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Late Night Tales: Agnes Obel
Citizen of Glass
Agnes Obel Aug 15, 2019
#NationalRelaxationDay 🎶 Listen to Agnes' "Top Tracks" playlist on Spotify or Apple Music ▷
Agnes Obel Aug 09, 2019
Have you listened to Agnes' "Top Tracks" Playlist on YouTube? ▶️ Listen here:
Agnes Obel Aug 01, 2019
🎶 "And our love is a ghost that the others can’t see..." 👉
Agnes Obel Jul 25, 2019
Agnes Obel - 'Top Tracks Playlist' on Apple Music & Spotify. Listen below... Which tracks would you add to the playlist?
Agnes Obel May 20, 2019
A little break from studio-hermit-mode. Jag är inta elgen.
Agnes Obel Apr 29, 2019
Hello cello.
Agnes Obel Apr 29, 2019
Agnes Obel - Essentials Listen to the Apple Music playlist below
Agnes Obel Apr 02, 2019
Agnes Obel - Top Tracks Spotify playlist, featuring “September Song”, “Familiar”, “Riverside” & more. Listen and follow below...
Agnes Obel Mar 25, 2019
Scott Walker, rest in peace. You are a big inspiration.
Agnes Obel Mar 04, 2019
Watch Agnes' concert at Paris Collège des Bernardins in September 2016 below. ARTE Concert.
Agnes Obel Nov 22, 2018
Agnes Obel - Late Night Tales is #3 on Piccadilly Records' Compilations of the Year. Order here:
Agnes Obel Nov 06, 2018
Agnes Obel Nov 05, 2018
Second night opening for David Byrne. Really honored to be opening for him and his band. It’s pretty hard to put into words how good their show is... and on so many levels. Anyway, can’t wait to watch it again... Maybe I’ll find the right words by then...✨
Agnes Obel Nov 02, 2018
Agnes will be joining David Byrne as the special guest at: AFAS Live Amsterdam & Zenith Paris - La Villette on Sunday & Monday...
Agnes Obel Oct 21, 2018
2 years old...
Agnes Obel Oct 01, 2018
Agnes Obel Oct 01, 2018
Portland.. Last show on the tour. We play at 9:30 at the Wonder Ballroom.
Agnes Obel Sep 30, 2018
Seattle. We have had such a wonderful time here. See ya soon✨✨
Agnes Obel Sep 30, 2018
See you tonight at SHOWBOX, SEATTLE.
Agnes Obel Sep 29, 2018
The Redwoods✨🎉
Agnes Obel Sep 28, 2018
Last show with the The The✨..
Agnes Obel Sep 27, 2018
San Francisco tonite✨
Agnes Obel Sep 26, 2018
Visiting Blue Note, my new Label in North America, and their studios in the Capitol Records building in LA. Pretty unreal.. See you tonight at the Palladium. We are on at 8 pm. @ The Hollywood Palladium
Agnes Obel Sep 25, 2018
Thank you for tonight. What a great venue on the side of a mountain.
Agnes Obel Sep 25, 2018
We go on at the John Anson Ford Theater tonight at 7:50 pm✨