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Warsaw Summer Jazz Days '98
Blues for Tony
Rock Goes to College (Live)
Then! (Remastered)
Flat Tire (Music for a Non-Existing Movie) [Remastered]
The Sixteen Men of Tain (Remastered)
Live in Japan 1984
From Your Heart and Your Soul
None Too Soon (Remastered)
Heavy Machinery
Heavy Machinery
Hard Hat Area (Remastered)
Wardenclyffe Tower (Remastered)
Secrets (Remastered)
Sand (Remastered)
Atavachron (Remastered)
Master Strokes 1978-1985 (feat. Allan Holdsworth & Jeff Berlin)
Metal Fatigue (Remastered)
The Man Who Changed Guitar Forever
I.O.U. (Remastered)
Velvet Darkness (Expanded Edition)
Allan Holdsworth Archives Jun 15, 2019
Out now! The Archives is still waiting for its hard copy, but the album is also out on streaming platforms, and sounds great!
Allan Holdsworth Archives Jun 14, 2019
I'm quite sure all of Allan's fans would like to join Johnny Mac in wishing Gary Husband a happy birthday!
Allan Holdsworth Archives Jun 09, 2019
A French interview from 2012, in machine translated and original French version. The headline originally says: "The Modest Giant And His Croque-Monsieur". Prendre plaisir!
Allan Holdsworth Archives Jun 03, 2019
Allan Holdsworth - HoBoLeMa Highlights - Seattle - 2010/01/02
Allan Holdsworth Archives Jun 03, 2019
A nice more or less career spanning tribute from 2017. Most of the music should be well known among Allan fans, but there might be a recording or two you haven't heard.
Allan Holdsworth Archives Jun 02, 2019
American jazz guitarist John Stowell has a wonderful original style, and credits Allan with inspiration for harmony in this video (4:30). He also shares Allan's admiration for Debussy. It's great to see musicians in their late 60s still sounding fresh, and still being hungry. Thanks to Sindri for the heads up.
Allan Holdsworth Archives May 31, 2019
There are many guitarists who do cover versions of Allan Holdsworth, especially this tune. So it's great to hear someone do a cover of Jimmy Johnson's bass work, and really bring out the great music in what Jimmy does. I heard a lot of things for the very first time. Great job!
Allan Holdsworth Archives May 25, 2019
“FROM THE FIRST NOTE, THE FIRST CHORD, I FELT SOMETHING I HAD NOT FELT BEFORE.” A young Belarussian guitarist’s discovery of and tribute to Allan Holdsworth. By Allan Holdsworth Archives (CC BY-SA 4.0) Bogdan Batyrkin is a young musician and music student from Minsk, Belarus. He has recorded a version of “Texas”, where he plays guitar, bass and drums! The Allan Holdsworth Archives reached out to him, and asked him to tell a little about himself, and why he chose to do this. Here is Bogdan’s story: “Klim Lukyanenok became my guitar teacher in music school, a truly inspiring, modern jazz guy. He introduced me to such musicians as Ben Monder, John Abercrombie, Roman Pilon, Jonathan Kreisberg, Adam Rogers.” One day while Bogdan was looking at these musicians on YouTube, something happened that changed his life: “I accidentally noticed in the proposed videos - a certain Allan Holdsworth performing at the Jarasum Jazz Festival, I decided to watch, and from the first note, from the first chord, something caught me, I felt something I had not felt before. From that moment I have never, never, never doubted that he is one of the best musicians. Unfortunately, when I first heard Allan's music, he was no longer with us.” Bogdan’s main instrument is the guitar, and he chose to record “Texas” because he likes to improvise on the tune’s chord sequence. The bass and drums were done on instinct: “When I recorded the bass, I mostly played chord tones. My grandfather is a drummer, and in childhood, he taught me the basics. In this song I mostly play intuitively, relying on my inner feeling.” Bogdan doesn’t even like practicing on the drums. Stylistically, Bogdan is clearly inspired by Allan’s guitar playing. But he also seems to have been inspired by Allan’s self-critical attitude: “Actually, I didn’t really like the final product, inside I still feel that I could have done it better, but...who knows... I consulted with friends and family, they advised to upload video to the Internet, see what the reaction people have. Well, it is what it is.” Bogdan is not content with following in his master’s footsteps: “Now I'm going to record my own music and develop further in a personal direction. I hope that someone will like it.” It seems like a very healthy attitude from a talented young musician. We wish Bogdan good luck, and hope to hear him take things further with his own music in the future. Bogdan Batyrkin: Texas This text is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. “Texas” written by Allan Holdsworth, © Fred Bloggs Publishing/The Allan Holdsworth Estate. The video is released under a standard YouTube License by Bogdan Batyrkin.
