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Recon Mission
Adam X Dec 06, 2018
Crystal geometry is the latest addition to the Sonic Groove roster. His new release titled "Red Faith Militia" is an amazing high octane Techno EBM EP, Check it here!
Adam X Dec 04, 2018
A very nice interview from me in Aught Magazine which asked me some very unique questions
Adam X Nov 07, 2018
Check out this feature on my new album "Recon Mission" on Sonic Groove where I explain the writing process and some thoughts that go into each song.
Adam X Oct 30, 2018
Excited to announce my new album, the first in 4 years "Recon Mission"on Sonic Groove is available on Bandcamp today and out in the shops starting this Thursday. I'm even more excited to share the video of Recon Mission with you which is not your typical techno video, check it: Buy here: Video by
Adam X Oct 25, 2018
I rarely vent frustration online but UPS in Germany has me ripping mad this past two weeks. Between different deliveries containing records that are damaged which they wont compensate me for and now a box I sent to Rubadub Records in, Scotland missing for two weeks now. This companies services are terrible including their customer service. I'd say if you're shipping records use other alternatives or send in a metal trunk because these boxes are doubled up and should not cause damage like this. They must love playing football with people's packages.
Adam X Oct 11, 2018
Another song preview from my forthcoming album out on Nov 1 on Sonic Groove titled "Recon Mission"
Adam X Sep 27, 2018
Orphx returns to Sonic Groove for their first release in two years titled LEARN TO SUFFER (SG1886). Up on SG Bandcamp now:
Adam X Sep 21, 2018
The weekend report: Im ecstatic to announce a new Adam X album titled “Recon Mission” comes out first week of November on Sonic Groove. Check out a preview of one of the cut here
Adam X Aug 30, 2018
Summer vacation at Sonic Groove is officially over but the heat is still turned up very high with the latest release from MAX DURANTE, check it here.
Adam X Aug 21, 2018
A great feature on the history and present day of the "Electronic Body Music" sound on Resident Advisor today. Check it
Adam X Aug 01, 2018
Very excited to announce that my side project Mass X-odus has a new release out. The first in 5 years. Titled "Societal Decline". is now out now on [aufnahme + wiedergabe]. You can buy it on vinyl and digital directly from me on the Sonic Groove bandcamp page.
Adam X Jul 02, 2018
Due to overwhelming demand, we have decided to release Rhys Fulber's- "Your Dystopia, My Utopia" on CD format in limited edition. You can pick it up on our Sonic Groove Bandcamp page:
Adam X Jun 18, 2018
Time for a controversy! Last week I was at my good friend Monolith 's house mastering my forthcoming album when he showed me for a second time in the past year an artist from the techno/house scene blatantly ripping his music off and releasing not as a whitelabel but as an official release with no credits given to him for writing said music. Seems this a new trend to release officially since Discogs banned the sales of unofficial bootlegs. Are you fuckers so lazy or cheap to actually license the tracks instead of ripping artists off?! Its really not that hard to or expensive. Just check out labels like Dark Entries, Minimal Wave ,Mannequin etc who do it legally. This here is pathetic and the scene should not support this. This is not about sampling a loop , its about a complete rip off of another artist's music. See here....Slow Bodies Complete Rip off of Absolute Body Control- Slow Action
Adam X May 21, 2018
We proudly present for your listening pleasure, EBM/Industrial legend Rhys Fulber debut album on Sonic Groove entitled "Your Dystopia, My Utopia"
Adam X May 16, 2018
Excitement over here as we received copies today of EBM/Industrial legend Rhys Fulber debut album on Sonic Groove . Official release date in all shops is June 6th. We will have some early copies available starting next week on our Bandcamp page
Adam X May 13, 2018
My homey Phase Fatale dropping my forthcoming Mass-Xodus vocal track on [aufnahme + wiedergabe] from around 8:00-12:00 mark at a very special protest gathering in Tblisi, Georgia in response to police raids against the nightlife there this past Friday. I played two days prior at KHIDI with Phase Fatale narrowly missing the authoritarian crap that went down. Tblisi is an amazing city with a very vibrant techno scene. Hopefully after this mass gathering the govt and police back the fuck off.
Adam X Apr 30, 2018
Now available on the Sonic Groove Bandcamp page is the full digital release of my "The Secret Initiative Anthology" You can also still place an order for the limited edition handcrafted wooden box set with USB key. Just a few left! Also in stock is the Purplish swirled color vinyl of the final volume of the series #10!
Adam X Apr 28, 2018
One of Sonic Groove's longest standing label artists, REALMZ returns after a hiatus with an infectious well rounded four cut extended EP entitled “Mindfold". Available on vinyl/digital here.
Adam X Apr 19, 2018
Looking forward to my next gig in Berlin for Tommy Four Seven 's event Numerology. Coming up next week on the 27th of April. It's going to be a great night out!
Adam X Apr 13, 2018
The end of the line is here as I wrap up my previously anonymous project up with a big bang. The Secret Initiative Anthology Digital Box set featuring Vol 1-10 is available for pre-order today. The box set is custom made by hand, created by the amazing Sonic Groove / TSI /Traversable Wormhole art designer Janina Schuetz , one at a time and will only be available by pre-sale here. Please allow up to 10 days from time of order to shipping as Janina handcrafts each one for you. Also out today on beautiful marbled color vinyl is The Secret Initiative Vol 10. which can be purchased here
Adam X Apr 03, 2018
Digging thru some old paper work and came across this. A photo of me on the mystical Easter Island from 20 years ago. By far the coolest place I've ever been in all my travels.
Adam X Mar 11, 2018
In stock and here to rock at the Sonic Groove office, the new collaborative project from the rising techno star BLUSH_RESPONSE & the legendary techno star Thomas P. Heckmann (OFFICIAL) entitled "Drax Response". Hot analogous fire!
Adam X Mar 08, 2018
I'm the 2nd native New Yorker this week to confess to an anonymous side project on Resident Advisor this week. Joey Beltram being the first. My turn to confess!
Adam X Feb 21, 2018
I'm very excited about the Sonic Groove event I have forthcoming at Output on March 24th. It doesn't get better then this on the Industrial EBM techno tip! In fact this is the top level!
Adam X Feb 14, 2018
yo, yo check out our Sonic Groove merch page on Bandcamp for some very nicely made, new Sonic Groove hoodies. We are also selling a ton of new Sonic Groove wax and digital over there too