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Alan Parsons Aug 19, 2019
I had the tremendous pleasure of seeing my very good friend Chris Thompson (Official) on our last tour. We thought it would be fun to surprise the audience and have him come up and sing one with us. Photos by: Simon Lowery Lighting by: Relentless Entertainment Design, LLC #AlanParsons #ChrisThompson #StandingOnHigherGround #AlanParsonsLiveProject #TheSecretTour2019
Alan Parsons Aug 02, 2019
I am very happy to share that we will be setting sail again #OnTheBlueCruise in 2020. We look forward to seeing everyone very soon. #AlanParsons
Alan Parsons Jul 21, 2019
Yesterday marked the anniversary for NASA and Apollo 11. NASA and I teamed up for this momentous event in our history with a song to commemorate a grand achievement as a human race. The song is #OneNoteSymphony and it appears on my new album #TheSecret. "One Note Symphony" is having quite an impact around the world. A video for the song of us accompanied by the 80 piece Israel Philharmonic - התזמורת הפילהרמונית הישראלית Orchestra serves as a tribute to NASA - National Aeronautics and Space Administration's 50 year anniversary of their #Apollo11 mission. A very special thank you to the producing/directing team of Trinity Houston and David Minasian at IM3Global. #AlanParsons
Alan Parsons Jul 11, 2019
PRESS RELEASE NASA Joins Forces with Alan Parsons to Celebrate Apollo 11’s 50th Anniversary It was July 20th, 1969. Much of the world was huddled around archaic black and white television sets, mesmerized by mankind’s first steps on another world. NASA - National Aeronautics and Space Administration's Apollo 11 mission had safely delivered American astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin to the surface of the moon and back. Meanwhile, that same month, a young 20-year-old British recording engineer named Alan Parsons was helping The Beatles put the finishing touches to what would become their penultimate release, Abbey Road. From there, Alan would go on to become one of the most successful Producer/Engineers of all time, recording such world-class acts as Paul McCartney's Wings, Pink Floyd, The Hollies (Official), Ambrosia, Al Stewart, and countless others before forming his own multi-platinum vehicle, The Alan Parsons Project. A lot has changed in the last 50 years. The Apollo program is no longer active and the Beatles are no more, yet Parsons remains busier than ever. After 13 nominations, Parsons finally won a Grammy this year for his classic album "Eye in the Sky: 35th Anniversary Immersive Edition". This year also marked the release of Alan’s first album of new material in 15 years called #TheSecret. Just last month, the Alan Parsons Live Project teamed up with the world-renowned Israel Philharmonic - התזמורת הפילהרמונית הישראלית Orchestra for a pair of shows at Charles Bronfman Auditorium in Tel Aviv. The historic performances were captured on video by the producing & directing team of Trinity Houston and David Minasian and form the basis for Parsons' latest audio/visual exploration #OneNoteSymphony. Co-written by Parsons and fellow bandmates Todd Cooper (Sax & Vocals) and Tom Brooksmusic (Keyboards & Orchestral Arrangements), "One Note Symphony" tells of the universal sound the Earth makes as it travels through space. The video features the Alan Parsons Live Project band (which also includes Pj Olsson, JeffKollman, Dan Tracey, Guy Erez, and Danny Thompson) performing alongside the Israel Philharmonic. This powerful track is further enhanced by breathtaking visuals taken from Writer/Director Bobby Bala's upcoming sci-fi film The Shipment along with vintage Apollo footage provided by NASA. Which of course brings this story full circle. The Alan Parsons Live Project has been selected to perform at the Cocoa Riverfront Park in Cocoa, FL this Saturday, July 13th in celebration of the #Apollo11 lunar landing. Rick Armstrong, the son of the first man to set foot on the surface of the moon is scheduled to perform as well with his band Edison's Children. As Parsons himself has stated, this show will indeed “be one for the books.” Photo Credit: Shlomi Pinto Concert Organizer and Promoter: Udi Appelboim Special Thanks: Lisa Marie Parsons, Tabitha Parsons, Jordan Asher Huffman Tropo Tyson Leonard, Martin Thomas, Becky OtterBot, Marilyn Ambach, IM3Global, Grant Goddard, Chris Ericson, Trinity Houston
Alan Parsons Jun 29, 2019
Below is an interview where my lead guitarist JeffKollman and I discuss with Guitar Player Magazine, some "Secrets behind #TheSecret". Go and get your July issue which is out now. Thank you #GuitarPlayerMagazine and Jude Gold for the wonderful conversation and article. #AlanParsons #AlanParsonsLiveProject