Allan Holdsworth Archives May 24, 2019
A NOTE FROM THE HOLDSWORTH ESTATE REGARDING SALE OF EQUIPMENT Some of Allan’s items are currently up for sale on ebay. The Holdsworth Estate represented by Allan’s daughter Louise has published the following statement May 23, 2019 (edited for typesetting): --- RE: Sale of AH studio equipment The items for sale have been hand picked by Allan’s children to offer the opportunity for fans to have a piece of his history. It costs a fortune to store all of his equipment so we kept the sentimental items, donated items, returned some items to other musicians, sold or are selling a select few items and will store the rest until we can properly go thru it. We have the assistance of one of dad's best friends thankfully and he has taken full control of the sale of the items so we could focus on other things. Please do not inundate us with questions regarding the items for sale as we have completely removed ourselves from the selling portion and wouldn't have any answers anyways. You may message the seller direct on eBay with any questions. We are also planning to donate most of dad's hand written notes to a museum or school but it's a long process to go thru it all and we have had a helluva couple years. Dad called it the Holdsworth luck and boy did we inherit it! None of this is easy (or cheap!) for us and we've been discussing what to do with certain items (among many other estate issues) for the past 2 years. Please bear with us as we continue to maneuver thru our grief, and as always thank you for the continued support! -The Holdsworth Estate One of the items in question can be seen in the picture. Link to auction in comments. The Allan Holdsworth Archives is not affiliated with the Holdsworth Estate or the seller of this equipment, but as can be seen from the statement above, the sale is legit and authorized.
Allan Holdsworth Archives May 20, 2019
Folks, this is really a historic event. This is the earliest live recording of Allan to find its way to the internet: Nucleus on June 27, 1972. Portions of this recording have been around on YouTube for years, but in February the channel "British Progressive Jazz" quietly published the most complete version of this gig so far: Two long sections which are joined together in the playlist below, apparently taken from a bootleg CD. We recommend listening through the whole thing, as Allan picks, pulls off, bends and even strums his way through the tunes. Allan's style was very much in transition at this stage. His guitar arguably sounds better than on the "Belladonna" studio album, which was apparently recorded the month after this gig, but it is still very raw. And you can hear him reaching for the sky, but he had not yet touched the stars. Only five months later he would record "Tempest", which was the first album he considered worthy of his discography. Anyway, this recording warrants more than the 100-200 listens it has had so far.
Allan Holdsworth Archives May 18, 2019
Here is a playlist of a very rare recording of Allan playing with Jeff Clyne's "Turning Point" somewhere around 1980. The playlist contains three solo excerpts featuring Allan, as well as very early recordings of "Letters Of Marque" and "Where Is One" with Jeff Clyne on bass and Gary Husband on drums.
Allan Holdsworth Archives May 17, 2019
Rick Beato is out now with a video comparing the chordal styles of Holdsworth and Metheny. Recommended viewing!
Allan Holdsworth Archives May 14, 2019
Allan appears on the track "Dognose" on the archival release "Jet Yellow" by Peter Lemer. You can hear a sample in the link below. "Jet Yellow" was recorded on May 11th & 12th, 1977 at Britannia Row Studios in London, England. Art Of Life records is a small niche label which has also released other archival releases featuring Allan, so this is not a bootleg!
Allan Holdsworth Archives May 13, 2019
This interview was recorded right before a soundcheck on a tour with the band Bruford in 1979, relatively recent after Allan Holdsworth's depature from the Bruford band (references are made to his replacement John Clark). Bill talks about his experience with U.K. and the band Bruford, among other things. He makes numerous references to Allan throughout. The source and exact date of this interview is not known, but chances are it could be a college radio interview. Please supply any information you might have in the comments.
Allan Holdsworth Archives May 12, 2019
Here is your Sunday reading, in English and in French. If you would like to improve the translation, please submit your revision in the comments or the inbox. 😊
Allan Holdsworth Archives May 11, 2019
Found this Italian interview on an old hard drive. Sorry for the poor resolution!
Allan Holdsworth Archives May 07, 2019
John Vullo is productive these days, almost overlooked this one!
Allan Holdsworth Archives May 01, 2019
This just in: Dani Rabin of Marbin in conversation with Gary Husband.
Allan Holdsworth Archives Apr 26, 2019
Posted this two years ago. Thanks to Stew for refreshing the memory. See also link in comments.
Allan Holdsworth Archives Apr 25, 2019
Here's what Bill Bruford is up to these days: A lecture on his PhD, which deals with creativity in drumming. Disclaimer: Not a word on Allan, and I don't think a note of him either. But definitely something for intellectually minded Allan fans. Listening to Bill talking this way, you'd think he'd been a music professor all his life.
Allan Holdsworth Archives Apr 21, 2019
In a recent video interview, Jakko Jakszyk talks about how it was following Allan as a guitarist in Level 42, and shares personal experiences from hanging out at his flat in the late 70s. (Disclaimer: Jakko's opinions are his own entirely.) The video is cued up to 32:02. See in the comments for quotes from Allan on the subject of working with Level 42.
Allan Holdsworth Archives Apr 20, 2019
The Archives has never seen this one covered before, thank you Matsubara!
Allan Holdsworth Archives Apr 17, 2019
Now available for preorder!
Allan Holdsworth Archives Apr 15, 2019
In loving memory of Allan Holdsworth, 6 August 1946 – 15 April 2017.
Allan Holdsworth Archives Apr 11, 2019
If you're a guitarist and you've seen Allan's chord charts, you probably wondered what they mean. John Vullo has taken up the challenge to explain this. This is not for the faint hearted, but if you would like to try to get inside Allan's mind, you never expected it to be easy, did you? :-)