdsworth Archives Aug 07, 2019
Allan’s daughter Louise, on behalf of the Holdsworth family, has made an announcement on Facebook that Allan’s headstone is completed, and that when the ashes have been placed, the location will be revealed so people can pay their respects. Louise informs that the headstone is green granite, one of Allan’s favorite colors. The Western style font is a nod to his love of Clint Eastwood and old Western movies. The top quote was chosen by the family as one they found to be true, but which he admittely would hate. The bottom quote was how he would describe himself. The urn is made from alder, one of his choice woods for his guitars. The location will be close to his old favorite cycling grounds. The Allan Holdsworth Archives will of course notify you when the location has been made public, which should happen within a few weeks.
Allan Holdsworth Archives Aug 06, 2019
Allan would have been 73 today, August 6, 2019. His music will live forever.
Allan Holdsworth Archives Aug 02, 2019
Allan Holdsworth Archives Aug 01, 2019
Allan had problems with the Ibanez Holdsworth productions models not being built to the same specs as the prototypes he approved of, so it seems like a rare occasion that he indeed was willing to sign one of these guitars. You should hold on to this one, Gary!😊
Allan Holdsworth Archives Jul 30, 2019
An awesome time indeed!
Allan Holdsworth Archives Jul 28, 2019
Gary Husband New Series of Drum Tuition Videocasts A message from Gary Husband: I’m thrilled to have started filming a series of drum tuition videocasts which I’m looking to launch at the end of the summer. They’ll be available on a relaxed pay-as-you-go basis and no subscription will be needed. I’m really excited about what I’ve prepared so far, and to check I’m on track and in line with what you might like to see from me, I have devised a short questionnaire that shouldn’t take more than a couple of minutes to complete. If you are potentially interested in the videocasts, and you would be happy to give up a few moments of your time, this would be of enormous value to me. Your responses will help me fine tune the content and ensure you're getting what you want. And for those that would like to be kept up to date on the Videocast Series there’s a chance to leave your contact details in there too. Here’s the link: Huge thanks for your help and support.
Allan Holdsworth Archives Jul 27, 2019
Steve Newton just sent this message: "I just posted the audio of my never-before-heard 1983 interview with Allan Holdsworth on my new Patreon page. I would like to share it for free with the members of the Allan Holdsworth Archives, as they're the ones who would most appreciate it. I will be posting my other interview with Allan, from 1986, at some point as well. Please check out the site and support my work if you see fit. thanks --the Newt" Big thanks to Steve, and enjoy!
Allan Holdsworth Archives Jul 21, 2019
Gary Husband
Allan Holdsworth Archives Jul 18, 2019
A nice interview with Chad. His work with Allan is not the main focus, but references are sprinkled throughout. An interesting observation by Chad: One of the reasons Allan sounded like Allan was that he did not strum!
Allan Holdsworth Archives Jul 14, 2019
And now, for something completely different!
Allan Holdsworth Archives Jul 12, 2019
Here's a very unusual arrangement that Allan never recorded on a studio album. The intro and outro is from "Stop Fiddling", written by Gordon Beck, and recorded on the duet album "The Things You See". The tune in the middle is known both as "Drifting Into The Attack" and later as "Gas Lamp Blues" (on "All Night Wrong").
Allan Holdsworth Archives Jun 24, 2019
John Vullo adds "Texas" to his great list of Allan tutorials!
Allan Holdsworth Archives Jun 22, 2019
Allan Holdsworth Archives Jun 22, 2019
The Allan Holdsworth Archives has a project going: Trying to index all the live videos/audio of Allan on YouTube. Here are drafts for playlists for every year from 1972. Check it out. There are also drafts for some other videos of interest. If you have corrections and additions, please make a comment!
Allan Holdsworth Archives Jun 15, 2019
Out now! The Archives is still waiting for its hard copy, but the album is also out on streaming platforms, and sounds great!
Allan Holdsworth Archives Jun 14, 2019
I'm quite sure all of Allan's fans would like to join Johnny Mac in wishing Gary Husband a happy birthday!
Allan Holdsworth Archives Jun 09, 2019
A French interview from 2012, in machine translated and original French version. The headline originally says: "The Modest Giant And His Croque-Monsieur". Prendre plaisir!
Allan Holdsworth Archives Jun 03, 2019
Allan Holdsworth - HoBoLeMa Highlights - Seattle - 2010/01/02
Allan Holdsworth Archives Jun 03, 2019
A nice more or less career spanning tribute from 2017. Most of the music should be well known among Allan fans, but there might be a recording or two you haven't heard.