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You Go Your Way, I'll Go Mine
Ainslie Wills Dec 07, 2018
The idea for this t-shirt came about when @thisisbenemac, @charlotteabroms and I were brainstorming ideas for the song Society. We got one printed up for the shoot and we dug them so much we got a few more done, they are now up on the website for grabs if you are keen to check them out. πŸ™Œ
Ainslie Wills Dec 05, 2018
Its supposed to be a lot of fun being in the music biz, some of the time for a number of reasons (which I won't get into here), it's not, here are a few snaps, taken by the incredibly talented @michelleghunder, of one of the most enjoyable shows I've done in a while. Thank you to the whole team involved in making this show fun...this is not to say that there wasn't tonne of hard work that went into making it happen! I feel lucky to be surrounded by good hearted people: @charlotteabroms @angiemcmahon @grettaray @lawfol @arronlight @jonosteer @mattdugred @gormieee @stimplyren @connorb_h & @joshbarber
Ainslie Wills Nov 16, 2018
Here's me making funny faces whilst doing a cover of Here Comes the Rain Again by Eurythmics. Filmed on the weekend with some lovely talented people (thanks Brad, Rick and Jono). Happy Melbourne Music Week for next week. Last tickets to our Monday show at ACMI here πŸ‘‰
Ainslie Wills Nov 10, 2018
Not long to go now! Will be playing some new tunes from the forthcoming release at this show alongside the incredible Angie McMahon and Gretta Ray!! πŸŽΆπŸ€—
Ainslie Wills Oct 24, 2018
Oh hi there, looking so productive huh? If only it were true πŸ˜‰I'm just taking a break from writing my memoirs to add a little reminder on here about this show I've got coming up with @angiemcmahon and @grettaray. We'll be coming together to play some new tunes and just generally hang with some good people, also, 5% of proceeds will go to a mental health charity in memory of Scott Hutchison. Hope to see you there πŸ’œPic by @thisisbenemac
Ainslie Wills Oct 15, 2018
The amount of times I've knocked my teeth on the mic whilst my eyes were closed πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ it's a wonder I have any left. I'll be holding this type of stance and a host of others when @lawfol @arronlight and I play @thelostlandsfestival Nov 3. Head to for more info. Pic by Dom Stuart πŸ’œ#photosfromthefield
Ainslie Wills Oct 11, 2018
Harmony singing, one of my fave things to do on earth, got to do it last month in Lundun with these two beauties and we will hopefully get to do it again for our Melbourne Music Week show next month. Shout out to @charlotteabroms who made it all come together for us. Also to @saaamfurness for the vid. I don't know how I almost forgot to thank the author of the song - Emma Louise what a beauty it is x
Ainslie Wills Sep 24, 2018
A shot of our lil set last night at Paradiso Amsterdam with @lawfol and @jonosteer .Thanks for the piccy's @arronlight πŸ’œ
Ainslie Wills Sep 20, 2018
A coming together of good people for a night of new music as part of @melbournemusicweek with proceeds going to charity in loving memory of Scott Hutchison, can't wait for this one team. πŸ’›Tickets -
Ainslie Wills Sep 16, 2018
Londoners, if you tune in to Radio X with Maz tonight from 10pm, he'll be giving away two tickets to the Camden Assembly show I'll be doing on Sept 24th with Angie McMahon and Gretta Ray! πŸ˜€
Ainslie Wills Sep 15, 2018
Tour Party Profile #4 Hard on the outside soft in the middle, the notorious (in a good way) Arron Light Lover of Chocolate and founding member of the exclusive Chocolate Club (other members include AW and LF). Favourite past-times include listening to Meshugga, drum-kit restoration and hanging with his dog Lena. An amazing improviser and musician who has dedicated much time to this project thank you 😘
Ainslie Wills Sep 15, 2018
