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New Bodies
Keep Your Head Above the Water
akissforjersey Jul 18, 2018
ASHEVILLE NC, I’ll be coming through on 9/1 to do a DJ set for “ Get Sad Y’all” Emo night! It’s going to be a great time, can’t wait to see you all there! Let’s get HYPE........and sad. -Zach
akissforjersey Nov 10, 2017
Get Excited for this event! Zach will be a guest DJ for Emo night on December 16th at the Local 506 in Chapel Hill NC. Come out, sing/scream and blow your dang voice out to some of your favorite songs from the late 90’s and early 2000’s! Visit Emo Raleigh for more details, or message us direct. See you all there. Zach Dawson
akissforjersey Oct 14, 2017
Anyone still rocking this classic design we released along with our last album in 2013? This one has been perfectly “broke in.”
akissforjersey Sep 19, 2017
Get you somebody that looks at you the way that.....😂
akissforjersey Sep 07, 2017
Zach, Cory and Tyler got a little something this evening to commemorate our time together. Great to get together with some of that original lineup 😉
akissforjersey Dec 26, 2016
Merry Christmas from us to you! We wish the best to you and your families. AKFJ 🎅🏻
akissforjersey Jun 13, 2016
We them boys
akissforjersey May 26, 2016
Who is still banging our album "Victims" Circa 2008? Oh and by the way, would anyone be interested in another new AKFJ album?
akissforjersey May 15, 2016
News flash. Zach made a human. Congratulations to he and his wife!
akissforjersey Sep 23, 2015
What are you guys listening to these days?
akissforjersey Sep 18, 2015
Hey everyone, If you would do me a huge favor and head over to my real estate page at give it a like I would greatly appreciate it. Please contact me for any of your real estate needs. Thanks so much -Zach
akissforjersey Sep 09, 2015
akissforjersey Jul 14, 2015
We've been hiding from the sun. Oh my God wake us up.
akissforjersey Mar 26, 2015
Bobs selling some gear. Local fellas, check it out.
akissforjersey Mar 12, 2015
We have had a number of messages regarding the official Lyrics of EVERYTHING NEW. So, here they are! EVERYTHING NEW OFFICIAL LYRICS I could never understand the way You could reach down and pull a man like me From the grave and to bear the weight It must be grace I lift my filthy head up from the ground How do you give everything you have Tame the skies and part the seas For a killer just like me It must be grace All the back and forth, the in between All the secrets that I cant explain And everything just falls away But Your grace How can I let You love me like this When there's nothing left tear me apart down to my regrets You're making everything new And after all the noise It left me lost for voice I set my feet on straight And turn my eyes away Oh God, I know it's a wrong place My tongue burn from the bad taste of lips that shut too tight oh to even speak Your grace I'm scared to death that I will never be the man I want my children to see When they're looking straight at me Give me grace How can I let You love me like this When there's nothing left tear me apart down to my regrets You're making everything new You're making everything Everything new GRACE....
akissforjersey Mar 06, 2015
Happy Friday! We're curious, What new albums are you guys into as of late?
akissforjersey Jan 30, 2015
akissforjersey Jan 15, 2015
We miss the heck out of you guys!
akissforjersey Dec 26, 2014
#flashbackfriday #screamtheprayer2008 #handstands #akissforjersey
akissforjersey Nov 28, 2014
Black Friday deals from our record label InVogue Records. Plus all records only $7.99 via bandcamp. Perfect chance to go pick up our latest album New Bodies
akissforjersey Nov 28, 2014
Happy thanksgiving! We're thankful for anyone who has ever supported us in any way.
akissforjersey Nov 19, 2014
We're half way to Friday people. Here's a jam to boost ya toward the weekend!
akissforjersey Nov 04, 2014
Our friends in War Of Ages just put out a great new video. Start your day off right. Check it!
akissforjersey Nov 04, 2014
Bob here and I owe you cats an apology. Thanks to the powers that be, I got my computer back! Now for the bad news (there's always bad news), the hard drive was wiped. So, no bones. Them bones, them bones, them, dry, dry bones, ain't gonna be put together into a video. But real talk. I'm looking for some people to record some stuff! I've been writing for and recording a post rock project for last year or so. If I post some tracks, does anyone want to record some guitars, piano, anything over them? Sweet.
akissforjersey Oct 24, 2014