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Let's Build Something to Break
After Midnight Project Mar 09, 2015
After Midnight Project Feb 09, 2015
After Midnight Project Nov 22, 2013
I think we were ahead of the game
After Midnight Project Sep 23, 2013
Planning a one time reunion show in L.A in or around March of 2014.. We are gonna need the AMP army in full effect. Whos excited??? I know we are!
After Midnight Project Mar 28, 2013
After Midnight Project's cover photo
After Midnight Project Dec 24, 2012
So I am new to this whole tumblr thing... I just spent the past half hour looking at After Midnight Project's Tumblr (Still not sure how it works) and I must say I had a great time. So many memories on there! You guys are seriously the best fans and friends a band can ask for. I got choked up a bit reading some of your posts. Its crazy how fast life moves on the road... Sometimes you forget to soak it all in. Sometimes its impossible to soak anything in because you are always moving. But then a couple years pass and every show, every person you meet, every awesome memory still lives and breathes... So thank you for constantly posting all of those amazing memories and reminding me what it was all about. I can remember it like yesterday when I started the Project. It was me and my computer in my parents studio. I was just having fun making music I wanted to make. Then this thing called Myspace came out..remember that thing? Well the music caught on, and you guys changed my life. Put a band together and started going for it. We had so much fun meeting all of you and getting to play music every night! I cant really tell you what After Midnight Project is at this point..But I can tell you this...It was fun while it lasted. Everyone is doing great. We are all heavily involved in music, so Im sure you will be hearing new music from the other guys sooner than later. I get alot of emails saying things like "I hope you are ok" or "Dont give up". I just want you all to know I am in such a great place. I write and produce music all day long and get to be constantly creative! I promise you guys that I will be putting out new music soon (If you are interested). AND I also give you my word AMP will play another show one day. So stay tuned...And from the deepest part of my heart... I truly love each and everyone one of you. AMP ARMY FOREVER :) ~Jason Evigan
After Midnight Project Dec 21, 2012
Jasons cover of Cinema is available on iTunes now
After Midnight Project Dec 05, 2012
After Midnight Project May 16, 2012
After Midnight Project's cover photo
After Midnight Project May 16, 2012
After Midnight Project's cover photo
After Midnight Project May 15, 2012
Planning a show in LA sometime around September
After Midnight Project Feb 27, 2012
Hey we are not trying to spam you all but our great friend Charlie has been working night and day on his Documentary for the past several years and is so close to raising 20,000 grand through kick starter! There is only 3 days left and they are so close! The thing is, if they dont reach the 20k it all reverts back to the people who backed it. SO Please click this link and help out my friend even 1 dollar counts. Post this on your page if you believe in it like wedo. Help be apart of the birth and creation of this film
After Midnight Project Feb 04, 2012
I thought this was awesome so I thought I would post it.
After Midnight Project Dec 31, 2011
check out this song Jason wrote with the Street Drum Corps its called 2012 rock it loud tomorrow night!!! Happy New Year!!!!
After Midnight Project Dec 07, 2011
HOLIDAY sale - $10 Tees & $25 Hoodies!
After Midnight Project Nov 28, 2011
WE PLAY AT 9PM TOMORROW NIGHT!!! 18 and over and its at The Federal 5303 Lankershim Blvd, North Hollywood,91601
After Midnight Project Nov 23, 2011
Just finished our first practice in like 6 months. Super excited for the show on Monday. The show is Free its 18 and over and its at The Federal. We are filming a TV show so come be in it. We will have copies of "You Belong" for sale. Its gonna be a party so I hope all the homies come and hang. get there at 9pm I think we play at 10pm
After Midnight Project Nov 21, 2011
Oops wrong Link. Help a good friend and Vote
After Midnight Project Nov 20, 2011
What songs do you want to hear off of "You Belong"?
After Midnight Project Nov 19, 2011
After Midnight Project Nov 18, 2011
NOV 28th we are playing at The Federal In North Hollywood FREE SHOW
After Midnight Project Nov 15, 2011
We are planning a show in LA Dec 1st or 2nd hold those days Boys and Girls. Stay tuned
After Midnight Project Nov 04, 2011
This is rad! I'm pretty sure this was Indiana.
After Midnight Project Oct 08, 2011
After Midnight Project Oct 08, 2011