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Live in Japan 1984 - Complete Edition
Breaking the Heart of the City: The Best of Alcatrazz
Live at the Country Club, Reseda
Dangerous Games
The Ultimate Fortress Rock Set
Ten Best
No Parole from Rock 'N' Roll (Bonus Track Version)
Live Sentence
Dangerous Games (Bonus Track Version)
Live '83
Live Sentence
The Best of Alcatrazz
Disturbing the Peace
No Parole from Rock N' Roll
Alcatrazz Sep 20, 2018
32 Years today Happy Release Day
Alcatrazz Aug 26, 2018
Thank you Stefan Nilsson and Roppongi Rocks
Alcatrazz Jul 11, 2018
The new August 2018 issue of Burrn Magazine. The 34th anniversary of Alcatrazz 1 in Japan. Domo arigato Masuki Miyauchi.
Alcatrazz May 14, 2018
Alcatrazz ‘Live Sentence’ - released 34 years ago! (May 1984)
Alcatrazz May 10, 2018
Sonic Perspectives
Alcatrazz May 05, 2018
Gary Shea and Jimmy Waldo in Tokyo 2017 with The Graham Bonnet Band playing Alcatrazz songs. Special Thanks to Beth Ami and. Mark
Alcatrazz Apr 10, 2018
Jimmy Waldo road case. Blast from the past.
Alcatrazz Mar 22, 2018
The Metal Voice
Alcatrazz Feb 25, 2018
Great review of Alcatrazz Breaking The Heart Of The City, The Very Best Of Alcatrazz by Rob McKenzie in the new issue of Fireworks Rock and Metal Magazine. A three CD set. Thanks all. Special thanks ks to Rich Kosak.
Alcatrazz Dec 31, 2017
Alcatrazz. Gary Shea and Jimmy Waldo reunited with Graham Bonnet for some special Japan dates playing Alcatrazz classics. Neither Yngwie Malmsteen nor Steve Vai were part of the reunion, but it sure was a treat for the Japanese fans. During the year, Graham Bonnet, by the way, managed to perform in Japan with Graham Bonnet Band, Alcatrazz and Michael Schenker Fest
Alcatrazz Dec 28, 2017
A few more things from the archive
Alcatrazz Dec 28, 2017
Alcatrazz Dec 28, 2017
Dangerous Games 1986
Alcatrazz Dec 25, 2017
Jingle Cells to everyone. Best Wishes to all who came out to see us this year world wide. You rock! See you next year
Alcatrazz Oct 26, 2017
Check out Graham`s new biography. Great stories and fun facts.
Alcatrazz Oct 26, 2017
Check out Graham`s new biography. Very cool stories and fun facts.
Alcatrazz Aug 21, 2017
Happy Birthday,Jimmy Waldo(ALCATRAZZ, GRAHAM BONNET BAND,NEW ENGLAND)!🎁 Graham Bonnet(MICHAEL SCHENKER FEST) coming to LOUD PARK! ・NO PAROLE FROM ROCK’N’ROLL / ALCATRAZZ(1983) autograph:Graham,Yngwie,Gary & Jimmy — with Gary Shea.