Alan Parsons Jun 28, 2019
Hey everyone, Bandwear and Frontiers Music srl just found an EXTREMELY LIMITED amount of some extra copies of the Limited Edition, 180g, Blue Vinyl LPs of "The Secret" in their warehouse and have put them up for sale on their store. When we say extremely limited amount, we aren't kidding...25 copies. If you missed out the first time around, then grab one here: #AlanParsons #TheSecret #AlanParsonsLiveProject
Alan Parsons Jun 21, 2019
A very special guest joined us at our recent concert in Düsseldorf, Germany. I was able to catch up with my long time friend Chris Thompson (Official), and he joined us on stage with a wonderful vocal performance of the song "Standing On Higher Ground". As you would expect, he brought the house down. Thank you Chris, it was lovely seeing you again! #AlanParsons #AlanParsonsLiveProject #TheSecretTour2019
Alan Parsons Jun 14, 2019
We are having such an amazing time on #TheSecretTour2019! Below are the dates and cities we are visiting in Germany right now. Keep checking the website as we are adding dates all of the time. Looking forward to seeing you soon! 06/14 - Oldenburg, DE 06/15 - Leipzig, DE 06/16 - Hamburg, DE 06/18 - Münster, DE 06/19 - Düsseldorf, DE 06/21 - Frankfurt, DE 06/22 - Berlin, DE 06/24 - München, DE 06/30 - Künzelsau, DE Find tickets at: #AlanParsons #AlanParsonsLiveProject #TheSecret Photo Credit: Tabitha Parsons
Alan Parsons Jun 13, 2019
We are a couple of shows into our current tour. We started with an amazing show in Istanbul, and then two fantastic shows in Tel Aviv with the world class Israel Philharmonic Orchestra under the baton of our very own Tom Brooks. We played several songs from my new album "The Secret", and I cannot express to all of you how much your love and appreciation for the music means to me. Below is a wonderful review by our friends in Israel. We are looking forward to many more shows to come, as we have several more dates throughout Germany and Canada in front of us.
Alan Parsons Jun 11, 2019
When I was still a teenager, before taking a position at Abbey Road Studios, I was the guitar player in a blues rock band called The Earth. We got together and recorded an album which wasn't released for almost 50 years. This is something I am very proud of and I am pleased to see that someone has found the masters and pressed them to vinyl. "These two tracks were recorded in Regents Sound Studio in London in 1968..." You can listen to and purchase the single available on vinyl here. Enjoy!
Alan Parsons Jun 09, 2019
2019 Grammy-winning producer Alan Parsons opens the door to his new state-of-the-art recording studio Parsonics in the hills above Santa Barbara, California, for three days of master classes, July 25th, 26th and 27th 2019. Visit for more info. Session 1: Music Production Rules (July 25th) This full day of Professional Development combines invaluable insights into teaching music production, covering everything from navigating the rules and requirements of getting a Recording / Music Production / Music Tech program funded, to strategies, practical guides to current DAWs, concluding with a hands-on module where Alan demonstrates how to record ‘acoustic guitar with vocal. Session 2: In The Mix (July 26th) Session 2 is a dedicated mix session, where Alan will take tracks recorded at some of his previous master classes and complete both a stereo and a Surround mix. Session 3 Life’s A Long Song (July 27th) The final day is a classic ‘no holes barred' day of recording, where Alan will record ‘from scratch’ a tracking session, instrumental overdubs and vocals. This is a full band session where you’ll be part of the miking and tracking of a live rhythm section. Instrumental overdubs and vocals will follow. We look forward to seeing you there. #AlanParsons #ArtofScienceandSoundRecording #ASSR #ParSonics
Alan Parsons May 22, 2019
In our eleventh and final installment of "The Making of - #TheSecret", we discuss the song #TheLimelightFadesAway co-written by and featuring my future son-in-law, Jordan Asher Huffman. Jordan is currently appearing in our live shows as the featured vocalist on "I Can't Get There From Here" and has been doing a tremendous job. #AlanParsons #AlanParsonsLiveProject Noah Bruskin Dan Tracey Danny Thompson Tom Brooks Todd Cooper Jeff Kollman Guy Erez Grant Goddard Patrick Read Johnson
Alan Parsons May 22, 2019
Please enjoy a wonderful chat I had with Dennis Miller about music, my new album #TheSecret, the Magic Castle and more.
