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Aladdin Haddad Jan 07, 2019
What a beautiful start for 2019!! had a great time playing at Z1 Hauskonzerte in Big-B with the presence of my guitar Luthier Gitarrenbau Heinzelmann thnx for David & Stefan for the invitaion and for sharing the magical wonderful moments with old and new friends. Adrian Heinzelmann Rida Abdelkader Stefan Tischer David Bjaouix . . . . #Berlin #Z1hauskonzerte #guitaristontour #Aladdinhaddad #Syrianartists #reflections #fingerstyleguitar #heinzelmanngitarrenbau #Big_B
Aladdin Haddad Jan 04, 2019
See you around, somewhere!!
Aladdin Haddad Jan 03, 2019
Aladdin Haddad Dec 26, 2018
Happy Holiday everyone !! The last Dance of 4 short Dances titled Fancy Dances composed by Thomas Fellow. The Dances are different from each other and enriched with many Rythms and colors. Fancy Dances are recorded in my debut Album "ROOTS". I Play on a Ceder double Top Guitar by Adrian Heinzelmann. Check out other Videos: Buy Album "ROOTS": Itunes: Spotify: Composer Thomas Fellow - Guitar Luthier: Adrian Heinzelmann - Guitar Support: Guitarlift - ------------------------------------------------ Find me on Social Media: Facebook: Website: Instagram:
Aladdin Haddad Dec 19, 2018
Z1 Hauskonzerte
Aladdin Haddad Dec 17, 2018
Munich, you were Beautiful ❤️, till next time!! I had a dream weekend playing three concerts in a row, appearing twice in two different Newspappers and sharing meaningful moments with the Audiance. . . . Süddeutsche Zeitung Abendzeitung München Thomas Fellow Pia Gazarek Offermann #شكرأ #Süddeutschezeitung #Fingerstyleguitarist #AladdinH #Abendzeitung #Munich2018 #Kultur #Bremen #crossover #thomasfellow #gallardodelrey #neuflamenco
Aladdin Haddad Dec 13, 2018
I am so thrilled to play my last Concert-Serie of the year in one of my fav cities, Munich. Friends and Guitar lovers, come by if you are near. See you around !!
Aladdin Haddad Dec 03, 2018
some Impressions from my last workshop in October in Cochem. I had immense Pleasure sharing Guitar techniques with this group of beautiful people besides playing a great concert there Looking forward for more to come next Year!!
Aladdin Haddad Oct 30, 2018
NEW VIDEO !!! couple months ago, i shot a video of Thomas Fellow `s Fancy Dances in the Hochschule für Kunste Bremen. Here is the first Dance of these beautiful Dances. Youtube Video Link: and don`t forget to Subscribe !!
Aladdin Haddad Oct 24, 2018
here is a preformance of me playing Rosales by Jose Maria Gallardo taken from my latest concert in Cochem, Germany last weekend, not the best Audio quality but still enjoyable !!
Aladdin Haddad Oct 12, 2018
My Debut Album "Roots" is now available on Acoustic Music Books Store with a Review about it !! you can order it online 😁
Aladdin Haddad Sep 28, 2018
Aladdin Haddad Sep 27, 2018
Improvising_on_pentatonicscale #improv #improstyle #soloing #riffs #pentatonicA #speedpicking #marshall #mg50 #practicing #followerforfollower #follow4follow
Aladdin Haddad Sep 09, 2018
About Last Night!! it was great to be part of such a nice Festival and meet many beautiful People. Photo Credit: @Lutz Wulfestieg
Aladdin Haddad Sep 09, 2018
Aladdin Haddad Sep 04, 2018
@ Schloss Ahrensburg #Schlosskonzerte2018 Art_is _state_of_mind Photo Credit: María Carrasco
Aladdin Haddad Aug 31, 2018
Happy to share with you the latest Article about my upcoming Concert and Wokshop in Cochem Zell. Article ist unfortunately only in German Language. @ Rhein-Zeitung Cochem-Zell @Saer DASHWALY @Paul Heck #CochemzellAmwochende #Rheinzeitung #Guitarsnmore #Aladdinhaddad
Aladdin Haddad Aug 21, 2018
Here is a NEW VIDEO of Asturias, Considered to be one of the most famous pieces for the Classical Guitar (originally composed for Piano in G-minor). Whether this piece is overplayed or not, as long as it`s enjoyable to hear then it doesn`t matter. Full Video here >> Recording: Majd Haddad
Aladdin Haddad Jul 25, 2018
My Fingerstyle Version of Michael Jackson`s Billie Jean is here, check it out >> Thanks to Ausppann Galerie im schnoor and Big Thanks to Majd for directing the whole thing. Guitar: Gitarrenbau Heinzelmann Strings: D'Addario and Co. Full Version in the link >> and share it if you enjoy it ! #Michaeljackson #Pop #billiejean #fingerstyle #guitarcover #popicon #schnoor #bremen #ausspann
Aladdin Haddad Jul 03, 2018
#warmingup #beforeconcert #guitaristlife #acoustic #fingerstyle #crossover #guitaristinaction #bremenkonzerte
Aladdin Haddad Jun 13, 2018
#cuxhavenstadt #concertannouncement #guitarlife #flamenco #fingerstyle #cuxhaven #summer2018 #excited #musicianontheroad #Germany #followforfollow #followmefollowyou #followmefollowback #unfollowmeunfollowyou #newspaper #berümt #nichtwirklich #nurspaß
Aladdin Haddad May 18, 2018
Musikschule Bassum
Aladdin Haddad May 14, 2018
Bürgerhaus Hemelingen e.V.
Aladdin Haddad May 13, 2018
Bern, you were wonderful, till next time Taken from yesterday`s concert, to all non guitar freaks, i know it`s a bit long piece but bear with me it`s cool piece 😅😅, This is the Gran Jota op.14 by Francisco Tarrega.
Aladdin Haddad May 12, 2018
Stef's Kultur Bistro