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Sunny Hills (Acoustic)
Sunny Hills
All We Are (Bonus Track Version)
All We Are Aug 16, 2019
HAPPY NEW MUSIC FRIDAY! We’ve updated our now infamous tropical playlist for you all!! Some really deep cuts this week🧠👂. Click on the Spotify link below and have a listen to what made us tick whilst we were making our 3rd (THIRD!!!!) record. Big love to you all as always and have a sun soaked weekend. Stay tropical 🌴AWA #lp3 #allweare #tropical photo by Joe Wills Domino Recording Company
All We Are Aug 09, 2019
Happy New Music Friday! We have been quiet but we DO have a new album brewing and almost ready to go! We wanted to share some songs that we have been LOVING whilst we were writing, recording and mixing our new record. Step into the hive mind of AWA and listen to what's been making us tick these last few months. AND we'll be updating every FRIDAY. Stay Tropical 🌴 Check it out on Spotify below 👇 Big love to Stealing Sheep HEAVENLY RECORDINGS Jungle Pussyfoot Records Domino Recording Company and everyone who continues to inspire us.
All We Are Mar 29, 2019
We are so heartbroken to hear about the extremely lovely and talented guys in Her's passing last night. Our thoughts are with their families and friends and the whole of the Liverpool music community. It’s such a shock and a tragedy. With all our love Rich, Guro and Luis xxx
All We Are Mar 15, 2019
HEART ATTACK ❤️💓💔 w/ Alex Kapranos is "Biggest Record In The UK" The Selector – British Council #speedywunderground
All We Are Mar 11, 2019
Heard our new tune w/ Alex Kapranos for #speedywunderground? LISTEN >>>
All We Are Feb 27, 2019
Mad chuffed to announce our collab w/ Alex Kapranos for #speedywunderground !!! LISTEN >>> . Written and recorded in 1 day w/ the legendary Dan Carey who produced our 1st album . Out 5th April on limited 7" . It's a Heart Attack! 💜💥💔
All We Are Feb 14, 2019
On this day of love, here’s an adorable short film about a struggling little Cupid, who said love supposed to be easy eyh? Thank you so much for putting our song SHADOWS on this, it’s lovely. So from our hearts to yours, Happy Valentine Day ❤️
All We Are Jan 21, 2019
1st gig of the year! Our friends Speedy Wunderground host a full day of music at Mothclub. All artists are amazing and we'll all be among mates. One not to miss!!!
All We Are Jan 15, 2019
Album 3 coming along, can't wait to share 😘😘😘
All We Are Jan 04, 2019
Che-che-check it! First gig of 2019 and it’s a little festival put together by our mates @speedywunderground come one, come all!! Tix: . . . #live #festival #band #awa #mothclub #speedywunderground #come #its #gonna #be #great
All We Are Dec 05, 2018
We got some great news we want to share with you guys! We've started recording our 3rd album with @Dominorecordco and It’s going to be produced by the legend that is Dave McCracken! We are truly excited about the songs, the energy and how it’s coming along. We’ve taken our new tunes and injected them with a bit of summer, good time vibes - perfect for a winter in Liverpool. We’ll be posting as we go so keep in touch and stay tropical. Big Love <<< AWA >>>
All We Are Nov 08, 2018
That time we carried our gear, luggage and bananas through Berlin in a supermarket trolley and totally owned it
All We Are Oct 23, 2018
Missing the summer vibes? 🌞 📸 Rebecca Marie Hawley
All We Are Oct 16, 2018
Last night we said goodbye to our studio/rehearsal/home of 7 years with the last jam. Our story is intimately linked with the place, we started the band there, wrote and recorded so much music and it's safe to say we wouldn't be here if it wasn't for that space. So just wanted to show our gratitude, we'll miss you very much and will never forget the amazing times we had in there! The end of a chapter but the beginning of a new one, exciting things to come ❤️ Big Love
All We Are Oct 11, 2018
Feel Safe in BRASIL 🇧🇷 unusually high concentration of brazilians at Glastonbury Festival (official) '17. Valeu gente 😘
All We Are Oct 03, 2018
who in here is a human? we need proof...
All We Are Sep 26, 2018
Secret show Glastonbury Festival (official) {CROW'S NEST} 📸🎸🎹 We always have the best time at this place x Video up on our Instagram @thisisallweare
All We Are Sep 24, 2018
Our Glastonbury Festival (official) 2017 highlights!!! 🌞 We've been fortunate enough to have played it for 3 years and we miss it as hell ❤️ We'll be posting more videos throughout the week on our Instagram ( @thisisallweare )
All We Are Sep 18, 2018
Just checking the weather ☎️🌞 📸 by Rebecca Marie Hawley
All We Are Sep 13, 2018
ElectricPicnic!!! Great photo collage by Afghaniscan
All We Are Sep 11, 2018
Our friends Kazimier Garden looking eerily like our album cover. So many great venues getting crowded out by developers, show your love for your community!!! ❤️❤️❤️🏢🏠🏢
All We Are Jul 19, 2018
#tbt Throwback to when we spent a day at Abbey Road Studio 2 with legend Howie B! Very very special times. Howie asked us to rework and perform some of his compositions for a collab between Bowers & Wilkins and Maserati - epic!
All We Are Jul 04, 2018
Earlier this year Low Four Studio asked us to do a live session at the legendary Old Granada Studios in Manchester. Vibey night it was! Watch out for New Order reference at 18:44 ;) #newmusic #livemusic #recordingstudio #manchester #liverpool
All We Are Jul 03, 2018
All We Are's cover photo
All We Are Jul 03, 2018
Summer lovin' pic by Rebecca Marie Hawley