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We Were Strong, So We Got Lost
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In Garden of Sound
Aladdin Haddad Aug 17, 2019
Have a wonderful Weekend everyone !!
Aladdin Haddad Aug 07, 2019
Check out the new serie "Guitar Therapy" on my Channel.
Aladdin Haddad Jul 29, 2019
Antares Ensemble
Aladdin Haddad Jun 05, 2019
about last weekend !!
Aladdin Haddad Jun 02, 2019
couldn`t be happier with my new Acoustic Guitar made by Adrian Heinzelmann, and it sounds BIG!! Yesterday, i got to play my first Open Air concert in a long time, Love that feeling. Photo Credit Gennady Kuznetsov
Aladdin Haddad Jun 01, 2019
It`s Cool, it`s free, come by and say hello !!
Aladdin Haddad May 27, 2019
Beautiful Energy with these People ❤️!! Some impressions from 25.05 Guitar Workshop in Lichthof Kunstfabrik!! #guitarlove #greatpeolple #Bremenmusik #Aladdinhaddad
Aladdin Haddad May 24, 2019
My Life Story and my Music Journey are in this Article. I wouldn`t change anything in it, beacuse this is a life Experience that can`t be earned anywhere else,-grenzenlose-passion-fuer-die-gitarre-_arid,1832021.html
Aladdin Haddad Apr 30, 2019
Some impressions from 26.04.19 Concert in Altes Fundamt Bremen, till next time beautiful people out there in Fundamt. 🎸🎸🎸 #Bremen #Fingerstylenight #ontour #hashtagsfordummies #itworks #hashtaganything #Aladdinhaddad #Guitaristlife
Aladdin Haddad Mar 30, 2019
Some Impression from Yesterday`s Concert in Köln !!
Aladdin Haddad Mar 28, 2019
Announcment about Today's Book premiere "Stolepersteine" in the Bremen Library West in which Im performing with the Reading >> . . . #buchoremiere #Bremen #gitarre #lesung #Kultur
Aladdin Haddad Mar 25, 2019
Have a great start to the Week ☕️ and consider Subscibing if you enjoy the music for more Contect in the Future >>
Aladdin Haddad Mar 22, 2019
Aladdin Haddad Mar 19, 2019
Impressions from the Festival "We Would like to Invite you if it`s OK" where i played my Debut-Concert in Hannover as a closing event to the Festival. So many Art was offered in this Festival, and i was thrilled to meet with so many talented Theater Actors, Artists and beautiful People but Mostly, catching up with the Festival executive Organizer and The Dramturgist Rania Mleihi. p.s: i appear in the last min. . . . #Ballhof #Schauspielhannover #Hannover #Debutconcert #Art #AmalOmran #Festival #Visualarts #Fingerstyle #unplugged #KunstinDeutschland #wewouldliketoinviteifitisok #Dramaturgie
Aladdin Haddad Mar 13, 2019
Cavatina (Theme from The Deer Hunter)- Stanley Myers Arranged for Guitar by Stanley Myers for John Williams. Full Video on here >> +++ Personal Story +++ My Story with this Piece started 25 Years ago, when my father and my first Guitar teacher back in Damascus decided that i need to play the Piece as clean as it could be, and therefor they made kind of a small Audition for me. After two weeks of Practice, i got to play a pretty decent version of the Piece. 25 Years fast forward, i still feel there are more dimensions to be discovers in this ageless Piece. Website: Instagram: YouTube: I Play Heinzelmann Guitars: Recorded at Galerie Mitte Bremen:
Aladdin Haddad Feb 19, 2019
Announcment for my Debut Concert in Hannover at the Schauspiel Hannover this Sunday, where i will be playing crossover Music and pieces by Thomas Fellow José María Gallardo del Rey Andy McKee among many others. Pretty hyped about it !!
Aladdin Haddad Jan 07, 2019
What a beautiful start for 2019!! had a great time playing at Z1 Hauskonzerte in Big-B with the presence of my guitar Luthier Gitarrenbau Heinzelmann thnx for David & Stefan for the invitaion and for sharing the magical wonderful moments with old and new friends. Adrian Heinzelmann Rida Abdelkader Stefan Tischer David Bjaouix . . . . #Berlin #Z1hauskonzerte #guitaristontour #Aladdinhaddad #Syrianartists #reflections #fingerstyleguitar #heinzelmanngitarrenbau #Big_B
Aladdin Haddad Jan 04, 2019
See you around, somewhere!!
Aladdin Haddad Jan 03, 2019
Aladdin Haddad Dec 26, 2018
Happy Holiday everyone !! The last Dance of 4 short Dances titled Fancy Dances composed by Thomas Fellow. The Dances are different from each other and enriched with many Rythms and colors. Fancy Dances are recorded in my debut Album "ROOTS". I Play on a Ceder double Top Guitar by Adrian Heinzelmann. Check out other Videos: Buy Album "ROOTS": Itunes: Spotify: Composer Thomas Fellow - Guitar Luthier: Adrian Heinzelmann - Guitar Support: Guitarlift - ------------------------------------------------ Find me on Social Media: Facebook: Website: Instagram:
Aladdin Haddad Dec 19, 2018
Z1 Hauskonzerte
Aladdin Haddad Dec 17, 2018
Munich, you were Beautiful ❤️, till next time!! I had a dream weekend playing three concerts in a row, appearing twice in two different Newspappers and sharing meaningful moments with the Audiance. . . . Süddeutsche Zeitung Abendzeitung München Thomas Fellow Pia Gazarek Offermann #شكرأ #Süddeutschezeitung #Fingerstyleguitarist #AladdinH #Abendzeitung #Munich2018 #Kultur #Bremen #crossover #thomasfellow #gallardodelrey #neuflamenco
Aladdin Haddad Dec 13, 2018
Ich bin so begeistert, meine letzte Konzert-Serie des Jahres in einer meiner liebsten Städte, München, zu spielen. Freunde und Gitarren-Liebhaber, kommt ihr vorbei, wenn ihr in der Nähe seid. Wir sehen uns!!
Aladdin Haddad Dec 03, 2018
some Impressions from my last workshop in October in Cochem. I had immense Pleasure sharing Guitar techniques with this group of beautiful people besides playing a great concert there Looking forward for more to come next Year!!
Aladdin Haddad Oct 30, 2018
NEW VIDEO !!! couple months ago, i shot a video of Thomas Fellow `s Fancy Dances in the Hochschule für Kunste Bremen. Here is the first Dance of these beautiful Dances. Youtube Video Link: and don`t forget to Subscribe !!