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Francis Trouble
Momentary Masters
¿Cómo Te Llama?
Yours to Keep
Albert Hammond Jr Apr 18, 2019
I’m not here...
Albert Hammond Jr Apr 17, 2019
Remember my name #fasttimes
Albert Hammond Jr Apr 15, 2019
Schools out now! Where are you going? Watch #fasttimes
Albert Hammond Jr Apr 14, 2019
What an amazing experience/collaboration, thank you @cartier for pairing us @eleonoraabbagnatoofficial @benjaminpech7 @totempaw together for the #clashdecartier 📸 @stephanefeuge
Albert Hammond Jr Apr 13, 2019
Good Evening Mr & Mrs Bond Jr thank you @cartier for a wonderful dinner and @gucci for making me look sharp #clashdecartier #dontforgettheJR
Albert Hammond Jr Apr 11, 2019
You ever watch a video in traffic? Nows your chance..
Albert Hammond Jr Apr 09, 2019
Aaarrrgggghhhhh 39 🎈 (a passage year) 📸 @marcushaney
Albert Hammond Jr Apr 05, 2019
#FastTimes official video out now. special thanks to Consequence of Sound
Albert Hammond Jr Apr 03, 2019
Duty Calls #callofduty
Albert Hammond Jr Apr 02, 2019
A night to never forget... #FastTimes official video now premiering on Consequence of Sound
Albert Hammond Jr Apr 01, 2019
Something new just for you... tomorrow #FastTimes
Albert Hammond Jr Mar 20, 2019
The only way out of a to surf the crowd 📸 @theworkofjar
Albert Hammond Jr Mar 15, 2019
🎉💋📸 @snappedbykay
Albert Hammond Jr Mar 11, 2019
What a way to end a tour, an album cycle. Can’t wait for the next album. Thanks to everyone involved, you helped me get to this point. From the people I work with that I see everyday, to the faces I don’t see, to the strangers and most importantly to the fans. I love you Albert 📸 JAR
Albert Hammond Jr Mar 08, 2019
⚡️⚡️I can’t wait to be consumed by you all! Final show of the Francis Trouble tour 🎉. Let’s all party together. ⚡️⚡️ It’s also national women’s day, which is everyday in my opinion, so even more reason to celebrate. Ladies to the front!!
Albert Hammond Jr Mar 07, 2019
When someone catches me checking what time it is…It’s fucking go time! see you next Phoenix. Love you Denver! 📸 @heart.decay
Albert Hammond Jr Mar 05, 2019
SALT LAKE CITY. It’s tonight!
Albert Hammond Jr Mar 04, 2019
Portland you’ve opened up like a flower. I feel like we’re more than just buds. Bryan de Leon Liam Kevany
Albert Hammond Jr Mar 01, 2019
Hey people #FastTimes ⚡️⚡️is the #Stryker420 Ted Stryker this weekend on Out Of Order tune in!
Albert Hammond Jr Feb 28, 2019
SF we killed it. Portland you’re next! You ain’t going nowhere! 📸 @deadbeatdebaser & @gregchow
Albert Hammond Jr Feb 27, 2019
⚡️⚡️ San Francisco knows where it’s at...SOLD OUT ⚡️⚡️
Albert Hammond Jr Feb 26, 2019
‘Fast Times’ now streaming on #TheNewAlt! Thanks Spotify 🔊:
Albert Hammond Jr Feb 25, 2019
Appreciate the love Apple Music! Here are your essentials 🔊:
Albert Hammond Jr Feb 22, 2019
#FastTimes is yours now. Enjoy this lyric video responsibly or not. Video by @marcushaney & @talainrayne Edited by @thejustyna Art by @lizziehirsch special thanks to @guyberryman ⭐️ Red Bull Records
Albert Hammond Jr Feb 20, 2019
#FASTTIMES 2.22.2019 #teaser