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Bad Larry
AdamGarcia Oct 28, 2015
Head on over to my new page and give it a like! ADYM
AdamGarcia Oct 16, 2015
Making some big changes. With that comes along new music, new name, new identity. This going to be a fresh start and I can't wait share with everyone my journey.
AdamGarcia Oct 15, 2015
AdamGarcia's cover photo
AdamGarcia Oct 15, 2015
AdamGarcia's cover photo
AdamGarcia Oct 15, 2015
AdamGarcia Sep 17, 2015
#tbt Miami with Kygo
AdamGarcia Aug 06, 2015
Lol producer probs
AdamGarcia Jul 15, 2015
We all know that one guy
AdamGarcia Jun 18, 2015
Tickets are now on sale for Life In Color "World's Largest Paint Party" in Grand Rapids! Ticket link in the comments section!
AdamGarcia May 23, 2015
We all know this guy
AdamGarcia May 21, 2015
AdamGarcia Apr 25, 2015
AdamGarcia Apr 21, 2015
AdamGarcia Apr 16, 2015
First full original track "Waiting" gets released tomorrow! Cant wait to share it with everyone!
AdamGarcia Apr 14, 2015
Full release this week....Stay Tuned
AdamGarcia Apr 02, 2015
Miami was great experience can't wait to be back
AdamGarcia Mar 13, 2015
Preview for "Waiting" has been released make sure to check it out y'all!!!
AdamGarcia Feb 25, 2015
AdamGarcia's cover photo
AdamGarcia Feb 12, 2015
AdamGarcia Feb 10, 2015
Preview of the new press shots!
AdamGarcia Feb 10, 2015
Let's take some new photos
AdamGarcia Feb 04, 2015
Whos ready for new music!?
AdamGarcia Jan 22, 2015
Some brand new music is coming very very soon from myself and HANIO!
AdamGarcia Jan 10, 2015
Have a great weekend everyone!
AdamGarcia Jan 07, 2015
How i feel when i get that melody right