Tour Party Profile #3 - We have Lawrence Folvig , also known as Larry, Lance, Lawz, Lawz-burger and Lawrie. Ever wanted a soundtrack to blissful dreaming? Lawrie is your man, never known anyone to create sound from a Guitar like this guy can, an incredibly kind hearted meticulous and creative soul who has the best dance moves I've ever seen (true!) He also plays bass like a boss. Lawrie loves Jalapeños, pasta 🍝 and he and makes THE best cakes including my fave - Raspberry and White Chocolate cheesecake. 😘 Pic by @jemseligfreeman
Ainslie Wills Sep 15, 2018
Tour Party Profile # 2 - Mega producer, sound engineer, and musician - Jono Steer . He loves Castlemaine, loves a good pub meal and most days can be found saying ' ha, ha ho, ho, ha' whilst tuning the room pre-soundcheck. Another extremely hard working, generous and talented soul with a heart of gold πŸ’› thank you, thank you. Pic by @jemseligfreeman
Ainslie Wills Sep 15, 2018
Tour Party Profile #1 Mega manager Charlotte Abroms - Captain of the ship, lover of a laff, owner of Colgates healthiest smile (will you look at those pearlers!). She loves a good hot sauce, great poetry, Nirvana and is an extremely generous, courageous, creative, hard-working and sensitive soul. We can not thank you enough for all that you do 😘
Ainslie Wills Sep 13, 2018
It always goes so quickly, trying to make the most of this sweet time in London. We've been getting some writing done before heading out for these live shows! Would love to see your faces if you can make it to one of these x
Ainslie Wills Aug 28, 2018
If I can help alleviate the pressure that some women feel trying to contemplate motherhood/careers and ageism in the music industry by opening up about my own struggle, then I feel like I'm doing my job... thanks to Annelise Ball from WildnFree for such an inspiring and connected interview... one of my faves of all time. x
Ainslie Wills Aug 26, 2018
Thank you for letting us into your world for an hour Glenn, what a rare beauty you are. Yesterday I got to chat with and listen to a stunning performance from Glenn Richards who I've admired from afar for years. Thank you Melbourne Writers Festival. x
Ainslie Wills Aug 22, 2018
3, the magic number... Delighted to be playing with these two incredibly talented women who are kicking some serious butt right now! See you soon Londoners. Tickets via x Communion Music, Angie McMahon, Gretta Ray
Ainslie Wills Aug 22, 2018
Thank you to The Line Of Best Fit for the premiere πŸ’œ πŸŽ₯ by Ben McNamara 🎧 by Lawrence Folvig
Ainslie Wills Aug 22, 2018
Here 'tis, brought to you from the front porch of my old house πŸ’œ shot by the wonderful Ben McNamara and audio by the lovely Lawrence Folvig. The live version of 'Society' just premiered on The Line Of Best Fit with upcoming UK dates. πŸ’œ
Ainslie Wills Aug 21, 2018
London friends! We'll be coming to play for you Sep 26th at The Slaughtered Lamb (whatta name), would love to see your faces! Tickets via
Ainslie Wills Aug 20, 2018
Just a touch a touch of PARADISO, for the Farnsy fans out there! We're stoked to be playing our first Amsterdam show as part of Van Alleen Naar Zachter, we hear Paradiso Amsterdam is a beaut! We’ll be playing the main hall with Lewis Capaldi, Matthew And The Atlas and Sam Fender πŸ’«
Ainslie Wills Aug 16, 2018
The inspiration behind the album is about finding.... I had a chat with Lost At E Minor about Society, the forthcoming album as well as some other tidbits. You can check it out here!
Ainslie Wills Aug 09, 2018
Ainslie Wills Aug 03, 2018
As a send off to the wonderful Brett Cottle who left APRA AMCOS this year, I was asked to perform Society at the APRA awards as Brett had been a long time supporter of the music. It was probably one of the most terrifying and rewarding experiences to date as I was playing amongst some of my all time favourite Australian musicians. Thankfully I kept my shit together and you can now have a squiz at that moment. Thanks Milly Petriella for making this happen x