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The Remixes - Vol.1
Late Night Tales: Air (Remastered)
Le voyage dans la lune
Love 2
Moon Safari Remixes, Rarities and Radio Sessions
Pocket Symphony
Surfing On a Rocket
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10 000 Hz Legend
The Virgin Suicides (Original Motion Picture Score)
Moon Safari
AIR Jun 23, 2019
The World lost an Incredible Talent. Peace to Philippe Zdar.
AIR Apr 12, 2019
#RSD19 – Surfing On A Rocket “Surfing On A Rocket” will be available this Saturday for Record Store Day, as a limited edition picture vinyl single! Head over to your favourite record store this Saturday to get your copy.
AIR May 24, 2018
AIR Aug 12, 2017
The last day of the #AirTwentyears World Tour is coming. Come with us to celebrate the end of this magical tour! >>> Credit : Marcus Lin
AIR Aug 09, 2017
#AIRCHIVES In 1998, we were 'on earth, at last' on the cover of Les Inrockuptibles. In 2012, we were back to the moon with 'Le Voyage dans la Lune'! >>> Full album #LeVoyageDansLaLune now available on YT:
AIR Aug 04, 2017
Hi Holland, We hope to see you August 11th in Utrecht! >>> Tickets & info:
AIR Jul 24, 2017
Sesto & Nicolosi: you were amazing! Sadly, only 5 shows left to the #Twentyears tour! // ROMA // Tonight // // RONQUIERES // 8.5.17 // // DUBLIN // 8.6.17 // // UTRECHT // 8.11.17 // // LOKEREN // 8.12.17 // Hope to see you there!
AIR Jul 20, 2017
Our Italian Twentyears Tour begins today! Hope to see you on Sexto 'Nplugged today, or #Nicolosi and #Roma on July 22 and July 24! #AirTwentyears
AIR Jul 10, 2017
Today, AIR will be playing in Barcelone. Buy your tickets here: Hope to see you there!
AIR Jul 04, 2017
Back in #Paris! See us Saturday for the Days Off festival! #SoldOut
AIR Jun 27, 2017
Thank you for that very special moment. Great time in LA at Greek Theatre last night with Beck and Jason Falkner. Credit : Matthew Rea
AIR Jun 22, 2017
Save the date! Boiler Room #Soon
AIR Jun 19, 2017
We're glad to be back in the US from the 20th of June for 4 shows: Chicago, San Francisco, Santa Barbara and LA! #AIRCHIVES Who remembers our performance on "Later... with Jools Holland"? See us here with Phoenix playing "Kelly Watch the Stars", in 1999!
AIR Jun 16, 2017
Here is the Music i did for K.O! Enjoy! J.B
AIR Jun 14, 2017
#AIRCHIVES Another year, another day, another cover: Technikart Magazine // 1997
AIR Jun 08, 2017
#AIRCHIVES The emotion is still as intense when we return to this first concert on the French TV show Nulle Part Ailleurs, the day of the release of our album Moon Safari /1998, Canal+ Special guests as backing band: Phoenix
AIR Jun 06, 2017
Thank you NY and Governor's Ball, we had a great time as usual! #AirTwentyears It was in 1998, we were also in #NewYork... "Eating, sleeping, waiting & playing"... in a taxi! / Directed by Mike Mills #Airchives
AIR Jun 04, 2017
Our first USA Tour since 2010 begins today! Hope to see you in New York today, or Boston and Washington on June 5 and June 6! #AirTwentyears
AIR Jun 03, 2017
Boston, can’t wait to see you at Royale on Mon 5 June. Tickets available here : 📷 Prudence Upton
AIR Jun 02, 2017
#AIRCHIVES. LONDON 2004 (!!)! Hypnotizing live on Top of the Pops with Cherry Blossom Girl, Great souvenir!
AIR May 31, 2017
Thank you @vividsydney and thank you Sydney! Photo by Prudence Upton #airtwentyears
AIR May 30, 2017
We are on Sydney's Opera house for 2 amazing days! Buy your tickets here: #TwentyearsTour
AIR May 28, 2017
As it’s our #TwentYears birthday, we wanted to share some special moments! Keep an eye on #Airchives / Studio Gand session, 2006, with #JarvisCocker, photo by #DavidSauvage
AIR May 24, 2017
Great Audience in Lyon last night! Thanks for coming #AirTwentyears. Are you on these pictures?
AIR May 19, 2017
D-DAY ! Today, SHOW ONE of the Final leg of our #TWENTYEARS World Tour, we will be playing at La Magnifique Society festival in Reims. Hope to see you there!