Alan Parsons May 20, 2019
Great review from Rob at Progressive Music Planet. If you haven’t checked out the album yet, then you can do so at: #TheSecret #AlanParsons #ProgRock #NewMusic #FrontiersRecords
Alan Parsons May 20, 2019
This morning we are happy to share with you the tenth episode in our mini-series "The Making of - #TheSecret" as we discuss the song "Years Of Glory" featuring #IanBairnson and #MichaelFitzpatrick. #AlanParsons #AlanParsonsLiveProject #YearsOfGlory Noah Bruskin Pj Olsson Eagle Wind Sound Michael Fitzpatrick
Alan Parsons May 20, 2019
New York, NY we’ll be with you September 17th at the Town Hall. See you soon.
Alan Parsons May 19, 2019
#TheSecretTour2019 is underway. 05/31 - Istanbul, Turkey 06/03 - Tel Aviv, Israel 06/04 - Tel Aviv, Israel 06/10 - Moscow, Russia 06/14 - Oldenburg, Germany 06/15 - Leipzig, Germany 06/16 - Hamburg, Germany 06/18 - Münster, Germany 06/19 - Düsseldorf, Germany 06/21 - Frankfurt, Germany 06/22 - Berlin, Germany 06/24 - München, Germany 06/30 - Künzlesau, Germany (Würth Open Air Festival) 07/04 - Montreal, QC (Montreal Jazz Festival) 07/13 - Cocoa, FL - (Apollo - 50th Anniversary) 08/17 - Jerez, Spain (Tio Pepe Festival) U.S Dates 09/13 - Waukegan, IL 09/14 - Marietta, OH 09/17 - New York, NY 09/18 - Worcester, MA 09/19 - Providence, RI 09/21 - Shippensburg, PA 09/22 - Scranton, PA 09/24 - Beverly, MA 09/27 - Philadelphia, PA More shows will be added soon. Find your city and date for #TheSecret Tour 2019 here:
Alan Parsons May 19, 2019
Alan Parsons May 17, 2019
Today we are sharing our ninth episode of our mini-series "The Making of - #TheSecret" discussing the track #Requiem. We hope you enjoy. #AlanParsons #AlanParsonsProject #Bond25 Noah Bruskin Todd Cooper Boh Cooper Grant Goddard
Alan Parsons May 17, 2019
A little sneak peak of rehearsal for our performance at @Earth's Call which will be streaming worlwide for all to see this Saturday evening. For more detalis visit: Todd Cooper Michael Fitzpatrick Danny Thompson Tom Brooks JeffKollman Pj Olsson Guy Erez Dan Tracey Grant Goddard Tyson Montgomery Leonard Kenny Stahl
Alan Parsons May 16, 2019
Thank you for the wonderful review of #TheSecret. Have you checked out the album yet? Buy or stream it here: #AlanParsons #AlanParsonsLiveProject #NewMusic Frontiers Music srl
Alan Parsons May 15, 2019
Here is our eighth episode in the series "The Making of - #TheSecret". "What can you say about magic, that's not been said before?" Mark Mikel, Jeff Kollman, and I wrote this song together. "I love it, I love it to death!" #AlanParsons #FlyToMe #AlanParsonsLiveProject Noah Bruskin JeffKollman Mark Mikel
Alan Parsons May 14, 2019
We had a great time making this video and I hope you enjoy it. Thanks to all of you, my new album #TheSecret is becoming quite the discussion. We appreciate all of your love and support for the music. Watch the full video for “#AsLightsFall” here: #AlanParsons #AlanParsonsLiveProject #TheSecretTour2019 Patrick Read Johnson Noah Bruskin Dan Tracey Tom Brooksmusic Danny Thompson Todd Cooper JeffKollman Pj Olsson Guy Erez Jordan Asher Huffman Grant Goddard
Alan Parsons May 13, 2019
Thank you for the kind words about the new album, Dangerdog Music Reviews. Have you listened to #TheSecret yet? Buy or stream it here: #AlanParsons #AlanParsonsLiveProject #NewMusic #ProgRock #PopRock #SymphonicRock #TheSecretTour2019
Alan Parsons May 13, 2019
Please enjoy our seventh episode in "The Making of - #TheSecret as we discuss the track "#SoireeFantastique". #AlanParsons #AlanParsonsLiveProject Noah Bruskin Grant Goddard Doug Powell Todd Cooper Danny Thompson Tom Brooks JeffKollman Guy Erez Dan Tracey Patrick Read Johnson