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Recon Mission
Adam X Apr 19, 2019
Looking fwd to playing at @ipse_berlin Saturday night with @vsk_series @giorgio_gig lo and more! Set time for me 4:30-7AM #sonicgroove #sonicgrooverecords #berlintechno #techno #industrialtechno #diskonnectberlin
Adam X Apr 18, 2019
Happy Birthday @djrebekah! #sonicgroove #sonicgrooverecords #techno #industrialtechno #berlin
Adam X Apr 16, 2019
I was very excited to see my long lost techno homey, the legendary DJ Skull from Chicago tonight after not crossing paths with him in 20 years. Skull played a lot of parties with me and the original @sonic_groove_records posse back in the mid90’s in NYC. Old school techno family biz going down right here.
Adam X Apr 04, 2019
The latest Sonic Groove from Rhys Fulber & BLUSH_RESPONSE title "Corruption Of Form" is available today on the Sonic Groove Bandcamp page. Available in all fine record stores mid next week!
Adam X Mar 15, 2019
Clips for the Rhys Fulber / BLUSH_RESPONSE collab forthcoming this April 15th on Sonic Groove are now up on Soundcloud
Adam X Mar 11, 2019
Was watching “We Own the Night” on Netflix yesterday when I shockingly saw this very fast PLUM piece I did in 1990 in the movie which came out in 2007. PLUM stood for Peace, Love, Unity , Movement and was an acronym for the first raves in NYC which we would organize on Plumb Beach in Brooklyn. An early premonition and goal of ours to organize parties in Brooklyn without worrying about violence that seemingly plagued youth culture all over NYC at the time. This is the precursor to those first parties. A dream of ours that became a reality. Long live techno and the peace it brings to people from all walks of life! Sonic Groove Frankie Bones
Adam X Mar 07, 2019
Next up on Sonic Groove is the heavy duty EBM/Industrial/Techno collaboration of Rhys Fulber + BLUSH_RESPONSE titled “Corruption of Form” Out April 15th on Sonic Groove Artwork by Janina Schuetz
Adam X Mar 05, 2019
Now were gonna go back, back in to time. The year is 1990 on the verge of going into 1991, My brother, dj Frankie Bones and I with our friend Chris P Crunch about to get busy in LA. Coming June 21st Bones and I will be playing our first gig together in Europe in 9 years at Tresor.Berlin (OFFICIAL) . If any promoters are interested in booking us in the EU around this time hit me up!
Adam X Mar 01, 2019
Flashback Friday. I have no clue what party this is from. I know the shirt is from around 1996-1997 so the photo is from around this time. Sonic Groove was the official USA outlet back then for Tresor merch. Great times @tresorberlin @sonic_groove_records #X&Tresor #Tresor #adamx
Adam X Feb 20, 2019
Lurking in the dark depths of the underground on a “Recon Mission”
Adam X Feb 15, 2019
The first party I organized along with Schlagstrom when I moved to Berlin back in 2007. This was the 1st ever modern day EBM / Industrial Techno party in Berlin and we crossed the parallel of music lovers from techno to the Industrial / EBM scenes which had not been done before here or really anywhere else prior. It was an awesome event. 700 people looking for something new and they found it! Inspired me to organize many more parties in Berlin since then and for sure helped paved the way for where we are in the present with Industrial / Techno / EBM music scenes. Next event from me will be at Tresor next Friday 22.02.19 with Crystal geometry The Panacea Official MAX DURANTE Sonic Groove The parallel has been crossed!
Adam X Feb 12, 2019
They say trance music is the next big thing coming in techno. I say bring it on so when you dj b4 or after me I sound even that much better. No tears here ever for shit music and the dj’s/producers that play or make it!#fuckyourshittyasscheesytrancemusic #industrialtechnoebm4life #hardcorenosellout #Ialreadysurvivedminimaltechnoandtechhouseandamstillhere #Iwin!
Adam X Feb 11, 2019
Hey Sonic Groove Bandcamp record buying peeps especially those outside of the EU. We have great news, We found a much cheaper way to ship to the USA, Japan , Australia, etc then previously before. €8.50 first record, €3.00 each additional record! I hope that make's it a bit easier on your wallet!
Adam X Jan 29, 2019
finally an Adam X profile on Instagram. Where it goes nobody knows!
Adam X Jan 25, 2019
Excited to play Dekmantel this year and to headline on the flyer (always nice to have a name that is high on top in alphabetical order 😜)
Adam X Jan 22, 2019
Sonic Groove kicks off 2019 with the hardness from the legendary The Panacea Official. You want Industrial , Acid, Breaks, Hard Techno, it's all here! Come get some!
Adam X Jan 14, 2019
Another very nice interview with me focusing on my EBM / Industrial posse and me ;)
Adam X Dec 28, 2018
Looking forward to playing at Griessmuehle tonight in Berlin for my last gig of 2018! I t was a very good year of fun gigs. Many thanks to all those who supported me musically via coming to my gigs, buying my music, booking me and supporting Sonic Groove! See ya in 2019.
Adam X Dec 15, 2018
It was hard decision to choose one of the two album covers designed for Recon Mission. The original cover was a bad ass Jack Kirby inspired illustration drawn by Sonic Groove master art designer Janina Schuetz. As a huge Jack Kirby fan I had a very hard time passing on this one.
Adam X Dec 06, 2018
Crystal geometry is the latest addition to the Sonic Groove roster. His new release titled "Red Faith Militia" is an amazing high octane Techno EBM EP, Check it here!
Adam X Dec 04, 2018
A very nice interview from me in Aught Magazine which asked me some very unique questions
Adam X Nov 07, 2018
Check out this feature on my new album "Recon Mission" on Sonic Groove where I explain the writing process and some thoughts that go into each song.
Adam X Oct 30, 2018
Excited to announce my new album, the first in 4 years "Recon Mission"on Sonic Groove is available on Bandcamp today and out in the shops starting this Thursday. I'm even more excited to share the video of Recon Mission with you which is not your typical techno video, check it: Buy here: Video by
Adam X Oct 25, 2018
I rarely vent frustration online but UPS in Germany has me ripping mad this past two weeks. Between different deliveries containing records that are damaged which they wont compensate me for and now a box I sent to Rubadub Records in, Scotland missing for two weeks now. This companies services are terrible including their customer service. I'd say if you're shipping records use other alternatives or send in a metal trunk because these boxes are doubled up and should not cause damage like this. They must love playing football with people's packages.
Adam X Oct 11, 2018
Another song preview from my forthcoming album out on Nov 1 on Sonic Groove titled "Recon Mission"