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Molten Young Lovers
The Battle of Sealand
Airiel Live At Double Door 07/10/2004
Airiel Live At Double Door 10/19/2004
Airiel Apr 22, 2019
We’re always grateful to Gregg for having us included with our peers and friends. ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤
Airiel Apr 05, 2019
See you tomorrow night, Chicago!!
Airiel Mar 15, 2019
We ❤️ Gregg Araki
Airiel Feb 28, 2019
Gregg Araki’s new TV series Now Apocalypse is coming out soon and you just KNOW the soundtrack is going to be amazing. 😉 Stay tuned!
Airiel Dec 03, 2018
Shout out to DKFM, one of the greatest radio stations in history!
Airiel Nov 06, 2018
Get out there and vote, America!
Airiel Nov 01, 2018
Airiel merch is back! Our Square and Bandcamp sites have updated stock of t-shirts, as well as a limited edition cassette of the Kid Games EP!
Airiel Nov 01, 2018
Airiel Oct 22, 2018
Every member of Airiel is voting in November. Are you?
Airiel Oct 11, 2018
Photos by Amelia Rose Baird - Chop Chop - Chicago
Airiel Sep 11, 2018
Tomorrow (Tuesday) night at Slippery Slope, the Shimmer DJs will be giving out a pair of tickets to this upcoming AMAZING show that we’re playing!
Airiel Aug 06, 2018
We’ll be putting inventory back up on our online stores this week. However, we did sell all of our men’s shirts, so we’re having more made.
Airiel Aug 04, 2018
Photo by Noah Cohen. This trip to California was wonderful. Topographies, Cruel Summer, Tennis System, and Part Time Punks are always welcome at our house. Check out our Instagram account @airielmusic for lots of photos and videos.
Airiel Jul 30, 2018
Airiel's cover photo
Airiel Jul 30, 2018
Thank you, Los Angeles. ❤️
Airiel Jul 29, 2018
Tonight at The Echoplex! 8:00 Doors 8:30 Topographies 9:30 Tennis System 10:30 Airiel
Airiel Jul 20, 2018
Our show next Friday at The Knockout in San Francisco is now SOLD OUT! If you want to get tickets for our Part Time Punks show on Sunday the 29th in Los Angeles with topographies and Tennis System, follow the link below:
Airiel Jul 20, 2018
Airiel's cover photo
Airiel Jul 18, 2018
Packing for California! Can’t wait to see you!
Airiel Jun 30, 2018
Airiel Jun 16, 2018
Airiel's cover photo
Airiel Jun 08, 2018
PART TIME PUNKS! Sunday, July 29th, we play at Echoplex with TENNIS SYSTEM and TOPGRAPHIES!
Airiel Jun 08, 2018
Friday, July 27th we are playing @ The Knockout in San Francisco with Cruel Summer and Topographies!
Airiel Jun 08, 2018
Ladies and gentlemen, we are heading back to California! We'll be in San Francisco on Friday, July 27th and Los Angeles on Sunday, July 29th! Stand by for ticket information....