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Time of Madness
Fight Without Rules
Ghosts Ep
Love and Other Planets
A'dem Aug 07, 2019
A'dem Jul 12, 2019
Hi family, I just had my late interview on Anchor FM. Here's the link to listen to:
A'dem Jul 11, 2019
Listen to my latest #interview on Anchor FM.
A'dem Jun 20, 2019
Awesome #voices to make your day #playlist #Indie #AVA
A'dem Jun 15, 2019
Must-Hear NYC Artists | ReverbNation
A'dem Jun 02, 2019
Trying it yourself!!!😁😁 Why not ??
A'dem Dec 07, 2018
🙏Thank you for your love!!!🔥The best is yet to come🔥
A'dem Jul 19, 2018
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A'dem Apr 02, 2018
A'dem on Apple Music
A'dem Mar 07, 2018
Here is my latest interview at Hardcoremix.
A'dem Feb 05, 2018
I would like to be your soldier | A'dem
A'dem Feb 05, 2018
A'dem Feb 05, 2018
Posted a new song: "I would like to be your soldier"
A'dem Jan 29, 2018
Hello family, just to say my next release is on his way as promised. "I'D LIKE TO BE YOUR SOLDIER" is an other love tale. I hope you'll like it.
A'dem Jan 06, 2018
Superb!!! we're now over 10k tied together. Right time to say "HELLO" with a new vibe releasing very soon: "I WOULD LIKE TO BE YOUR SOLDIER"
A'dem Jan 05, 2018
Backwards, I've sometimes cried because I lack enough worth laughing... or I can't give enough to help change somone's life. Then, I realized how comfortable I was living... So for 2018, I wanted to say that prayer (will my voice be raised enough to rescue those in need, now more than ever?): My prayer goes to the ROHINGYAS community, to these SLAVES in Libya and all over the world, to those VOICELESS, unfairly IMPRISONED and TORTURED everyday. Let's stand up as heaven's mindful supreme creation and say "NO" to HUMAN WICKEDNESS.
A'dem Dec 30, 2017
A'dem - ReverbNation
A'dem Dec 04, 2017
We are number 10 on the ReverbNation Singer Songwriter charts for New York, NY! I am grateful to you'll
A'dem Nov 28, 2017
We're now crossing 5000 supporters. Thank you for being there.
A'dem Nov 24, 2017
We are number 40 on the ReverbNation Singer Songwriter charts for New York, NY. Thank you'll for your support
A'dem Nov 12, 2017
A'dem Nov 12, 2017
A'dem Nov 11, 2017
A'dem's cover photo
A'dem Oct 24, 2017
A'dem Oct 21, 2017